Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Short Wrap

It is almost 2013 and before we go, I just have a few things to say.  Politicians get it together.  I can't stand the ridiculous stance of everyone.  I said it before and I will say it again, successful negotiating means everyone loses and everyone wins.  Both sides can't get everything they want, that's called bullying.  So politicians, start thinking about all the American citizens and not just your constituents.  This political system will have to change if we are going to always be campaigning from election to election.  That is not leading. That is not governing.  That is not doing your job.  Maybe this BS will push campaign finance reform and the length of our campaign cycles.  

The NRA is still embarrassing and ridiculous.  Wayne LaPierre made a fool out of himself on Meet the Press.  AND the DC Metro police is wasting tax dollars by going after David Gregory showing a 30 bullet clip on the air.  They say he broke the local law.  I am sorry about that, but for those of us who only see movies and never have seen what they are talking about, it was educational and clearly made the point.  

Sidebars: Bethany Frankel is getting divorced.  Ashton and Demi finally filed for divorce. Dear sweet Charles Durning and Jack Klugman died over Christmas. Rihanna and Chris Brown make a big public statement at the Lakers/Knicks game. Are Kris and Bruce Jenner really getting divorced?  Wouldn't really be surprised but wonder if it's just tabloid fodder. Tons of sports on TV, football and basketball.  For some it's bowl game heaven for others....Had our first storm in NYC, but thankfully, didn't get hit hard with snow.  Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year's Eve and most important a healthy, prosperous, and loving 2013!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Heard This Song Before

Our communal attention, thankfully, is still on the violent acts by a mentally deranged young man in a quiet "New England" town. Everyday there are photos and videos of funerals, wakes, and memorials.  Publicly, the NRA has been incredibly slow to respond.  On the NRA video channel (who knew?), a female talking head wants teachers to be armed in the classroom.  She isn't alone in that sentiment.  The few "brave" souls that are still pro-guns have supported the increase in guns in gun-free zones.  

Oh, my God.  Is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard?  Think about it will you?  I am packing a pistol in my shoulder or hip holster, a mad man comes in with his semi-automatic weapons with the capacity to shoot 60 rounds a minute, I reach for my gun...I'm dead anyway. The dumbest people.  

Bill O'Reilly was one of the loudest voices about violent entertainment and its impact on the young in the Newtown aftermath.  Haven't we heard that song before?  It's not the fault of movies, video games, or television.  Do I wish that there was more thoughtful content in all media? Yes, I do, but this is not only a Free Speech issue, it is a parental issue.  How many times have I gone to R rated movies and there were 10 year olds or younger?  Parents need to both know their own child (which may or may not be possible in a dysfunctional family) and be mindful that their kids may be affected by the violent images that they are barraged with.  There has to be responsibility among the adults.  If you are a parent and are desperate to see the Quentin Tarantino movie, get a babysitter for your kids. Do not take them to see one of his movies.  As brilliant as they may be, they are full of shock and awe. I am not beating up Quentin Tarantino, Bill O'Reilly is.  There are many examples of movies that parents allow or take their kids to see that I am amazed by.  Know your child.  There's plenty of time to be subjected to horrifying visual images.  And believe me, if people stopped going to violent movies or buying violent video games, they wouldn't make them anymore.  It's whatever sells. Period.

With the future of guns of mass destruction now in doubt, Walmart, Kmart, and any other mart that sells these guns are flying off the shelves.  The panic of not being able to kill multiples is driving people straight to the stores.  Is that f**king ridiculous?  Can't the stores and corporations show some responsibility here, too?  They could put a moratorium on sales until things are settled in this Nation.  I continually find it horrifying that people's desire to be armed for war is supported by the NRA, the government, sellers, and citizens alike.  How does anybody sleep at night? 

Sidebars:  Busy week of finales on television. The Voice is over with the crowning of Cassadee Pope. Survivor finished with Denise winning the grand prize. The X Factor crowns its champ tonight.  Homeland ending a heart pounding and wrenching season 2.  I hope it doesn't take them too long to put Season 3 on the air.  Claire Danes and Hugh D'Ancy had their baby yesterday, Cyrus Michael D'Ancy.  Congratulations to them.  The Knicks are still kicking butt.  Amazing and shocking, but keeping all of us engrossed from game to game.  College Bowl season is upon us.  Too many, don't care, and looking forward to that being over.  The NCAA have just ruined all the college football traditions. Stripped it all away. Cha-ching at all cost. All the kids are getting out for the winter break, so wishing everyone a fun-filled, magical, couple of weeks.  I still may be writing but enjoy whatever you are doing.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Stick a Fork in It!

I'm done being reasonable. I'm done having understanding for the 2nd Amendment lovers. I'm done.  Totally and absolutely done.  The silence from "law-abiding" gun owners is deafening.  Where are they in all this?  If you don't speak out, aren't you culpable?  We as a nation have criticized the silent Muslims around the world for the heinous acts in the name of Allah, so isn't it time that we hold gun owners to the same standard?  

There is no reason for guns of mass destruction.  There is no reason for guns able to kill in multiples.  None.  I have supported the rights of gun owners that want to hunt and want to protect their homes and families, but have to meet me half way.  You stand so terrified that we want to take away all guns, you can't see straight. The more silent and stubborn you are, the more guns I want to take away.  Do I care if you can go hunting?  No, I have understood the primitive sport.  Now, don't care.  If you don't care about my rights to be safe and my childrens' rights to be safe, and my neighbors' rights to be safe, then I don't care if you can go kill Bambi and eat her through the winter or mount the head over your mantel.  Why are we worried about gun rights?  Why aren't we worried about the people's rights?

I will keep saying it, our Forefathers couldn't see this coming 250 years down the road.  Their intent was to keep family, property, and the new Nation safe.  Close your eyes and try to picture the vastness of this new Nation and how far apart people lived from each other and from cities. There may have been a need when one Sheriff covered large expansive areas, not anymore. I feel confident in my heart that the signers of the Bill of Rights would feel horrified.  Just like Allah would be horrified.  Just like Jesus would be horrified.  Sure crazy people can twist anything to justify mass murders, but if they don't have access to guns of mass destruction, it's far more difficult to succeed before being taken down by police.  

The silence is deafening.  The NRA won't make a comment until all the facts are in.  WTF?  Are they kidding?  Twenty children are dead from multiple bullets, some as many as eleven, as well as, six teachers!  Seriously?  You can't make a statement before all the facts are in?  Really?  I'm done. My understanding meter burst.  Done. Your silence speaks volumes.  

Sidebars:  As a mother of twins, I am feeling more shattered than I expected.  Dear, sweet Noah Pozner was a twin.  His twin sister, Ariel, survived the nightmare.  I didn't hear that until 5:30am this morning.  Noah called Ariel his best friend.  She was in a different classroom.  I truly can't comprehend the anguish.  Today begins the first of 26 funerals. If you didn't hear the President's words of compassion and strength at the Newtown vigil last night, Google it.  If you agree with any or all of what I said, please re-post, forward to friends, scream from hilltops.  This is a ground swell. Let's not stop stepping on the gas.  Keep the pressure on.  Changes are necessary.  I want to do more than write and sign petitions, but I am not sure what that will be or can be.  Stay safe.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Beyond Shattered

I have tried time and time again to be reasonable with members of the NRA's radical stance on no gun control.  I have tried to put their "hat" on and figure out how they feel, but I am done!  Done!  There is no reason for any guns that are meant for anything other than hunting or home protection.  If the NRA were a more compromising political body, maybe we wouldn't be pushing back so hard, but it's time.  

This is one of the most heart wrenching stories of violence.  Kindergartners!!!  What sense does that make?  We are parents or aunts and uncles or brothers and sisters.  This story in Newtown, CT is among the worst.  When these horrific acts of gun violence happen, we all feel the tragedy, we all want to take the guns away or hold onto the guns tighter. We have to come to terms to the violence.  I am sick of the saying, "guns don't kill people, people kill people."  Bullshit!  If everyone who purchased guns had a complete psychological examination, maybe that would be true, but when you can rip off 60 rounds of guns in seconds...guns kill people!  It's time.

In my heart of hearts, our Forefathers had no idea how the 2nd Amendment would be twisted and misconstrued.  Times were quite different.  Guns were different.  Our Forefathers wanted families and men to protect themselves from the English, the French, the Indians; anyone that would threaten their family and property. If they were alive today, I have no doubt that they would revise the "right to bear arms."  No doubt.  

My heart aches for the 26 dead, 18 of those children.  Hug the people you love just a little bit closer.  

My mind is a sea of anguish. I had to write something. We have to do something.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Day After 12/12/12

Well, I was lucky enough to get a photo of December 12, 2012 at 12:12:12.  I even surprised myself that it clicked exactly at 12 seconds. A memento for my lifetime since it won't happen again while I'm here.  I think it's 1/1/01 at 1:1:1.  Don't think I'll be here for that.

Last night at Madison Square Garden was the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit.  As previously stated, tickets went for ridiculous amounts of money on StubHub and other selling sights.  Typical.  Didn't dawn on legislators until today that they should pass some regulations about profiting on benefit tickets.  My whole perspective about concert tickets will have to wait for another day.

Anyway, the concert began at 8pm aired on a plethora of stations both on TV and radio.  Bruce Springsteen kicked off the night.  It was a line-up of mostly old white rock 'n rollers.  The Stones, The Who, Roger Waters, Eddie Vedder, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and Bon Jovi. The exceptions were Chris White of Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Kanye West and Adam Sandler. If the truth be told, I am not a huge admirer of any one of the performers, but I am a huge admirer of most of them. Seeing Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend play for the longest set of the night, was a blast.  Roger unbuttoning his shirt as if it was 1969.  He's mid-60's and looks pretty good.  Sounds a bit worse for wear, but he wasn't leaving the stage.  Did a nice understated tribute to Keith Moon.  I was watching on the MSG Network.  The stations were all airing at different speeds.  It was so odd.  The sound for most of the singers seemed a bit off.  Don't know who was getting the well balanced sound, but it wasn't MSG.  The concert went on way past my bedtime.  I am not even sure if I got it all on DVR. It began at 7:30pmEST and ended past 1am.  I think Paul McCartney closed the show.  An amazing event.  Reports are that 2 billion people watched.  If everyone who watched gave one dollar, can you imagine??  The numbers aren't in yet so we shall see.

These benefits concerts that we have had all to frequently now are incredible.  I will make special note that certain performers always show up: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and Paul McCartney.  They showed up for the last minute one hour benefit immediately following Sandy, too.  Steve Van Zandt in an interview last night said that it was personal. They all group up on the Jersey shore, but they would've been there anyway.  Never doubted that.  

The one glaring omission...women.  Alicia Keys was the stand alone female performer and I think sang only one song.  She didn't use it as an opportunity for self promotion.  Weren't there other super talented women from Jersey and NYC that could've been on that stage?  Bette Midler?  Christina Aguilera?  Mariah Carey? I am posing the question.  Maybe more women were asked and couldn't make it...maybe not.  

The bottom line it was an incredible concert to watch.  Think I would've died if I'd been there for six hours.  Too tired to stay and too tortured to leave.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Left Holding the Bag

I feel desperately sorry for Mel Greig and Michael Christian.  They are the Australian DJ's who made the last prank phone call they will ever make to the absolutely wrong person.  A perfect storm that couldn't have been seen from down under, thousands of miles away. Did anyone at St. Edwards Hospital have an inkling that Jacintha Saldanha was in desperate need of help and therapy?  When the story broke before the tragedy, I thought it was a bit amusing, silly, and surprising.  I couldn't believe that security was so lax.  I couldn't believe that any information would've been given over the phone to anyone, especially the future Queen of England.  A very private stay in the hospital took a very unimaginable turn.  That the nurse committed suicide and left her husband and two children is nothing short of tragic.  The pain felt by all that knew her can't be measured or minimized.  But, and this is a big but, the DJ's, who made the call, lives are forever changed.  They lost their radio show.  They only spoke out publicly today.  Through their tears and disbelief, their lives as they know them are done.  Should they be fired from the station?  Well, taking away their radio show seems to be just that with salary.  What I didn't know until today...this was a taped prank that was sent for approval to management and legal.  Really?  The big honchos said play it and the DJ's lose their jobs?  Really??  Misplaced anger and terminations.

Bob Costas was so thrown under the bus by his bosses at NBC for his pre-approved statement for gun control on last week's Sunday Night Football.  His bosses knew what he was going to say, let him say it, and when things got hot and critical, they hung him out to dry.  Talent gets the blame.

The NFL is also hanging out their players for profit.  Week in and week out, player after player is injured and taken out of the game.  I am sure someone has the stats, I don't, but this year seems worse than ever.  Sunday is all about who makes it through the game unharmed.  It isn't easy and watching pro football has become so uncomfortable and painful.  The NFL could start by not amplifying all the sounds on the field.  There are so many rules that could be administered to help minimize the elevated brutality of a sport that is watched by so many Americans every weekend.  I am finding it nauseating and it's all for profit.  The players are bigger than ever and physical weapons of destruction.

Sidebars:  If you aren't on board with Homeland, get the series from Netflix or Showtime on Demand.  It really is a great ride.  The Amazing Race finale was so incredibly satisfying on so many levels.  It was illustrative that Karma is a bitch.  It was hilarious to read the messages on The Amazing Race message board when the 4th team was out.  Instantaneous reactions. Jenni Rivera and her whole team were killed in another small plane crash.  Hope we find out the cause, but why doesn't anyone learn not to fly small planes?  We have lost so many over the years in small planes.  Jenni Rivera was just on the cusp of becoming known to all of us with an ABC series deal....60 Minutes with Hugh Jackman was very satisfying.  I am sure you can Google it if you missed it.  The star-studded 12/12/12 Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden is another disgrace to fans.  Tickets were sold out in seconds and are going for up to $27,000. That is a lot of money and would maybe be "okay" if the money was all going to charity, but it's not.  The scalpers are getting an end of the year windfall. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Complex December

December has always been a tricky month for me. Being Jewish and growing up in a largely Christian community, I was raised with all the beautiful trappings of Christmas: a tree, lights, music, carols, baking, shopping, Santa, presents, ribbons, ornaments, etc. Singing in choir and a cappella singing groups all the quintessential songs of the season (and some not so quintessential songs).  Running up to San Francisco with the Madrigals and singing all over the city.  Fondly remembering singing on the cable cars.  Driving up to Hillsborough with friends in search of Bing Crosby's home so we could carol outside to him.  Through my high school years, I had no conflict of religious identity. 

My final year of college, I came to New York City for the first time for Winter break.  I was meeting my family for a week and then remaining on with friends. That was the most life altering moment of my life.  Arriving Christmas time in NYC was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.  I felt "home" for the first time. I belonged. The energy was infectious. I did everything in that trip that would make a person fall in love with this city:  Tavern on the Green (now gone), a horse and buggy ride (before all the controversy). Cafe Des Artistes, going to see the windows at Saks, Lord and Taylor, Blommingdales, the tree at Rockefeller Plaza, saw Jim Dale in Barnum, Linda Ronstadt and Kevin Kline in Pirates of Penzance, David Bowie in Elephant Man, and Tim Curry in Amadeus, Joe Allen's on New Year's Eve (the closest I would ever get to the masses of people in Times Square). If you've never been to NYC, come see and experience it once in your life in December.  It is stunning. I moved to New York Labor Day weekend 1981.

On December 2, 1981, I went out on the most stereotypical terrible blind date that my Aunt had arranged.  Ugh!  Never doing that again.  Horrible.  I got home that evening and had a message from a man.  I didn't want to even call him back after my evening's experience, but my Mother said go ahead. I did.  On December 3rd, I met the man that would become my husband on a blind date.  We hit it off right away, but never in a million years did I see what the future would hold.  It's hard for me to believe that it's been 31 years, when I feel like a 16 year old in my heart.  

Decembers have evolved over the years.  There are still conflicting feelings of the Jewish/Christian tug, but I have come to realize that all those incredible lights, window displays, and songs are for us all, though I could do without 24/7 Christmas music in the stores and on the radio for a month. In spite of myself, I am still singing along wherever I go. The crowds in midtown have gotten out of hand at Christmas time, that real New Yorkers avoid the area like the plague.  I still enjoy it, but pick my times very carefully. Traffic is terrible. Gridlock alerts are every day.  Shoulder to shoulder walking at times. 

A few years ago, I was bemoaning the fact that my children have never been to a tree trimming party.  The next week, a friend sent us a beautiful little tree with lights and faux snow.  I have put it up every year since with our Chanukah ornaments and beautiful blue balls.  This year, the first night of Chanukah begins Saturday night, so we will light our menorah, eat our potato latkes, give gifts, and still get two more weeks of the general holiday season.  

I know it's an incredibly complex time of year for people, and I am no exception.  These are my feelings right now.  Ask me tomorrow?  Who knows?

Sidebars:  The Voice is down to the final four.  It has been a remarkable season.  The Amazing Race is down to the final four teams. The finale is Sunday. Homeland continues to keep me breathless, only two more episodes left for the season. Bob Costas made remarks pro- gun control on Sunday Night Football, took tons of heat from people on the Right, and yesterday was stuttering and stammering to back pedal his stance.  Too bad. I am so happy about the Royal baby to come.  I hope that Dutchess Kate gets through this terrible bout of morning sickness.  Question posed to me yesterday:  if she has twins, who is first in line for the thrown?  The first baby shoved out?  

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Can't Believe I Am Taking the Time

I can't believe that I am going to spend any time writing or thinking about Lindsey Lohan, but I am.  In her latest run in with the law, she has continued to display loud sobs for help and getting none. What has disturbed me is that all the people around her have become her pimps.  They are only interested in what she can do for them and if she can't there are other clients that can.  It's painful to watch the both physical and spiritual demise of a person.  It may happen everyday in some town all over America, but watching a celebrity crash is painful.  She lacks parents, family, siblings, agents, managers, PR people, accountants, and clearly, friends that will be painfully honest, hold interventions, make her go away for a long time to get healthy. The fact that she was hired to play Liz Taylor for a Lifetime MOW was ridiculous.  The people around her must have heard cha-ching.  Before you cry out to me, why do I care at all, it's because it is such a blatant display of all the worst in Hollywood.  Her parents are insane and have their own issues.  She probably never had a shot at a normal life, but she had me fooled in her early career.  She managed to portray the twins so brilliantly in The Parent Trap that it almost wiped out any memory of Hayley Mills original performance.  Mean Girls is now a cult classic for all tweens and teens.  Freaky Friday was another successful remake.  When she did Herbie Fully Loaded and changed her hair color, that was the beginning of the end.  And people, I do feel the end is coming.  I don't wish it, but nothing seems to make a difference to Lindsey and her entourage; not jail, community service in the L.A. morgue, threats from judges, outcries from fans.  We are witnessing a living and breathing suicide.  I don't understand how someone in her life can't take control and help her.  I was an agent, I do not lay this at her agent's feet, but I do lay the blame for pimping her out for employment when she is clearly not healthy enough. 

Really people, it bothers me so much.  I can hear all the late night talk show jokes and laugh, but it is painful.  We've been down this path before with other celebrities in recent memory (Anna Nicole Smith, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson) but this one truly gets to me because I think someone could help her, not Dr. Phil, gain her life back, get control, get healthy, and live a full and accomplished life.  She is young enough, but it doesn't look hopeful from here.  

Sidebars:  Dancing With the Stars is finished for this season.  Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovalani won.  Though I didn't watch this season, I watched the announcement and the pure joy that all the dancers felt for Tony was evident.  The Voice is down to six now.  I don't have any idea who will win.  I don't have any idea who will get voted out next.  This has been the best batch of talent on any show in any season. Again, not judging yet, but can't see Usher or Shakira raising the bar next season. I watched Survivor for the first time since the first episode.  I am intrigued by Lisa Welchel's participation.  Don't get the show but am interested in her path and staying power. I can't really start dealing with the idiots in Congress, but I am sure it will come soon enough.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Money, Money, Money, Mo-ney

I have been ruminating about the alleged 6 billion dollars spent on the combined campaigns around the country for election or re-election.  Seriously?  6 billion dollars?  Why isn't there an outcry to fix our campaign system?  Why can't we have election cycles more like France or England, short and sweet.  What we all went through was ridiculous, but when money was spent on "nothing," was even more ridiculous.  When we argue about taxes on the rich and yet Sheldon Adelson threw away $100 million on trying to force his opinions on us all, what are we arguing about?  It's a disgrace and he is just one of a multitude of stinking rich folk who through money at campaigns. Don't tell me that all that campaign money spent created jobs.  Don't care about that argument.  That money could be used for "good" not "evil." I can't stand how much money was spent. Why aren't there people outraged?  Are we just worn down? Did we all just need a break?  Doesn't it nauseate you that talking heads began talking about the next election in 2016?  The machinations never stop. Members of Congress are always campaigning.  The campaign system needs a complete overhaul.  Public financing must win out so that regular folk can participate in politics.  The Parties are too powerful.  Time to re-think, re-tool, and re-imagine.

Speaking of money. Isn't it ironic that the party that "promotes" family values is systematically ruining Thanksgiving?  Now that many of the giant stores are opening on Thanksgiving and making money, there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.  What expense is it to the family?  The workers have to leave the warmth of their family and friends to go to work. The aggressive, desperate, and sometimes violent bargain grabbers are leaving their families to spend money.  Maybe their whole families are dragged out to shop.  I find it so offensive.  Can't be stopped because there is money being made, but changing Thanksgiving so drastically will forever change the Norman Rockwell painting.

Sidebars: Did you see Lincoln yet?  I just saw it.  Well worth the time.  Very interesting. Great acting and of course, a very important time in our history. Good to see both the rancor and the success!  Saw a great play with my family during the holiday weekend, Golden Boy, written by Clifford Odets. A brilliantly written play, great cast, great direction, and love the sets and costumes.  If you are in the NYC area and are a play lover, go see it!  Tony Shalhoub leads a fantastic cast! The Good Wife just stop it!  Producers have got to sit down, take a breath, and get the show back on track.  I am sure that ratings are down. Homeland is really a breathless ride.  Not disappointing in season 2. The Voice still strong.  If you aren't watching yet, it's not too late.  I can't believe that Usher and Shakira can fill the great big giant shoes of Cee Lo Jones and Christina Aguilera in the next season.  Seeing the photo of Justin Bieber and the Prime Minister of Canada wreaks disrespect.  I don't care if he was backstage doing a show.  There must have been a better way.  And yes, I will say it again, Justin Bieber seems so inauthentic and needs a new stylist desperately. 

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Monday, November 19, 2012

No Spoilers

Okay, seriously going pop culture here.  I have already weighed in earlier in a sidebar about The Good Wife, but I have to reiterate, if they don't turn it around immediately, they have jumped the shark. It's painful and irritating to watch now.  Incredibly uneven and when it's bad it's angering because we know what it has been and what it can be.  Producers and network better sit down and listen to all the fans that are complaining.  The shows that are airing may have already been shot before all the outrage, but I promise if they continue on this path, they are done.  Homeland is strong and very suspenseful.  The acting is superlative and deserving of all the accolades.  I will not comment on content so as not to spoil anyone's postponed viewing.  Bill Maher is now on hiatus until the end of January. Amazing Race is still going strong.  Love that they went to Moscow in last night's episode.  Fantastic.  

The AMA's (The American Music Awards for those who may not know) had some great performances.  I still don't get Usher, though there are songs of his that I like, I don't get him when he performs on television.  Never think he sounds good. Not sure why he is so huge.  Psi and MC was flawless.  Genius producing.  Pink is an extraordinary talent.  Always puts on an interesting and memorable performance.  The blondes all are looking alike.  Other than Carly Rae Jepsen, Nicki Minaj, and Pink, the singers are all platinum blondes with long locks. I don't think they are that distinguishable.  Please know how much I love Stevie Wonder so I say this with trepidation,  he is making me nervous.  He really looks unhealthy and didn't sound great either.  I love him and I worry a bit.  Justin Bieber looked ridiculous.  I don't know who his stylist is or what he is trying to convey, but he looks stupid.  Trying too hard.  Diamond studs, diamond necklace and pants that were too odd.  I don't understand what his image is.  Anybody?  Dick Clark created a great awards show.  There have been defining moments on the AMA's over the years.  Lest we forget Michael Jackson's moonwalk debut. 

Sidebars:  The New York Knicks are 7-1.  An amazing an unexpected start.  The NY Jets won.  NY Giants were off this weekend.  Incredible weekend for college football, but the big wins to me UCLA beat USC and Stanford beat Oregon.  Other highlights were Michigan and Ohio State winning their respective games.  Next UCLA plays Stanford over Thanksgiving!  That will be a great game.  Still no hockey.  Today is our school's first Varsity basketball game.  Go Dragons!  Not sure if I will be back before the holidays, so let me take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a moist turkey.  We have much to be thankful for this year; don't forget to take a moment.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

By All Means

So, there is much rumbling about secession.  It seems to occur more often now than in past decades, but Texas keeps rumbling along with other Southern States.  I say go and don't let the door hit you on the way out, but before you go...stop taking money and support from the Federal government.  Try that on for size and see how you all do.  Many of the Southern States take more money from us than generate money to us.  They are the "takers" and they don't even know it.  Let them find out how things would be without outside help from the Federal government.  I think they'd cry Uncle and would probably shift their thought process.  Dare I say evolve?  They are petulant children.  Waaaaa, they didn't get their way.  They didn't win.  Waaaaaaa, the black man still live's in the White House.  Waaaaaa.  So really, put your money where your mouth should be and stop taking money from the Feds.  We up North might be flush without the drain of the "other" States. "They" grumble and mumble as if we'd care.  Take the baby steps. Stop taking the money.  We could use it for the people that are proud to be part of the United States of America!

John McCain is just annoying now.  Once so highly respected; now not so much.  He could have written his own ticket, now he just seems doddering. I do not know the answers about Susan Rice's role in Ben Ghazi, but I am willing to wait without flinging s**t around until the investigation is done.  My spine goes up every time he mentions the 4 great Americans that died.  It feels political and not heartfelt.  Do I think his heart is heavy for the 4 Americans, yes.  Do I think he's politicizing their deaths, yes. I wonder how the families feel?  I know during the campaign they didn't want their loss to be used in the campaigns to get votes. Now, that it's behind us, the drums are getting louder.  Can't we just get all the answers first before we start making accusations?  I find it uncomfortable and, surprise, surprise, inauthentic.

Sidebars: Mitt Romney needs to take the high road or disappear for a while. How unjust does it feel that you nearly die from a drug overdose and then get arrested?  That's what happened to Jon Bon Jovi's college age daughter.  Isn't that enough punishment?  Is arrest necessary?  She wasn't dealing.  She was using.  I am so sorry for the pain the child and family will have to deal with to get to the other side.  The Voice still doesn't disappoint.  So much talent, I can't believe America can support that many singers.  That the Rolling Stones are celebrating 50 years is a feat that will never occur again.  It is awe-inspiring.  There are no words to adequately express how incredible that is.  In this day and age of instant success and failure....I forgot to plug my favorite Canadian show on ION TV, Flashpoint. It began it's last new season two weeks ago. Covert Affairs has one more episode to go this season.  Between Homeland and Covert Affairs, my spy quotient has been high and happy!  Break a leg to Kathie Lee Gifford.  Her musical, Scandalous, opens tonight on Broadway.  I really wish her the best.  It would be such a great story if it's a hit.  The Lion King is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Broadway.  I will always remember that because it opened a few months after my babies were born and I was hoping that it would run long enough for them to see.  It has and they did.  

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Monday, November 12, 2012


There are so many things going on.  I was trying not to pile on last week about the great success the Democrats had on election day, but Republican pundits, really???  Really??? Way to go with sportsmanship.  The sour grapes that ran amok last week was pathetic.  Anyone who follows me knows how important good sportsmanship is to me and nowhere was it needed more than by the "leaders" of the Republican party. D***ld T**mp has gone over the edge.  He needs to check into the Mayo Clinic for an array of neurological testing.  Rush and Sean were unbelievable in their public outrage.  On election night itself, someone tweeted that Romney didn't have a concession speech written.  I thought it was a joke.  Really?  How is that possible?  Bill Maher may have nailed it about the "bubble" the Republicans live in.  How can Romney not have had a concession speech?  How could anyone not be prepared either way?  Enough of the absurdity.  Now, it's time to rejoice and come together.  

General Petraeus.  Had to mention but don't know what to say about that.  Seems like there will be many shoes to drop.  I just hope that we can forego all the political drama queens and get to the truth, wherever that leads.  Again, patience.

I am sick of football.  I know heresy, but this weekend within 30 minutes, two star quarterbacks were knocked out with concussions.  There were more injuries than that, too numerous to count. The NFL proudly airs a commercial about how they are working on better helmets for the safety of the players.  Kidding, right?  That's not good enough, Roger.  There are too many players suffering from far too many debilitating ailments to air a commercial.  Protecting their asses.  Isn't going to work.  They are always behind the 8 ball.  They can change things much faster with far reaching consequences if they weren't worried about getting every last inch on the field.  In college football on Saturday, a player went helmet to helmet received a 15 yard penalty for his team.  He should have been benched for the game.  Zero tolerance.  Money is still speaking louder than safety.  Will the class action suit against the NFL be their undoing?  

Sidebars:  Monday, Monday.  Homeland is stellar.  Amazing Race was far too intense, but love seeing them race all over Moscow. The Shark Tank Friday was the least fun it's been.  The Sharks were really rough on the entrepreneurs. Still think it is a show that all should be watching.  Very educational. The Good Wife was back; one of its best episodes.  Though I do hope I am wrong about future conflicts, I really do.  Late to the game, but finally saw Argo and loved it.  Ben Affleck has grown into a fine man, actor, and director.  Who would've thunk it? Alan Arkin and even John Goodman were great together. I hope the Lakers realize how lucky they are to have Mike D'Antoni!  And a big shout out to all the Veterans who have served and given their lives for our Country and our freedoms. Thank you!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, What A Night!!

Who could have ever imagined that at around 11:10pm on November 6, 2012 we would know who the President of the United States would be?  I never thought that we wouldn't have to live through recounts and lawsuits.  It was that defining. It was startling.  Getting ready for bed and the television pundits announced President Barack Obama's win and we still didn't know about Florida.  And in the light of day, we still don't know about Florida but it doesn't matter!!  Do you hear that?  It doesn't matter.  The President was successful in his re-election bid.  Mitt Romney can go back to the private sector and continue with his ventures. 

There were many thrilling wins last night.  Elizabeth Warren winning the Senate seat from Scott Brown.  Claire McCaskill fending off the nutcracker Todd Akin. Richard Mourdock lost his Senate race to Joe Donnelly,thankfully, after his ignoramus comments about abortion .                 Linda McMahon lost her second self-funded bid for a Senate seat in Connecticut to Chris Murphy. Tammy Baldwin beating Tommy Thompson is huge and she's the first openly gay Senator elected to the Senate!  Washington State and Colorado legalized marijuana. Maine and Maryland legalized same-sex marriage. More women in the Senate than ever before!!!  

I want to bask in the glory of this win.  It was a ridiculously long, hard fight.  Today is a day to enjoy, have hope, and feel good.  There's much to say and much to discuss, but today, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, wallow in the joy. 

Romney won the White vote.  

Sidebars:  Weekend Today unceremoniously replaced Jenna Wolfe as co-anchor.  I don't understand it.  They moved her from co-host to newsreader.  They replaced her with Erica Hill from CBS.  It is another uncomfortable NBC moment.  It was painfully clear that Jenna Wolfe was trying so hard to be a team player and a good sport.  It was awful.  Wish I could have been in that meeting.  Check off another mark in the bad decision making at NBC. Now, that Savannah Guthrie has been co-hosting with Matt Lauer for a couple of months, I am weighing in.  It's the producers and/or the network bigwigs fault.  They take smart, educated, serious minded women and try to turn them into giggly girls. They did it disastrously with Ann Curry and now Savannah Guthrie.  It's not natural and it feels like Savannah is being dumbed down.  When Savannah Guthrie gets to be in her element of news, she is far better, which is also true for Ann Curry.  Clearly, taking women from news is not the path.  We are bracing for a Nor'Easter here.  Keep a good thought for all those who have already lost so much.  

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Monday, November 5, 2012


If President Obama doesn't win the election, I will definitely not be a good sport about the loss.  It may be the worst loss of my lifetime because it will give the wackos more power.  The crazies will be running the asylum.  Honestly, if I haven't made it clear, if the politicians would take the Jesus out of politics, I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable and fearful.  I find the current trend of extremely religious people pushing their beliefs onto me very threatening and disconcerting.  The lack of individuality in Congress is troubling.  Believe me, I don't think for one minute if everything stays the same, things will be different. That's far less scary than pushing an antiquated social agenda onto the American people.  

I had a dream that voters were able to throw the tea partiers out of office, even if it meant another Republican and not a Democrat.  That would mean that the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan would be over.  I still want to seriously overhaul Congress no matter what happens tomorrow. I think that members of Congress and the Senate  should be paid per day that they work and a bonus if they pass a bill in the best interests of all Americans.  I think that former members of Congress shouldn't get pension and welfare for life.  Maybe it should be equal to how long one served.  Honestly, I think they shouldn't get anything.  Where else do you still get paid benefits for life even after only two years of service?  It's ridiculous the cushy set up these politicians have.  Have you noticed that the Tea baggers never suggest to cut anything that would hurt their pockets?  

Politicians need to overhaul how many days they are working.  They have more time off than anyone and get lifetime benefits.  It's a joke.  They seem to spend more time doing nothing for the citizens of this country and more time campaigning to keep their jobs. 

Okay, my mind is going faster than I can put words together.  I am worried about the election tomorrow and hope that the polls are wrong and it won't be a tight race.  I want to know who won.  I want the electoral college( which should be abolished in the 21st century) and the popular vote to be the same.  I don't want there to be a long and drawn out counting of ballots and then recounting.  I want everyone who can vote and are registered to vote to be patient in the expected lines.  I want every registered voter to use their hard fought right and vote.  Do not be put off by intimidation. Remember if you are in line when the polls close, you still get to cast your vote. Do not let the day slip away from you.  Plan it in your day tomorrow.  This is important.  This is more important to our sons and daughters than ever before in my lifetime.  This is  an incredible time in our country's history. Have I been clear?  VOTE!!!!!!!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Don't Get It

Women voting for Republicans. I don't get it.  Truly I don't.  It's like black people or gay people being Republican.  I have never gotten it in all these years and in recent years instead of becoming more inclusive they have become less inclusive.  I just don't get it.  Republicans don't criticize their own.  They don't publicly dress down remarks by both candidates or surrogates that are so inflammatory, racist, or insulting.  There is no way, no chance, that talking heads on the left wouldn't rip someone apart if the shoe were on the other foot.  Wrong is wrong.  Hypocrisy abounds.  The Republican party reminds me of the opening ceremonies of the Chinese Olympics.  They march in goose step at all times.  They stand by each other no matter what.  

Women in the Republican party have been silent on all attacks against women and reproductive rights.  Silent.  In so many times throughout history, silence is interpreted as agreement and support.  Look at the racial terror of the South, Nazi Germany, Muslim terrorists.  How can a woman back the Republicans?  How can a gay man or woman back a party that is against same-sex marriage?  How can a low income person support candidates that are more concerned with rich people and companies than one's survival?  I know for decades that people vote against their interests, it's just that I get it if you are a rich Democrat voting for a party that supports social programs.  It may be assuaging guilt. It may be the christian way to vote.  Republican voters seem more interested in themselves.  

I know people are one issue voters,  whether it's taxes, Israel, women's issues, defense spending, etc.  This election seems far more distasteful than before.  I have probably felt that in every election, but each election cycle is getting more disgusting.  The fact that men keep throwing women's rights under the bus makes this election more desperate.  That there is any woman that could vote for Republican candidates that don't support an American's individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is beyond me.  That the Republican party's platform is against same sex marriage and a woman's right to choose is indicative of a party that has gone so off the rail that their credibility is in question.  The party has become so insidiously racist that it's as if we have turned the clocks back to the 1950's.  I find all of this painful on so many levels.  How could things go so wrong?  How can people support such a distorted view of the world and our future?  

Once again, we are not a Christian nation.  Those lines have gotten blurred.  I will never understand putting one's religious beliefs on others.  So ladies and gentlemen, snap out of it.  We need contraception. We need abortion rights. We need the right to marry the one we love.  And if you don't think that women's rights are also an economic issue, you are all kidding yourselves. Issues can't be compartmentalized; they are all intertwined. That argument may be making an impact, but again, listen up ladies, don't be duped. Think about it. 

Sidebars:  The concert fundraiser spear-headed by Matt Lauer on NBC was an incredibly moving and emotional hour with Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Danny DeVito, Brian Williams, Al Roker, Mary J. Blige, and Jon Bon Jovi.  It was celebrity at its best and I think they raised a ton of money because it was so difficult to get through. I finally donated through  If you haven't and you are able, please donate.  After watching that hour, the devastation is worse than I even imagined.  If you missed it, I am sure you can Google it. Well worth it.  If you missed the Lesley Gore video, Google that while you are at it.  For those of you without power, do your best to stay warm.  It's cold here now.  

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

There's Got To Be A Morning After

It's been three days since Hurricane Sandy passed through the tri-state area.  It has been far more devastating than anyone could have predicted. In the light of day and the blue skies above, the shattered lives of so many is clear. The people of Breezy Point, Queens lost 111 homes in a catastrophic fire.  The half of Hoboken, New Jersey are under of water. The lower part of Manhattan is under water and has no electricity. And the Jersey Shore...destroyed. This is all news everyone knows by now.  The local newscasts can't get enough of the storytelling of heroics and tragedies. 

What I have to share is that though there is devastation all around us, we were untouched.  Inconvenienced, but untouched.  Just like 9/11, we live in two different Manhattans. A few short miles, lives are challenged, homes destroyed, businesses wrecked. Where we live, it's as if nothing happened.  Other than the grocery shelves are bare and the parks are closed, the impact on our lives has been minimal.  Do we feel the pain of our fellow New Yorkers? Our compassion is on overdrive. Our empathy knows no bounds.  But, gratefully and thankfully, no direct hit.  We are a community of resilience and brotherly love.  No city rises higher than New Yorkers. 

The children didn't have school this week until today. We shall see if our Headmaster made the correct decision.  We are one of the few schools open.  All public schools are closed until Monday, as are most private schools.  Our school had enough and wants everyone back.  The parents do too, but only if it's safe and the education is of value.  Can't imagine how many teachers will actually be there to teach.  Unlike public schools, private schools do not add days back for missed days of school.  That is something that should be changed if we are to continue to have city stopping weather.  

I feel this is a very disjointed rumination. We have been inundated by so much reporting and photos focussing is challenging. I am sorry because I'd like to be more eloquent during this incredible time.  Our first catastrophic storm last year was in October too and, like last year, I can only hope we are done for the winter. Be safe, be kind, and if you can help your neighbor from near or far, please do.

Sidebars:  After 24/7 "breaking news," television started to get back to normal slowly.  The Voice is still by far the best show for reality singing competition.  The X Factor is far too overproduced that I just tuned out.  I am relieved to get a break from politics.  That is the silver lining, but they are all revving up for the final few days.  Didn't get that Senator candidate Linda McMahon of Connecticut took a break at all.  Tasteful.  It has been heartwarming to see Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Governor Chris Christie put all politics aside and focus on the big picture.  Reminds me of how it used to be.  

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weather Terrorists

Nobody goes on high alert better than NYC.  They have been warning us for days about Hurricane Sandy.  Programs have been interrupted all Sunday to get us anxious and prepared.  Although, for the most part Manhattan has been spared of all major catastrophic weather damage, nearby boroughs and townships have had major flooding, lost electricity, trapped in cars, homes, etc.  Subways and busses are shutting down tonight.  NYC public schools are already closed Monday. Private schools?  We usually follow the public schools, but call it at the last minute. 

The grocery stores are packed with people flipped out they may starve.  The water and soda shelves are empty. Two must haves if you can't get out of your house or apartment.  Batteries and generators are sold out everywhere.   Snack food is flying off the shelves.  I have personally made a few trips to the market.  Keep thinking we may be stuck inside for weeks so what more do I need?  I clearly buy into it.  Brought in all the furniture from the terrace.  Threw away the old watering can so it can't fly off and kill someone below.  Threw out the old tomato and basil stakes that I haven't used in two seasons.  That really could have stabbed someone in the heart. Still don't feel 
prepared, but here we are.  The calm before the storm.  

When Mayor Bloomberg stands in front of reporters at a press conference and then translates it into his Spanish, it is truly one of the highlights of all serious announcements.  As a friend said to me, "it's sweet, clumsy, and political all at once." That's a perfect assessment.  Whatever station is on today, there are reporters outside up and down the northern east coast warning all to get out, be prepared, and stay in doors.  I am always torn by these events.  Truthfully, I don't want anything bad to happen.  I don't want the power to go out. I don't want people's homes flooded.  Don't want anyone injured by flying debris. But, we get so prepared and so terrorized it's hard to believe any of it ever.  

Ever since Hurricane Gloria....That was my first.  We were warned and threatened to take it seriously and in Manhattan, nothing.  We were in the eye of the storm so it was very "disappointing." So here we go again with another hurricane coming right at us.   To all the people that are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I hope they are scaring us for nothing, but stay safe, be smart, and hope you have some good food and company to get through this.

Sidebars:  Only one today:  SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS IN FOUR!!!!!  COME ON GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

He, Whose Name Shall Never be Uttered Again

I don't even want to say his name anymore.  I think it should be unspoken or not written in full anymore.  I think we shouldn't have to hear from him anymore after yesterday's predictable not game changing announcement.  I think that we, the people, have the right to free speech, but we, the people, have the right not to have to listen or support blowhards and narcissistic a**holes.  I am speaking of the not to be spelled out again in full Donald Trump.  

What has happened to him?  Does he have an undiagnosed medical condition?  He has often been irritating, rude, and hateful, but his recent behavior????  Remember his battle with Rosie O'Donnell when she was on The View?  He was incredibly offensive and lacked any sense of humor.  Nasty. Insulting.  He had more public fights with others over the past 15 years.  All were ugly and pathetic, but this go round reaches new lows.  I don't think he can recover.  When he suddenly became a birther, it was a complete disgrace.  There is no part of me that believes that he believes the absurd charges he has made against the President of the United States. I am not sure that it stems from racism or not.  Maybe it's just a way to get attention at any cost to anyone.  

How can his children look him in the eyes with pride anymore?  Have they all slipped into the man's twilight zone?  These people all went to the finest schools. They are note only scholastically educated but also have travelled extensively through out the world.  How are they standing by this?  They have children too.  Marla Maples might have had the right idea to move far away and keep Tiffany from the glare of him.  Malania's son is smack dab being  raised in the middle of all his madness.  How will that affect him?  

Again, the absurdity that he can sit in his office, promote a big bombshell to change the election, get the attention of all media outlets, and drop a ridiculous bounty for the President's college transcript, passport, and application, can we shout "uncle?"  Can we finally be done with listening to him, handing him a microphone?  Can we stop watching him and giving him a platform for anything?  Crawl back into real estate developing. Leave the rest of us alone. 

Another incredibly hateful person that is only called out by the left or the sane people...Ann Coulter.  If you haven't read this letter by a young man, please do and pass it on to others.  It is far too beautifully written and more than she deserves:

Sidebars:  The San Francisco Giants took the first game, 8-3.  Great pitching. Incredible hitting.  Come on, Giants, let's take it.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art currently has two very good special exhibits. One is Andy Warhol and friends.  Well put together and very fun.  The other is a photo exhibit showing what photographers did before photoshop.  Really creative and fascinating.  If you are in New York, don't miss them. Law and Order:SVU aired their 300th episode last night. Hard to believe.  Can't remember a time without all the L&O's. Thursday's have a lot of shows that aren't drawing me in at all.  Thankfully, it's Game 2 of the World Series.  Enjoy your day.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, What a Night!

Many of you already know that I was pulled by my devotion and love of the San Francisco Giants, Game 7, and my political interest in the third and final debate between Obama and Romney.  In a wonderful technological evening, I was able to have my cake and eat it too.  Watching the debate on television and game 7 on my computer, while receiving tweets from CNN, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and Andy Borowitz.  It was perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect because the irritation that I received from parts of the debate made it nauseating, but the tweets broke up the nausea.  

So, who won the debate?  Well, I would say Bob Schieffer.  He was the best moderator of all.  Firm and polite.  He is one of the last true journalists of the old guard.  As far as the candidates, I would have to give it to President Obama.  He has been consistent on every issue.  Romney can't be trusted because he has sat on all sides of every issue.  Not because he has evolved. He sways whichever way he has needed to to appease supporters.  Romney wants to be President more than anything.  I just am not sure he wants to be President for altruistic reasons, maybe it's just to have another significant win under his belt.  The President has been easy to trust in his vision of a better America because he has shifted as the wind blows.  His background has been all civil servant all the time. Romney whether you are for him or against him, can't be trusted.  I have no idea what he would really, truly do if he were President of the United States, which is more than enough reason not to give him a chance.  

Barack Obama got in some very pointed zingers last night.  Mitt Romney seemed like he was faking his knowledge of foreign affairs.  He has mastered the art of not answering the question asked.  During this debate, Romney seemed as if he really wanted to get in certain talking points.  I am not saying that Obama didn't want to get his points in too, but it was more seamlessly done. Romney clearly moved to the center during the debate.  Trying desperately to get the "undecided" voters to vote for him.  There was so much agreement of the President's policies, that there was very little difference between them last night.  So, who is the real Mitt Romney?  I have no earthly idea.  He's just not Barack Obama and for many people, that's enough.  

The most important event of the night...the San Francisco Giants won game 7 at AT&T Park and going to the World Series.  They came from a 3-1 deficit and clobbered the Cardinals.  Anyone who thinks that the Detroit Tigers have the upper hand in the World Series beginning tomorrow night, doesn't believe in the massive heart and soul of the Giants. They host the Tigers for the first two games.  So, come on, root them on.  I love this team.  

Sidebars:  Homeland is still thriving and fascinating.  If you aren't on board, jump on. It's worth the ride. The Good Wife was a great episode and no storyline with Kalinda's ex-husband helped that. The Voice still the best singing competition show and doesn't disappoint. What was Brad Pitt thinking doing those Channel no. 5 commercials?  Is 7 million dollars still enough?  He has been mocked over and over again, first on SNL, and then all over the internet. Everyone wants to know what George Clooney is saying to his BFF. Lindsey Lohan is still a disaster.  She wants a restraining order against her father, Michael, who tried to hold an intervention, until the police came and tossed him out.  That family is a mess.  Makes Honey Boo Boo's family look more healthy and normal.  Don**d Tr**p has his game changing announcement tomorrow about Obama.  Freud would've had a field day with his narcissism. Wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight. Tonight, going to see Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.  Can't wait. He got great reviews. Enjoy Tuesday.

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Friday, October 19, 2012


I love the New York Yankees, but the last few weeks during the post season, it has been both hard to root and hard to listen to all the criticism.  New York fans, sportswriters, talking heads are absolutely unforgiving.  No empathy. No understanding whatsoever.  

This New York Yankees season has been peppered with injuries that would have taken a lesser team out early in the regular season.  When Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in MLB,  had a season ending injury, many of us thought that was it right then.  But the Yankees fought back, scratched and clawed to stay in it.  A great man told me once that it's all about pitching, well, the Yankees struggle with their bullpen.  Never thought they'd stay in the mix, much less make it to the post-season, but they did.  When the heart and soul of the team, Derek Jeter broke his ankle last weekend, that was it.  How much more could a team take?  Do I feel sorry for the Yankees, no, but they are so often abused by the media.  

Today's "New York Post" front page says: Dear Yankees, We don't date losers, signed New Yorkers.  Really?  Isn't that incredibly harsh? I know, I know, with the extraordinary payroll the Yankee organization forks over, fans expect a championship every year.  Not possible and unrealistic. This year seemed particularly brutal.  Alex Rodriguez has been the whipping boy of this season, far more than any other Yankee.  Is it deserved? Well, I don't think so.  He is a controversial player and may ask for some of it, but he wasn't the only disappointing "bat" this season.  He couldn't hit all year.  Once a power hitter, now nothing.  He stood and took the heat from all sides. He was benched in the post-season by manager, Joe Girardi.  Embarrassing? Humiliating? Yes, but understandable.  If you can't do the job, get out of the way and let someone else do it.  The problem?  No one did.  Raul Ibanez got the Yankees to the American League Championship series with Detroit and then everyone laid down.  

Is A-Rod to blame?  No, but he is the easiest target.  He is paid a ridiculously overpriced salary for far too many years.  Is that his fault?  Why aren't the papers jumping all over Brian Cashman, the G.M., and the Steinbrenner brothers?  They didn't have to offer to such a ludicrous contract? Should Alex Rodriguez have turned down the offer?  No way.  The people willing to pay the over the top contracts are the ones that should be hung out to dry and beaten up. That's not how it works. Somehow, it's always on the person that signs on the dotted line.  It's that way in movies, theatre, television, business, etc.  You get an incredible offer for a job.  Are you supposed to say no and turn it down?  Hell no.  Take the money and run.  If the employer is dumb enough to throw money at you, yes is the only answer.  

So, people when you spew all your frustration and venom at A-Rod, remember he didn't make the deal.  He took the deal.

Sidebars:  The Al Smith dinner last night at the Waldorf Astoria brought Mitt Romney and President Obama.  It caused severe gridlock in midtown Manhattan.  It also proved that some people can tell a joke and others can't.  Hands down President Obama won the joke telling.  Mitt Romney is just so stiff and lacks delivery. He's no George W. The San Francisco Giants are down 3-1.  Come on Giants!!!!! The thought of a Detroit-Cardinals World Series puts me to sleep, even though they are two of the oldest franchises in MLB.  It's Friday. That means it's Shark Tank tonight, 8pm on ABC.  Bill Maher has Matt Taibbi on tonight at 10pm EDT on HBO. Enjoy your weekends, everyone, everywhere!

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