Friday, June 29, 2012

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Honestly, the political news is another Space Mountain ride.  First, Chief Justice Roberts upheld the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate.  Second, the NRA wormed their way into the vote to find Eric Holder in contempt of court and the Republican Congress voted the NRA way.

This outcome, yet again, shows why money must get out of politics.  If the NRA didn't own so many politicians, their power would be cut down to size.  It's not just the NRA, they are just among the biggest bullies.  I don't like the leaders/mouthpieces of the NRA.  Hearing Ted Nugent say that if he endorses Mitt Romney he wants Mitt to promise to free up gun control laws.  Free up?  The gun lobby has fought for the rights of gun owners at a ridiculous cost.  I have said before and I will say it again,  I am not against hunters having rifles. I am not against a family owning a handgun for self protection.  I am against assault weapons.  I am against people being able to stockpile guns and ammunition.  In the state of Arizona, a person over 18 can buy 20 guns at a time.  They could be assault weapons.  They could be hunting rifles.  They are all treated the same.  That is appalling.  I hate all their outrage that we who aren't gun owners/lovers are always trying to take the guns away.  The Second Amendment gets thrown around more than any other Amendment.  Really?  What would happen if the USA passed laws that only handguns, hunting rifles, and sharpshooter guns could be bought and sold?  What hindrance would it cause any law abiding citizen?  The answer that we all know is none.  

The Left is not trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens. Common sense, which is clearly not common anymore, would say assault weapons are not necessary. They don't even need to manufacture them unless needed by law enforcement or military.  Why is that a problem?  

If we could take the money and lobbyists out of politics, we would actually have the democracy that our Founding Fathers created.  It's the most unbearable system that lobbying groups can threaten politicians with their power and money.  That is not democracy.  That is plain old bullying.  And we wonder where the kids get it from....

Sidebars:  Anne Curry's tearful goodbye was very moving.  It wasn't her fault that it didn't work out.  They hired her and they made her fall on the sword.  NBC execs have made some huge public blunders in the past few years. This is just the latest.  Kathy Griffin's Bravo show last night was a gem.  If you don't laugh out loud, I will be shocked.  Jane Fonda classic!  To be replayed over and over again. Hot, hot, hot here in NYC.  Oy vey!  Making time for Magic Mike this weekend.  Should be easy on such a hot weekend.  Let's make it hotter.  Women out there, leave your men at home, and make time for it.  Happy weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Head Cold and Then Some

So I sit here trying to think about what to write about.  My head is completely full, pounding, throbbing.  I sent my baby boy off to his French immersion trip.  A little quieter around the house.  My baby girl is celebrating her birthday with a few girlfriends at a water park.  Her social life is full and fabulous, as it should be. Nora Ephron died.  How incredibly shocking and sad.  My friend posted on Facebook that she was near death and then a few minutes later, it was announced.  So few knew she was so sick.  

Politics are getting me down, again.  I don't understand Obama's healthcare plan, fully. I suppose few really do. The Supreme Court is going to announce their decision on the constitutionality of the bill tomorrow.  What I do know is that healthcare costs are out of control and what will happen if the Supreme Court cuts it down to the quick?  Everyone should be covered by medical insurance.  Everyone.  It would definitely cut costs if fewer people went to the emergency room because they don't have coverage.  With the current plan, young people would be covered under their parents coverage up to 26 years old.  There would be no prejudice for pre-existing conditions, which in my world are plentiful.  So if the Supreme Court knocks this down, I ask, what's the plan then?  What will Congress propose?  I would love the Congressional body to lose their healthcare until they come up with a comprehensive plan.  Okay, let's see what happens....

The fires in Colorado are the worst in the State's history.  It may get to be the worst in history with the winds blowing over 60 mph.  Horrible.  What started this?  Shouldn't all forms of events/hobbies be suspended when conditions are so dry and parched?  No campfires, no cigarettes, no guns, nothing that could cause a spark.  Federal offense, if I were in charge, and throw away the key.  

Sidebars:  Magic Mike Friday!  Really can't wait and clearly from the response I have received on Facebook, many are very excited.  I wasn't sure if I should be embarrassed or not, but now I am proud and doesn't matter what the reviews will be.  It's all about eye candy.  Hope Ted is funny.  Definitely not for kids. I hear it's really raunchy.  The Bachelorette is down to four guys.  Hometown dates next week!  America's Got Talent is stretching it out too much and making it hard to be excited already. The head is cloudy and I am done for now.  

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Joe the Ignoramous

I can't tell you how sick I am of partisan politics!  I can't tell you how sick I am of people not standing up for what is "right" or standing up in the face of stupidity.  The newest member of the race of BS is Joe the Plumber. He is running for Congress.  I don't really understand how his star has stayed up after the crash and burned election of McCain/Palin, but it has.  He has now posted a video pro-guns.  He goes on to say that because of gun control laws the Turks were able to decimate the Armenians and the Nazis were able to kill 6 million Jews because they couldn't defend themselves.  Are you f**king kidding me?  Where did he get his info?  Can you just spew any BS and no one stands up and says something?  Why doesn't John Boehner call out Joe the Plumber. Why can't leaders of the Right ever criticize their own when they say stupid and detrimental things.  There is no basis for his simplistic answer.  It is viewed solely through the eyes of the NRA.  The disgusting pandering and distasteful rhetoric that is allowed through silence to filter through the airwaves and internet is astonishing.  

I am trying desperately to understand people on the Right who are educated, smart, literate, and thoughtful. I reached out to a friend to try to understand his position. So far, it's in the infancy stage, but I haven't gotten closer.  Believe me, I understand not liking the President or policies, but I don't understand all the vitriolic speech towards the President since day one.  Okay, I lied. I do understand it.  The racism that had been swept under the rug for all these years has come to the surface, but that still doesn't explain the many people that I know who are smart and read.  I don't understand how s**t gets said and smart Republicans don't stand up and say that ain't right.  There is so much incorrect stuff thrown out there.  Why don't people stand up and say so.  Why is it so terrible to criticize one's own?  Wouldn't it make the people better if they were accountable for all the lies and ignorance?  Why do we accept less than so easily.  I want more than.  I want really smart people with riveting ideas that are willing to hash it out.  Not, and I repeat, not people that don't know what the hell they are talking about but sounding as if they do.  That is truly dangerous.  

Sidebars:  Today is a very sad day for me.  Dylan Ratigan's show is going off the air.  He chose to leave broadcasting.  I think it's a huge loss.  He's very smart, speaks his mind, and isn't partisan.  He's criticized the left and the right equally.  He has criticized Obama and Boehner. He isn't afraid to piss people off.  His platform has been get the money out of politics.  I couldn't agree with that more.  Always have felt that.  If you haven't seen him before and you are home, his last show is today at 4pm EDT on MSNBC.  The Heat beat the Thunder and it's a non-event outside of Miami.  The heatwave is brutal here in the east and should be breaking tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transported to Baby

Last night, we went to a fundraiser for a theatre company called The Transport Group.  They did a concert version of the Broadway musical BABY.  In 1983, I saw the original Broadway production of Baby .  It stayed with me for all these years. It touched me and moved me on so many levels.  It is the story of three couples: a young twenty something couple finishing college, a thirty something couple, and a forty something couple.  All of them in different places in their lives.  The young couple gets pregnant accidentally, a woops baby.  The second couple are married and are thrilled to be expecting.  The older couple are thoroughly surprised and have serious mixed emotions about having another baby when they already have been through it. The music and lyrics are so deep and for anyone that ever went through infertility goes right to the core.  If you haven't heard the music and listened to the lyrics, it is well worth it.  I am not doing Baby justice in my brief telling.  I cried like a baby when I first saw it and hearing it last night after being on the other side of motherhood, I cried again.  That two men, David Shire and Richard Maltby, could write a score that is incredibly empathetic makes it even more surprising.  They must have had many near experiences that ran the gamut.  It ran a mere nine months.  Struggled to find an audience and in hindsight, makes sense.  It ran in a season with Sunday in the Park With George, The Tap Dance Kid, and La Cage Aux Folles!!!  Can you imagine such a season?  When we just ended a Tony season which had to scrape together 4 nominations for Best Musical, and I mean scrape! The 1984 Tonys could boast Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Maltby and Shire!  Some of the greatest of the greats of musical composers.  Theatre has changed so much and I don't think for the better.  In the 80's, the landscape was filled with creativity and workshops (to tryout and work on a show) and backer's auditions (fundraising methods of yesteryear).  All shows were produced by independent producers and now they are produced by corporations.  I think the proof is in the pudding.

Sidebars: Roger Clemens was found not guilty in his trial. The prosecution couldn't prove its case that Roger Clemens lied about taking steroids.  He got off.  His name sullied forever.  Now, it will be up to the bitter and hypocritical baseball writers to determine if Roger Clemens gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  This is America and he was found not guilty, I'd let him in, but I'd let in Pete Rose too.  The entire holier than thou stance is ridiculous.  Tonight is game 4 between the Heat and the Thunder! Go Thunder!!!!!  Don't know anyone rooting for the Heat outside of Miami.  Yankees have won ten in a row. The Bachelorette was quite satisfying last night.  Still have to watch Bunheads second episode. Rielle Hunter's book should sink into the Everglades. Enjoy 
your Tuesday!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Television Egos and Then Some

I have been thinking a lot about pop culture, more specifically, television.  I have always been irritated by "stars" that choose to leave their series.  It's gone on forever, but really, who's been successful? Michael J. Fox left Spin City.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and wanted to spend time with his family and concentrate on finding a cure. The only other actor that had a medical you know?  You have to go way back to the 60's.  Dick York, the first Darren, from Bewitched.  He suffered crippling back pain from a previous car accident.  After those two, let's go down the list of a handful of departed series regulars.  Suzanne Somers famously left 3's Company over a contract dispute.  At the time, the spin was all against her greedy ass and her husband/manager bungling the negotiations.  In retrospect, I think she was right.  She wanted equal pay for equal work.  Shelley Long left Cheers and killed her career for the most part.  It seemed at the time and still seems like career suicide. David Caruso, who was nothing before NYPD Blue made him a huge star, became so arrogant, pompous and hated that it took the 3rd spinoff of CSI to bring him back to the forefront two decades later.  I can't watch him at all. He is doing the same mannered acting on CSI Miami that he did on NYPD Blue.  Katherine Heigl believed her own press.  At the height of her career on Grey's Anatomy and one hit movie under her belt, she decided she was no longer a television star but a movie star.  When she accepted her SAG Award and told the peons that she does it all for "us," I almost threw up.  That did it for me and maybe everyone else.  She never reached the same heights and has been in mediocre to bad movies and now wants to come back to Grey's Anatomy.  I hope she doesn't, but maybe she will come back with her tail between her legs.  And the latest defector?  Kate Walsh from Grey's Anatomy's spinoff, Private Practice.  I never got her on Grey's or on Private Practice.  She doesn't come off empathetic and more like an ice princess.  Can't believe she is leaving.  It will be moderately interesting to see if she killed her career. 

Today on the Today Show they announced that Jack Osbourne, the 26 year old son of Ozzy and Sharon, has been diagnosed with MS.  They had a pop culture writer on and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. (For those of you out there that don't know, I have lived with MS for 25 years or more). The writer was discussing how Jack had tingling in his extremities for awhile and the kicker was that he woke up with 60% less vision in one eye.  I was very surprised that Dr. Snyderman didn't name that.  It's optic neuritis, it is a very common sign of MS.  I had it.  It's what nailed down the unofficial diagnosis.  What neither women made clear is that his sight will return in time.  Very surprising to me how murky the reporting was.  I hope that they find the right medicine for Jack and that he reaches out to Richard Cohen (Meredith Vieira's husband) who was diagnosed at 25 and now is 64.  

Sidebars:  Is there hope that movie going audiences are getting some discerning tastes?  That movie studios can't just throw any s**t at us and make zillions?  Rock of Ages and That's My Boy bombed at the box office.  The headline in the Times was Cruise and Sandler flopped.  That is an eye catching headline.  The Heat beat the Thunder in Game 3 (I mis-wrote in Saturday's rant and Game 3 was Sunday night not Saturday).  I still think the Thunder can win the whole thing.  The NY Yankees are on a winning streak. The US Open golf was interminable and should never be played on the west coast again.  It didn't end until way after 10pm Saturday and Sunday nights.  Oy! Tonight is The Bachelorette.  Also, Bunheads on ABC Family airs episode 2.  I hope it can keep going.  Happy Monday everyone!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

Did you hear about Chris Brown and Drake getting into a bottle throwing bar brawl in NYC?  Can you imagine the ridiculousness of it all?  Shouldn't they be above that as young, successful, rich singers?  No, I guess not.  No arrests so far but there will be, I'm sure.  Innocent people got minor injuries.  Now, NYC politicians want to bar bottles from bars.  Really???  I hate that.  Why can't people be responsible for their own actions?  Why does everything have to be regulated?  I know I sound like Tea Baggers, but it's just stupid to me in this case.  We haven't had a rash of bottle fights.  It's unnecessary.  Why not ban troublemakers from public venues.  That makes more sense.  Make the perps responsible for their actions, not the law abiding citizens.  

Remember, Congress was trying to make gender abortions illegal?  Same thing, really.  No rash of gender abortions, but let's make a law and then what?  It didn't pass.  Few things do.  D.C. has been fairly quiet this week.  Even the campaigns have been treading water a bit. Slinging the same mud over and over.  I still can't get passed the amounts of money being wasted on the Presidential election.  If Congress wants to pass laws, let them pass a comprehensive campaign finance bill!  Will Sheldon Adelson be a member of Romney's cabinet, God forbid he get elected?  Will Donald Trump be Secretary of Commerce?  What are all the back door deals for the money and endorsements?  Transparency, my ass!  When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizen's United, how could they not see that money would corrupt the political system?  How is that possible?  In their statements, they specifically said it didn't automatically cause corruption.  Really?  Read a book?  Seen a movie?  It doesn't take a mensa brain to figure that unlimited money corrupts everything.  It's always been true.  Remember history repeats itself, so why didn't the Justices see this coming.  It's a travesty  for democracy! Bad things are happening. I will keep repeating myself, the young people of this country, must rise up and take a stand.  The Super Pacs are messing with your futures!  Don't forget that.  

Sidebars:  Heat and Thunder in a 1-1 series, game 3 tonight.  Matt Cain threw a perfect game for the San Francisco Giants against the Astros!  Yay Matt Cain! US Open is heading into day three at Olympic Golf Club in San Francisco.  I am still not over there is a golf club in SF.  Just received the CD of Newsies; it's a great CD.  First Broadway show CD that I wanted in years.  Check it out.  Heard the prices for the Book of Mormon tour are outrageous.  I want to hear from you if that's true where you are.  To all the wonderful fathers out there, wishing you a happy Father's Day!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not So Tony

Okay, so I am doing some Wednesday morning quarterbacking.  Did you watch the Tony Awards on CBS?  First of all, I have watched the Tonys for over 40 years.  I have no real idea what has changed.  I've aged.  The Tonys have too, but is it the quality of shows that has changed or my life experience?  Remembering how years ago the broadcast seemed so classy and splendiferous.  Gorgeous production numbers.  Introducing me to new shows and actors.  It was always the first Sunday in June, until a few years ago.  They changed it to to the second Sunday in June and for New Yorkers Puerto Rican Day Parade, but I digress.  This year I had renewed interest because one of my oldest and dearest friends was wholly responsible for guiding and nurturing Newsies to Broadway and another dear friend is in it. Once was a show that I saw Off-Broadway and just loved so much.  Besides there were two ex-clients in it.  Always great to see people again in this crazy business.  

Again, I veer off course.  The show began at 8pm Sunday.  Opened with last years best musical, The Book of Mormon, performing.  Great number, but it was last year's winner and still difficult to get tickets to so doesn't need more exposure.  Then, Neil Patrick Harris performed his opening number, which was flawless.  He is a great host.  As the show ran on for three hours, it was hard to care.  The producers chose to take time for shows that have already closed.  Though, I understand the importance of entertaining, it is an awards show and many of the few awards given out do not get national airtime.  Ridiculous.  I think that CBS and the producers have lost sight of the point of the show.  The Tony Awards are never going to be the Oscars nor should they be.  Maybe it is too removed from most of America to matter. They do not get good ratings. Down again this year by a large margin, with little competition other than the season finale of Mad Men.  So why not do them with the utmost respect and honor all winners.  Can you believe that Bernadette Peters and Manny Azenberg didn't receive their lifetime humanitarian and achievement awards, respectively, on air?  That Chris Galletti, the choreographer of Newsies, didn't get to have his moment on national television?  None of the creative designers got air time. There aren't that many awards for theatre.  It's not like the Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys.  So, if they aren't getting the ratings and only I and four others  are watching, why not show all of the acceptance speeches, cut all the shows that have closed, even if nominated.  Maybe they shouldn't even nominate closed shows....

Sidebars:  Bunheads on ABC Family starring Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop, Tony Award winning actresses.  I think that it is worth a look see.  It is created by the Gilmore Girls gang.  First show, very promising.  Check it out. The Bachelorette is moving along fast.  They are off to Croatia next week.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Chicago and going to Napa. Oy vey! The Oklahoma City Thunder stormed back to beat the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA finals!!! Yay!! Keep going Thunder!  The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez tied Lou Gehrig's record for the most grand slams!!!  It's quiet here in NYC, cloudy and rainy.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Writing is On the Wall

I can divide my life into very distinct chapters: childhood, college, career, marriage and children.  Childhood was filled with lots of singing and dancing on stage and loving every minute of that.  Family was complicated.  Friendship was complicated.  Off to college, UCLA.  An incredibly fabulous and tumultuous four years.  Made friends for life.  Moved to NYC and began my career as a theatrical agent.  It wasn't always an easy path, but I did meet interesting people.  I ran my own business and spent 21 years in the business of show.  

The business of show paled quickly once my children were born.  My husband and I wanted children for a long time and when our beautiful twins were born, life happily changed forever.  Never thought I'd be so focussed on children.  Hadn't really been around babies much until my sister had her first born, so this was really unchartered waters.  I cherished the 4am feedings when the city is in between the late nighters and the early risers. Then through every accomplishment, we were there.  Do you remember nursery school graduation?  I sobbed like a baby when my kids graduated.  I remember my own nursery school graduation.  I don't remember any tears being shed.  Through all the grades and accomplishments and challenges of elementary school (here called lower school), I was there.  When they did the step up ceremony from 5th to 6th, it took all I had to hold it together.  Middle School (which we used to call Junior High) began, just like that.  

In the middle of all this, there were sporting events, musical productions, choir concerts, sleepaway camp.  Every year school would be over, and we would go somewhere as a family.  I cherished that time before they'd go off to camp.  Today, 9th grade is over.  What are we doing?  We aren't doing anything.  One child is going off with another family for the weekend, the other is going to a basketball clinic.  And so it begins.  They are growing up too fast for me.  I can't hold them down, though I'd like to very much.  I know how it goes, really I do.  I remember being a kid that age like it was yesterday (can't remember yesterday, but can remember 40 years ago).  The problem is that with every day they don't need my constant attention, what do I do with that energy?  The warnings were sounded years ago, better find something meaningful to do for yourself.  Still trying to figure that out.  The energy level has diminished and the passion has subsided for the next chapter.  I know this isn't uncommon.  As so many things in life, volunteering has gotten more difficult. Everyone needs volunteers, but finding something isn't easy. Forms to be filled out. Medical exams to be done. Training sessions to attend.

So I keep ruminating and writing.  Keep trying to cherish and hold onto each and every single moment with my children. As I begin, I end this.  The writing is on the wall; I just can't read what it says.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Deep Sighs All Around

Today I awake to another shaking my head kind of a day.  The "good" people of Wisconsin voted to keep their union busting Governor.  Wow, can you imagine that?  They came out in record droves to keep their fine Governor.  I can't stop shaking my head.  

I am entirely sick of this Presidential election cycle.  I look at the brilliance of the French election system with envy and awe.  Did you know that the Presidential campaign kicked off on March 20, 2012.  The first round of voting, like our primary, took place over two days: April 21-22.  Down to two: Nicholas Sarkozy, the sitting President, and Francois Hollande.  The election took place on May 5-6.  46 million people are registered to vote and 35 million people cast a vote.  When all was said and done, Francois Hollande won 51.62% of the vote to Sarkozy's 43.58%.  Election over.  Took over the Presidency almost immediately.  No big pomp and circumstance, just right to work.  Inaugurated on May 15th. Can you imagine what that would be like here?  I am not talking about the politics, I am talking about the brevity of the election cycle.  The no frills, no muss, no fuss.  It sounds so dreamy to me.  Can't we adopt something similar?  Save all the wasted money spent on elections?  The non-stop fundraising is nauseating.  If we could just figure this short election cycle to fit our country, it would be incredibly great. How great is a two day voting period?  AND over a weekend!!!!  That is tremendous.  This election was 8 weeks from start to finish. They had tons of candidates running and they managed to make it work.  I don't think I realized with such clarity how another country does elections until this year.  Can we please consider changing?  I could even expand it to 4 months....

Don't you love and respect our Congress?  They voted not to pass the Equal Pay Act yesterday.  Not sure how they find fault with that.  Men and Women getting equal pay.  That's exactly what I am talking about.  The most ludicrous, self-interested, narcissistic Congress imaginable.  Not looking out for all the people, just a few.  Looking out for the 46% of the people that believe in Creationism, not evolution.  Makes me sick to my stomach.  I am all over the place today.  There is so much disgusting and disappointing news.  This is just a small slice of what's going on.  I am beginning to feel more helpless everyday.

Sidebars:  The Celtics lead the Heat 3-2, which for most of the country is great.  The Heat is the behemoth NBA team that spells team with an "I."  The Celtics play as a team and they are led by the incredible Doc Rivers.  The Oklahoma City Thunder are leading the San Antonio Spurs 3-2.  The LA Kings lead the NJ Devils 3-0.  More than ever, tuning in the last five minutes is more than enough.  So many tension filled overtimes in all these match ups.  I can't take it and my only concern is that the Heat go down.  That's it.  Though I do love the Celtics.  As long as Doc Rivers is the coach....Kathy Griffin mentioned on her talk show that Clint Eastwood's wife has a reality show.  I think I had heard about it but blocked it out.  I was home and it was on, so because of Kathy's pitch, I tuned in to see what Mrs. Eastwood and Company is all about.  Wow, Clint Eastwood a man of few words throughout his career has let his wife have a reality show in their home, his restaurant, show his daughters, etc.  I can't understand why.  Is he dying?  Feeling his mortality?  It's uncomfortable. Thanks, Kathy. Speaking of Kathie Lee, she is the only one I heard say that Lindsey Lohan's photos as Liz Taylor were beautiful, but she didn't look like Elizabeth.  Everyone was extolling how exacting the look was.  I didn't think so, but I don't have the platform ala Kathie Lee.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Merit Pay

Oh, where to begin?  My mind has just been swimming in thoughts about politics, music, sports, pop culture, etc.  So many things to mull over and hard to focus.  What I decided to focus on for the moment...Congress.  What a big waste of time they are!  Remember when Mitch McConnell stood up right after Obama became President and proclaimed that their raison d'etre was to make sure that Obama didn't get re-elected??  Remember that?  Is that why we sent the men and women to Congress and the Senate?  I thought we sent them there to make law and pass bills.  I never imagined that we elected people to Washington D.C. to obstruct for their own gain.  See?  I still have a bit of Pollyanna in me, even after all these years.

Wouldn't it have been better if Congress passed a bunch of bills that proved how incapable Obama is?  Wouldn't that be a better platform?  Proving him wrong?  No, not their way.  So to that, I say, let's change the salary structure of the men and women in Congress.  Let's pay them per passage of bills that help the country.  Let's pay them on a merit basis only.  There is no real consequence so let's make one.  Instead of a yearly salary, let's decide based on the importance and necessity to the country. Wouldn't that be something?  We might actually get things done then in D.C.  Instead of obstructing or fundraising at all times, we only give out payment for jobs done.  Oh, I love that idea.  Of course, no one would pass it, because they don't pass anything against themselves.  They only present bills about social issues to fire up the base.  It's a disgrace.  That would be considered a very unimportant bill, so few dollars would be paid if any for that.  

Did you know that a bill was presented in Congress last week to make it illegal to do gender abortions?  Really?  That's what they are spending their time doing?  What about jobs?  What about roads and bridges?  Thankfully, it didn't pass.  First of all, let me make it clear, I don't think that anyone should have gender abortions, but to make it against the law?  Who would go to jail?  And it isn't a rampant problem to be solved in this country, so why spend tax dollars on it at all?  It's a disgrace.  I want my country back from the wackos and the religious crazies.  It isn't right.  We are supposed to be a country for all and we are now a country for a sect.  So, let's shake things up!  Pay these ***holes per passed bill based on urgency, necessity, and all Americans!  A girl can dream, can't she?

Sidebars:  Big news that Bill Maher is now a minority owner of the NY Mets!  He was at the game last night and so was I!  If only I had seen him, it would have made it perfect.  Went to see my son's school chorus sing the National Anthem.  Nothing I love more than choral singing and they sounded gorgeous.  Hadn't been to Citi Field before and it was beautiful.  A very impressive park and hope that the Mets find their footing and success.  It was Hall of Fame night, too, so many of the old great players that I knew were there (John Franco, Darryl Strawberry, Al Leiter, David Cone, Dwight Gooden, Brett Saberhagen, Mookie Wilson, and more).  Stunning skies, venue, and singing!  

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