Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Getting Darker All the Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very optimistic, positive person.  I was considered a sickeningly happy child.  I have maintained my "Pollyanna" core for much of my life, but recently I feel it's dimming.  I am feeling dark thoughts about the world more than I have ever felt.  It's causing me concern for my very soul.  Yes, I am a Democrat.  Yes, I lean Left. BUT, mostly I have always thought I was compassionate and sensible in all decisions and points of view.  I am able to hear an opposing view, think about it, and re-assess.  I am an equal opportunity critic.  My achilles heel is injustice and hypocrisy.  I am always able to admit it if I'm wrong. I am always able to apologize.   I never thought those were such special abilities, but clearly, they are.  

In our current climate, which started far before this current President, partisanship is extreme.  From my point of view, the people on the Right never criticize their own, until most recently.  While people on the Left, overly criticize their own.  From a person who sees things sensibly, I don't get it.  AND I really don't get it now.  In this current climate where there are so many unanswered questions, I do not understand how all the people in America aren't passionately crazy to know the truth about the President and Russian ties.  That is the very crux of our Democracy if foreign governments are trying to influence our Country.  That's it!  How is it even a Partisan issue at all?  How can anyone not want the truth on this?  I truly don't get it.  There should have been outrage and concern from the get go as opposed to getting the "win!"  If that doesn't shake your confidence in our Democracy, what will?  

We are not fighting over policy.  We are uncertain of the influence from outside our Country.  Why doesn't that make all Americans up in arms?  This isn't some movie; this is our Country, our Democracy.  This isn't healthcare or gun reform, this is investigating the evidence and the trail from Russia to the US government.  This shocks me that this is partisan at all.  Seriously, if the investigation is completed and the determination is there was zero collusion with the Tr**p campaign, so be it.  Then, it's our problem to re-align our thinking. BUT, what if they find that there was/is collusion, wouldn't we all want to know so we can protect our Democracy for the future?  I don't understand the partisanship when there is so much at stake.  My head feels like a bobblehead from all the head shaking.  Anyone out there want to tell me how anyone doesn't want the answers?
Congress acts like they just want to go on as if everything is normal.  

Until Comey testified in Congress this week, they did their best, though now they are covered in slime and still trying to move forward with their agendas.  How can you when the bread crumbs are looking seriously moldy?  This corruption possibility should be bipartisan all the way.  This should not be Republicans vs. Democrats.  This is a possible Constitutional crisis.  All of us need to know the truth, whichever way it may fall.  

I find myself wishing dark and ugly thoughts on people.  When the new wish list budget was announced, all I could think of was a pox on all their houses.  Let the First Family drink the water from Flint.  Let them get new and horrifying diseases that couldn't be identified because the budget for the National Institute of Health was slashed.  I want the First Family, his administration, and Congress to all have TrumpCare.  See how long they survive. I don't like these feelings, but they are creeping in more frequently. I have tried to decrease my reading and watching but it's hard.  Statements and accusations are firing rapidly throughout the White House.  Alternative Facts have become the norm and I don't understand how all Americans aren't more concerned or questioning the White House.  What's going on isn't normal.  This should not be Left vs. Right, Coasts vs. Fly Over, Rich vs. Poor, White vs. All Colors, Men vs. Women, Straight vs. Gay, this should worry ALL Americans.  Anyone know why it isn't?  The terrain here is new and scary.  We are in unchartered waters that are dark and deep.  I hate feeling so dark all the time.  I want a happy ending but don't expect to get it.  This is no Disney movie, but I will take truth and facts.  Let the chips fall where they may. 


Sidebars:  Rachel Maddow got punked and, in turn, punked us.  I felt let down by her overhyped Tr**p taxes show which revealed nothing, but, and I can't say this enough, Rachel Maddow has been doing outstanding work on her show.  She has one misstep and everyone wants to erase all the other good work.  No, we can't do that.  We have to stay vigilant and keep listening and reading.  There's a lot to be answered.  So, one crappy show doth not make a total career. -- The Voice is always enjoyable but I am quite tired of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's love match.  Maybe they can't be on the show together anymore. It's tiresome banter. -- Tom Bergeron and Neil Gorsuch separated at birth? -- March Madness began last week and there is just too much talking during the games by the on air talent and too many long referee reviews.  Still too many game-changing calls made. I know the refs are human but it's hard when we all can see on the 85th replay that they called it wrong.  Here's to the Sweet 16 Thursday! -- NBA season is almost done with the regular season. Then the longest playoffs season begins. -- MLB begins in two weeks. Oh, joy! Go Giants!! -- Is there a reason that tax payers had to pay for the FBI investigation into where Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys went?  What an annoying waste. -- Speaking about tax dollars, I will keep shouting it and writing it; the First Family is costing the taxpayers far too much money on travel and security. Where's the outrage?!!? Three million dollars every Mar-a-Lago weekend. $300,000 a day to protect Melania and Barron in NYC. Saw a photo of the original spawn family on a skiing weekend in Aspen with their families.  How much did that cost? If they stopped wasting all that money, we wouldn't have to slash the NEA, Meals on Wheels, NIH, Education, after school programs, etc.  Seriously, where is the effin' outrage?!

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