Friday, April 27, 2012

To Keep or Not to Keep

Did anyone watch TV in the last 24 hours?  Did you see the clip of the little boy crying his eyes out while the people next to him caught a ball?  It was at Texas Stadium during the Rangers-Yankees game.  They have played it on every "news" show. Tamron Hall showed it on her NewsNation hour on MSNBC.  They showed the clip in its entirety.  Her observation was that the kid was crying before the whole ball-gate.  It did seem like that.  I never heard from the parents on this, but the couple that caught the ball from the player on the field were either totally oblivious or totally uncaring.  Look, I can make an argument for both sides.  That adults caught a ball tossed from the field, not batted, is fun but not that great.  I mean, a tossed ball at what, .5 miles an hour?  A foul ball at 60 miles an hour is really something.  Anyway, I digress. This couple sitting next to the little boy bawling were over the top. It did seem like they were rubbing his nose in it. Hugging, taking photos, beaming, etc. while the little boy was crying and crying.  Now, I don't think that the kid should have gotten the ball because he was crying for it, but if he was crying about something else completely unrelated....

It is a life lesson that you can't get everything that you want. For children especially, it is important not to give in during tantrums and tears.  That is a terrible lesson to reinforce in a child's development, but if this child was just unhappy about nothing to do with the missed opportunity, then it might have been the empathetic way to go.  It was just a tossed ball.  Don't forget that, not a foul ball caught.  Way different!  Baseball players often throw balls into the stands to children, not to adults.  I would like to hear from the player himself. Was he aiming for the little boy? Was he trying to cheer him up?  

The couple with the ball did seem far out of control with their excitement level.  Kissing, hugging, beaming smiles, photos. Really?  Really?  A tossed ball. Did you get that?  They did seemed overly self-involved.  So, if anyone has heard the background story on this, I'd love to know.   

Sidebars:  Just saw the space shuttle Enterprise fly by mated to a 747 on its way to JFK, and then to its final resting place on the USS Intrepid Museum.  Thrilling to see!  May sweeps began yesterday.  Let's see what the networks think is good enough to get ratings.  Clearly, Rosie on the Today Show is a hit.  Though GMA is battling valiantly to stay on top two weeks in a row. That may be the most interesting ratings race this whole month.  We know American Idol is going down, down, down, down, down.  A belated congratulations to Guiliana and Bill Rancic.  We know how hard you fought to conceive. Anyway, it's Friday. Wishing everyone a very enjoyable weekend.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swimming Mind

Did you hear about the six year old girl, Isabela, in Tucson, Arizona?  She was tucked into bed at night by her parents and gone in the morning.  The parents called the police immediately. There was no Amber Alert. It didn't fit the criteria.  Really?  Didn't fit the criteria??  What criteria?  I thought the whole point of an Amber Alert was speed and mass announcement. What criteria?  I don't get that at all. The little girl is still missing. Few clues to where she is, what happened to her, she is in the wind right now.  Would an Amber Alert have helped Isabela?  Who knows, but why not err on the side of too many Amber Alerts?  Criteria?  

Arizona used to be an incredible, zen like destination. Now, it's gotten so politically extreme. The zen is disappearing.  

Let's continue with the political thoughts. Have you read about all the marginalizing of potential voters?  In State after State, legislators are changing the voting rules.  What are the legislators afraid of?  Why are they making an issue out of voter fraud which is not an issue?  Voter fraud is not prevalent, but politician after lawmaker after State legislator, are trying to make it impossible for many to vote.  What? What the hell is that about?  Why wouldn't you want as many people voting as possible no matter the outcome?  Why wouldn't you want to win an election fair and square?  What the hell is happening?  The fear that if you let everyone over 18 cast a vote means your side loses? Isn't that the point of an election? Of course, I was raised that majority rules and I still don't understand why 51 votes aren't enough in the Senate anymore.  All over the rules are getting changed and I don't think that it is making this country better and stronger.  I think fear is ruling and that minimizes our greatness.  People stand up! Be counted!  Do not make excuses for not being heard.  

Sidebars: Even the contestants on The Biggest Loser understand that winning is sweeter if you beat the strongest competitor not the weakest. They have all had that common denominator this whole season.  No one ever voted for knocking out a tough competitor. They all voted for who deserved to stay more.  Why can't the lawmakers follow this same philosophy? Let everyone over 18 vote. May the strongest candidates always win.  The Voice still continues to be strong, though I think there is no love lost between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine.  Maybe competition is bringing out the worst in Christina, but she can barely give a compliment to any of Adam's singers.  It's a bit uncomfortable and if her goal is to get Tony Lucca (a former Mouseketeer) kicked off, it's backfiring, big time.  House's last four episodes can't come fast enough. HBO's Girls is not for me, not sure who the audience is. I just know who it isn't. The Big C, which was so spectacular in its first season, may also have jumped the shark, but still love Laura Linney. Rosie O'Donnell making waves with comments about Lindsey Lohan.  I totally agree with her.  She basically said that Lindsey is still in trouble and not healthy enough yet, so she has no business working.  Her handlers are in denial and must have bills to pay. 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mark and Bopper (Spoiler alert)

If you want to see the best of America on display, watch Amazing Race and the incredible duo from Kentucky.  Mark and Bopper are best friends in their 40's from Manchester, Kentucky.  Mark is black and Bopper is white.  They clearly have had struggles in their life but there isn't a second of pity.  They love and respect each other in the deepest sense.  Their relationship is showing the best in people.  They are supportive, encouraging, empathetic, humble, grateful, appreciative, and committed. They have their eyes on the prize but will not be duplicitous to get there.  The fact that they are different races, plays no part in their love.  Did I say they are from Kentucky?

Watching last night's episode, showed how healthy friendship is supposed to work.  If you have never seen the show, each week the contestants have different challenges or tasks to get to the next episode. If you finish last, you may be eliminated.  Last night. we had to watch Mark master a Bollywood dance.  He isn't a dancer. It seemed incredibly hot and no shade. He was already not feeling well and he kept trying, even when he seemed like he might drop dead.  Bopper told him to quite and he wouldn't. Finally after over 10 attempts, Mark had to stop. He re-assessed his life's priorities and decided being alive for his kids was more important than the money.  The young Indian dance teacher was so caring and tried to encourage him to do it just one more time.  Now, it is TV and it's hard to know how much time is passing, but it seems forever.  Finally, Mark put the costume back on and did it one more time.  He finally passed and they had to let him pass, but he succeeded.  The pride and support Bopper showed Mark was palpable. It was deeply moving and they knew they were going to be eliminated. 

When they got to the rest stop, they were both expressing how great this experience has been. How much they love each other and are so proud of their best friend.  At the end of this display of emotion, Phil Keoghan told them it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they will be continuing. I had a feeling they'd be kept in the race.  If I were the producers, I would do whatever I could to get them to the winner's circle (without cheating).  They are the heart of the season and need the money for the best of reasons. I am rooting for them all the way. Did I make that clear???

SIDEBARS:  Funny, that the NY Times had an article about how crazy Sunday nights have become for DVR users.  It's almost impossible to catch everything and so sad that programmers have to put so many great shows on opposite each other, when there are so many terrible nights of television.  Sunday night now airs: Amazing Race, The Good Wife, NY 22, Mad Men, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, Veep, Girls, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and that's just off the top of my head.  Saturday night there's nothing on.  Remember the old days when we watched Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett?  Now, nothing. Dead night of programming. Couldn't even find a movie to watch from On Demand.  Just wait until May sweeps begin. Oy!  Congratulations to Phil Humber for pitching a perfect game on Saturday.  Only the 21st perfect game in MLB history. Congratulations to my friend, Dave Sims, for getting to call the game. Saw Ron Dante at BB King's last night. What a blast!  Ron Dante, for those who don't know, is The Archies. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Put a Sock On It

I don't know if this is a national story, but here in New York we have a newly signed New York Jets football player, Antonio Cromartie. It has been revealed that at the ripe young age of 27 he has fathered 10 children by 8 women in 6 states. What? Really?  His wife is currently pregnant with numbers 11 and 12.  It's outrageous and Cromartie isn't the first to drop his seed like Johnny Appleseed inside women's uteri, but what blows my mind, time and time again, is that no one ever mentions condoms, safe sex, HIV/Aids.  That is more to the point for me.  When the Tiger Woods story broke, as outraged as everyone was, no one mentioned condoms.  I am time and time again appalled at the missed opportunities by tv voices and print writers that never jump on the safe sex perspective.  There shouldn't be so many accidental pregnancies, if people are using protection on their penises.  Granted condoms aren't foolproof, but wouldn't that be a teachable moment, too, if the expectant parent said, oops, the condom broke?  

Why don't the women insist on condoms?  With Tiger Woods ex-wife, I kept waiting for her outrage not only for the deep hurt, broken trust, but also for putting her at risk.  Why don't the women speak up?  I never heard the women on The View call anyone out for ignoring safe sex. So many opportunities to teach viewers and readers, missed.  Does Antonio Cromartie's behavior sicken me? Absolutely, though it is his business. He has to pay child support to a dozen off spring. What sickens me is the complete carelessness for his life, the life of the women, and his children. Safe sex isn't over just because there are drugs to keep people with the HIV virus living full and complete lives. The behavior should be condemned by all. I will shout it every time I hear about an accidental pregnancy. I find it unconscionable.

If you are under a certain age, you have no idea the total ravaging to a generation, of mostly young men, in the 80's. Aids spread worldwide, crossed color barriers, gender barriers, socio-economic barriers.  Medical science was struggling to keep up with the virus and finally found drugs that wouldn't cure you but allowed living with HIV/Aids possible.  Maybe there is too much comfort with that. Maybe if the drugs weren't there, people's sexual habits would still be curtailed.  For the young people, read about the devastation of an entire generation. Watch movies and documentaries.  HIV/Aids isn't gone. It's handled in the USA.

Sidebars:  I am afraid that Modern Family may have jumped the shark.  Holding on, but worried.  House can't end quick enough. Law and Order: SVU hasn't skipped a beat since Chris Meloni left.  Where is he now?  ABC's Revenge is winding up its first season soon and as I said from the beginning, I can't see them be able to sustain a second season. Should have been an announced upfront one season show.  The iconic and great Dick Clark died. There will never be another like him! R.I.P.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Non Rational Association

The NRA needs to be taken down, by other members of the NRA.  Extreme rhetoric cannot be tolerated and the lawful, abiding citizens that believe in the 2nd Amendment in its initial intent need to separate themselves from the violent and over the top speech of the voices of the NRA. Ted Nugent is the latest face of the NRA to say completely irresponsible speech.  I don't understand why no one stands up and rejects the hate speech that Ted Nugent is spewing.  He's just the latest, but really?  Why don't people get over Republican/Democrat/Religious/Non-Religious and stand up to what is right and, obviously, abhorrent behavior.  I don't understand how anyone stands side by side by any extremist unless, you yourself are an extremist. 

I would like to see the moderate members of the NRA shout loudly that this is not the representation they want on their behalf.  I would like to see the gun-pandering Republican party leaders to shout loudly that this kind of speech is wrong and doesn't represent the majority.  The silence, however, from the Right makes it seem that they are okay with this kind of language.  It all works into their ultimate goal to take down President Obama at all cost, but is this what they mean?  Really at all cost?  They have already not served the people of this country with their goal to stop Obama's success.  Do they really want that?  I go back to my core mantra about common sense.  It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. To stand up and do what's right keeps getting sidelined for the destruction of the Obama Presidency.  Unbearable. Unacceptable. Shameful.

Sidebars:  The Voice continues not to disappoint.  The eliminations last night were shocking.  DWTS tossed Gavin DeGraw last night.  It was not a surprise out of the dancers left.  It will get increasingly more difficult. The Biggest Loser mutiny episode was unbelievable. The contestants all met with the NBC lawyer and Alison Sweeney.  They went over their contractual obligations and two of them still walked.  Does the word lawsuit mean anything?  The lawyer never said anything about legal ramifications and I thought he should.  Don't want people to think that signed contracts are meaningless. Not sure I have it in me to continue with Girls on HBO. I will do one more episode, but I may not be the audience. 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Give It to Shel

When I was a Mom of toddlers and reading book after book after book to my kids, one book kept getting recommended to me more than almost every other book.  That book was Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.  Great title and sounded worth reading.  When I sat down to read it, I was appalled.  What in the world was the message that Mr. Silverstein wanted children all over learn from his book?  Have you read it?  It's about a boy through his entire life and a tree that loves him unconditionally.  You see, the love is one way.  The boy comes back only when he wants or needs something.  The tree gives everything to the boy with all the way to being a stump.  Huh?  The message is give, give, give and get nothing back in return?  Really?  WTF?  I had such a strong reaction to this story that 10 years later, it still pisses me off.  I can't understand why it's such a classic.  Why would you want to teach children to just love and give unconditionally when the recipient doesn't share the feelings?  I think it is an abhorrent message to send children.  

When I was a kid my Mom used to say I was a "thank you, please." She was referring to being treated poorly by friends and come back for more. Thank you for ditching me, please do it again or whatever.  Did you get that?  Have you heard that before?  Well, I grew out of that.  I expect to treat people with respect and, in turn, be treated with respect.  Maybe that is why I have such an aversion to The Giving Tree.  No one should let anyone treat you the way the boy treated the tree.  I would never recommend this book for a child.  Did I make that point clear?  I bet this book is on my bookshelves all over the country and maybe the world. I wouldn't really recommend it for anyone except maybe a student studying psychology.  

Sidebars:  I still think Amazing Race rocks. The Good Wife found its footing again and ending too soon for the season. The Voice still is going strong. Love to hear the judges sing with their team.  Christina Aguilera dressed a tad ridiculous. She could barely walk in her high heels. Blake Shelton and his team were simple and flawless. The definition of less is more. Christina was the star of her team song. Blake's team was the star. Hmmmmmm. Dancing With the Stars, latin night.  Another great night of dancing.  Hot, sexy and can't imagine who will go home. Based on last night's performance, probably Gavin DeGraw, but he has a very large fan base so....Tonight is The Biggest Loser episode that I've been waiting for. The contestants revolt, walk off the show and stop production for a few days!  Really? Tonight they bring the lawyers on to tell them, I'm sure, that they are under contract. Woops.  

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Stand Tall

The new outrage over statements from Hillary Rosen about Ann Romney not being a working mother is both justified and ridiculous.  It is another distraction.  When you hear Hillary Rosen's complete thought-free statement, it isn't the heresy that it's turned into, but to misstep so blatantly...well, let's just say she might need to find a new job. It's semantics and what I think she was trying to say was not how she said it. Clear?  I didn't think so. I think what Hillary was trying to say was that Ann Romney is not a typical mother and lives in privilege.  She hasn't had to struggle and live within a budget either in the home or out of the home.  What she did say made it seem like she was denigrating stay at home Moms.  It's unfortunate and is one of the problems of 24/7 news cycles.  So many chances to misspeak, so many. 

The frustration that women are feeling by any slight from any direction is justified.  Women are getting creamed every which way from contraception, reproductive rights, equal pay, and equal respect.  We are feeling threatened and every slap in the face stings, but let's stay focussed.  This is a distraction. Let's rise up against all the State legislators that are trying to pass anti-woman's rights legislation, from Arizona to Mississippi and many States in between. Women need to direct their outrage towards those in power trying to send us back to the 19th Century.  I have no doubt that there are many who would take away women's right to vote. Stay the course. Women stand tall and fight back with words, marches, letters, petitions, and votes.  We are under siege, don't doubt that for a second.

Sick of the NRA's silence.  It's abnormal. When police get killed, why can't the leaders of the NRA state their outrage?  When there are innocent victims of gun violence killed or maimed, why can't the NRA be appalled and sorrowful?  Woke up this morning to the news of a Police Chief killed and 4 cops shot in New Hampshire.  Did you hear a statement from the NRA?  Crickets!  They spend so much time and money to arm the citizens of the USA with their so-called 2nd Amendment rights, they forget about the lives tragically lost. We are the most gun crazed country in the world.  Really?  Our Forefathers never saw this coming. How could they?  It's almost unimaginable, except we live it. 

Sidebars: It's going to be a glorious weekend in NYC. Yankees home opener today!  Enjoy your weekend and may the music carry you through until Monday.  

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yes, Justified!

After 6 1/2 weeks, charges were filed against George Zimmermann in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. It was a long time coming and the fight to keep the story front and center was done peacefully and brilliantly.  Facebook was plastered with online petitions. Civil Rights leaders held marches and rallies.  In the wake of incomprehensible violence, peace.  See what can be done?  All anyone wanted out of this was justice, not blood, justice.  Okay, some may want blood, but that was not the overriding focus.  The family, friends, leaders, and strangers just wanted George Zimmermann to have charges filed and the facts to fall where they may. 

It's fascinating that the young generation that surrounds me seems far more color blind than I would imagine possible. I made a comment how important this trial will be to the great racial divide. My surrounding kids don't get it.  I said ask so and so in your grade, I bet he's been following this story (he's black).  I was told I was being racist.  Hard to explain when they don't see it at all, the intricate and intertwined racism.  I will continue to discuss this case. I will continue to try to help the young ones to understand what's at stake. 

I was thoroughly impressed with both the special prosecutor in her press conference last night and Reverend Al Sharpton. Their words were deeply felt, professional, and honest.  Rev. Al even admitted that he doubted from the outset that the "right" thing would happen. That's his life experience.  Angela Corey, prosecutor, spoke with clarity, understanding, and caution. Neither side fanned the flames. Both want the trial to unfold in the courtroom. Both want a fair trial for all sides. I hope that these feelings can continue. 

Anyone notice how deafeningly quiet the NRA is whenever a tragedy occurs by bullet?  They love the "stand your ground" law in Florida. We shall see how that goes, because when truly challenged, they don't go quietly into the night. Have you been hearing Mayor Bloomberg? He's been shouting loudly in NYC and DC about the NRA's unyielding and unreasonable position on guns in this country.  If he continues this fight for the reasonable rights of gun owners, maybe he will find some success.  He may have more money than the NRA. Not many can say that.  You go, Mayor Mike!!!  I and many stand side by side with you on this issue!!!!

Sidebars:  All I can do is shake my head when I hear that the ladies of The View think that Sherri Shepherd was robbed when she was dumped on Dancing With the Stars.  Really?  Someone had to go.  Everyone is either good or great at this stage, this year.  She was never going to win. They took nasty swipes at other dancers.  Unnecessary and maybe ABC said we need Sherri back on The View. Enough already.  
My husband is off to the induction ceremonies for Don Kirshner into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's not too late to read his book or buy it for your friends. Great book, great read.  
Don Kirshner: The Man With the Golden Ear.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mark is on the Mark

Were you as flabbergasted when you heard the news that Facebook spent 1 billion dollars to buy a tiny app company, called Instagram, as I was? I was trying to reason it out and came to the conclusion that Mark Zuckerberg bought it to play keep away.  Years ago there was a rumor that the great William Morris Agency used to sign talent just to control or stop the competition. Well, Mark Zuckerberg must have heard  the same rumor. He spent 1 billion dollars so that Google couldn't purchase Instagram.  An offensive move, which may turn out to be brilliant and profitable for Facebook.  Wall Street went a buzz and a flutter over the news. The firms taking FB public faced mix reactions. I love, love, love that whether Zuckerberg is worth $1 or many billion, he does what he wants, when he wants.  It would have been much more cautious to have waited until Facebook went public, but no, he wasn't waiting.  It was a shark and his pray. Saw the opening and pounced.  I am still trying to figure out Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg had this figured out and on the mark. Out of the box. Brilliant man. Odd man, but brilliant.  
Have you taken the time to see the softer side of Zuckerberg? Check out his Facebook page for his dog, Beast.  Makes you smile no matter what your feeling. 

Weird segue but I have been thinking about this for days.  The free-wheeling use of the word bitch or any derivation of it. And it's really free on the ABC network. They have two shows currently on the schedule with that word. The first, GCB.  Can't watch it for so many reasons, but it was off putting that they produced a show called Good Christian Bitches, then back peddled and shortened it to GCB and said it is Good Christian Belles.  Now, premiering tonight, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23.  Honestly, it made me cringe a little bit. Another show with bitch in its title. Believe me, the word doesn't offend me, per say, but I am just not sure it needs to be so commercially used. Would there ever be a show called Good Christian Pricks?  or Don't Trust the Dick in Apartment 23?  I don't think so.  So, why is this okay?  Is it part of the denigration of women subliminally?  I don't know the answer.  I just know how it feels. I it doesn't feel right to me. 

Don't need to say more than this, do I?  Rick Santorum out of the race. Okay, it amuses me that they say he is suspending his campaign.  Can't quite get the words out: over, done, overcooked, the end. 

SIDEBARS:  The Voice and Dancing With the Stars had their results shows last night. Over drawn and too long on DWTS. They could definitely do it in 30 minutes. I wonder how the ratings are?  Spoiler Alert: Sherri Shepherd went home in tears.  :-). I think The Voice does the result show much better than all the other shows. They rip off the bandaid fast.  In the first few minutes, you know who is safe from each team. The ones that aren't sing one song for their "life."  My happiest moment was when Tony Lucca was safe immediately. Christina Aguilera was truly harsh the first night to him. Felt uncomfortable and personal.  The fans didn't buy it. They also made Tony Lucca's song number 1 on iTunes.  :-). Still enjoying Fashion Stars. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates and Plus

Okay, first of all, the myth that golf stands for Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden is just that.  A Myth.  I have heard it more than once in quizzes, trivia games, and the like, but after doing a bit of's a myth. It isn't an acronym, but whoever "jokingly" said it, hit a truth or nerve.  So though it may seem a fitting acronym, I stand corrected.  

Second, the movie Bully got a change in its rating to PG-13 after the producer cut out a few "f" words.  Totally ridiculous that that's what it took to change the R rating to PG-13.  The rating system is completely out of whack.  This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article discussing the problem facing the MPAA.  I think Jack Valenti is still in charge though he died in 2007.  Maybe they need to get people from every decade including an 18 year old for the big decisions they make to protect us. In any case, I hope that now people will see Bully. I will and will report back after I see it.

Congressman Paul Ryan on the Today Show this morning.  Ann Curry asks him, has he thought about becoming the Vice Presidential candidate to Mitt Romney's Presidential bid.  He said he hasn't spent a second thinking about that.  Do you believe that?  I don't.  I think there are people in the mix and not in the mix who have thought about it. Why couldn't he tell the truth?  Again, they spoke of Paul Ryan's budget proposal.  How is it possible that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has a totally different perspective as Paul Ryan? Aren't numbers, numbers?  How can there be a perspective?  Don't numbers inherently mean facts? Black or White? Cut and dry?  The CBO says that the Ryan budget proposal will decimate poor people.  Paul Ryan disagrees.  Either there are deep cuts in the budget to Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, or there aren't.  Why is it able to be "played"? I don't get it.  It is a common thread in my head.  If it doesn't add up, I shake my head in disgust and puzzlement.

Sidebars:  Dancing With the Stars and The Voice head to head every Monday night.  This week KISS made a guest appearance on DWTS to open the show with "I Want to Rock and Roll All Night." Maybe Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were brilliant to wear makeup all these years.  Can't tell that they are a bunch of old guys.  Surprising that more bands didn't copy them. Saves on plastic surgery and botox.  Wonder what they will sing tonight. The Voice is always delicious. I love the judges. It's the reason I really watch. My least favorite is Christina Aguilera. She bugs me, though the less make up she wears and the more conservatively she dresses, the ickier are her comments. Cee Lo rocks! Adam and Blake are great and gorgeous.  Wonder who is going home from both shows tonight....Don't know if anyone at The Biggest Loser were listening to me, but the show is only an hour again tonight!  That's the ticket!  Keep it to 60 minutes.  While I was away, Earl Scruggs died and I learned of it late.  I have very fond thoughts of Flatt and Scruggs from my childhood thanks to The Beverly Hillbillies. RIP Mr. Scruggs!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

I know how odd for me to write that, right?  Did you know that is the acronym for golf.  Figures doesn't it?  Still no women at Augusta, where the Masters is played. Maybe it is inherent that I have often felt golf is all about not being with your wife and family and there you go...the origin of the word golf. Something to think about, that's all.

Is it time to put the Tiger back in the cage?  I am so sick of the kowtowing to Tiger Woods.  It is all on the networks and newspapers.  Even before Tiger backed out of his driveway two years ago, I wasn't a big fan. Yes, I can't deny that he was a great golfer, but I am not a fan of bad sports.  I always put him under the heading of "he loves himself enough for both of us, so I don't need to."  I have always put Kathleen Turner and Denzel Washington in the same category.  There are many others, but I digress.  I love and admire humility.  I love and admire good winners and losers.  Tiger Woods was only happy when he played well, which meant he probably won.  Other than that, he was sour.  I never have felt him to be authentic or true.  He is a golfer. Period. End of story.  

When Tiger had his personal life blow up in the tabloids, he was so ill prepared.  It damaged every part of his life and he has been trying to come back ever since.  He has had focus, mental, and physical issues that have absolutely compounded the problem.  What I can't stand though is that the analysts, writers, talking heads, all go way over the top.  They lap him up. They want him to be Tiger Woods again so badly.  Their headlines and promos are filled with excitement and passion for him, that is so undeserved.  They were drooling themselves on Thursday when Tiger finished the Masters even par.  They could taste the excitement.  Tiger fell apart Friday, showed his true colors on Saturday, and has no shot at winning the Masters.  

Being subjected to watch the Masters, I have to say how enjoyable it has been on the last and final day.  The word tiger hasn't passed the lips of any of the talking heads.  They are focussed on the real players. The ones in the lead and the ones that bring dignity to the game. So, maybe it is time for all the sport reporters and analysts that Tiger Woods isn't the end all be all that he may have been.  He is a very flawed human being who now struggles to hit his big stick. 

SIDEBARS:  Bubba Watson won his first Masters in sudden death playoff. There is a Subway restaurant at Citifield at Mets games.  They have the audacity to charge $15.00 for a $5.00 Subway sandwich.  It's disgusting and deplorable.  200%??  Really? How could anyone ever spend that amount of money knowing how much they are ripping you off? R.I.P. Mike Wallace; what a career!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

MPAA or Dumb and Dumber

Writing about something that I haven't seen.  No surprise there as many friends will tell you, but I couldn't let the controversy over the ratings for Bully to go un-ranted.  The MPAA is the most inconsistent and arse-backward group.  The movie, Bully, is by all accounts an important, heart-wrenching, and honest documentary about kids being bullied.  If I had my way, I would have all teens see it.  They can't. The movie received an R rating.  Why, you may ask?  "Bad" words.  Bad words?  Are you kidding?  It's a film about kids bullying other kids. It's how kids speak.  I can only imagine the words used.  Nothing that we don't hear everyday on the streets of New York.  

Remember the Academy Award winning film The King's Speech?  A fine film and rated R because the King said the f**k 3 or 4 times.  Really?  A whole host of people that didn't get to see it because of that?  Ridiculous. So now we have a documentary about the secrets and pain of bullying and the target audience can't go.  Is that the most shortsighted decision?  I know that the filmmakers fought the MPAA about the rating.  So a film about kids, for kids, and could help kids can't be seen unless they go with an adult.  That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Seems to me that the MPAA could have rated it PG-13 with a big asterisk. To protect teens from language is ludicrous.  They let kids see violent, bloody movies. No problem there. Language?  Language???  I have every intention to see the movie.  I care. If any of you have seen it, please weigh in.  

The Hunger Games.  Read the book twice on vacation. Finished with the second book, Catching Fire.  It is a story that stays with you. It is haunting and disturbing.  It is a mix of Lord of the Flies and Survivor, but that simplifies it too much. The characters are interesting and three dimensional.  I am late to the Suzanne Collins fan club, but I think that the series is totally captivating and recommend it, even if you are an adult.  I want to finish the trilogy before seeing the movie. So, a story as violent and disconcerting as The Hunger Games is rated PG-13. Go figure.  

Sidebars:  Tuesday night television was what it should be always. One hour of The Biggest Loser, make over edition, one hour of Dancing With the Stars, one hour of The Voice, one hour of Fashion Stars.  Jack Wagner was tossed from DWTS.  I think he was stunned but couldn't have acted more gracious if he tried. Who says he can't act? Fashion Stars may turn out to be sheer genius.  If you haven't tuned in yet, give it a go.  It may go right there next to Shark Tank.  Heard last night that Tori Spelling is pregnant again.  Not that interesting until you find out that she just had her 3rd child that is only 6 weeks old!!!  She went to the hospital for a test and they said they had to make sure she wasn't pregnant. She mocked them and said impossible. Woops!  Preggers! Shocking for so many reasons. No one even mentioned that they had sex before the doctor recommended waiting period of 6 weeks.  Closer than Irish twins. For those of you that celebrate Passover and Easter have a yummy weekend.  If you don't celebrate either, have yummy food anyway.  Enjoy Spring!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Re-Write the Hippocratic Oath

The mind has been running overtime.  All the news about the Insurance mandate and the Supreme Court decision.  The constitutionality of it all. Honestly, the whole insurance bill is so complicated that every politician and talking head can see it from whatever perspective they want, but somewhere there has to be fact.  Not sure what it is, just know it is there somewhere.  My feeling about the individual mandate, that has thrown the current Republican party into a tailspin, is if they toss it out, uninsured people shouldn't get medical care.  Let's just re-write the Hippocratic oath.  Maybe we are looking at the whole medical debacle wrong. If you are an uninsured American, don't get hurt, don't get sick, eat right, don't smoke, don't drink, exercise. I am sick of the ridiculous argument about socialized medicine. We are the only country that doesn't provide healthcare for all.  How's that been working for us?  Costs are almost prohibitively expensive. Clearly, when the health insurance business, pharmaceutical business, and the medical business is for profit, somebody pays.  Any idea who that is?  It's the union worker, the family man, the teacher, the businessman, that pays a fortune to cover the losses from the uninsured costs.  If the big for profit companies are not hitting their expected profits because the uninsured are clogging the ER's, who ends up paying?  So, I ask again, should we change the Hippocratic oath and doctors only treat the insured?  How do you want to play this?

How shocked was I when I heard on vacation that Dick Cheney received a heart transplant.  Really?  He was at the top of the list?  He was the most deserving 71 year old person?  Really?  I have never understood how the famous recipients for transplants.  When David Crosby, whom I love, received a new liver, I was shocked.  (At least, he was in his 50's). How did that happen?  A person that abuses their bodies gets a new organ?  Yes, there may be something to getting second chances, but really?  There wasn't another person more deserving?  Dick Cheney?  It is astonishing to me that he is still alive.  He is a man with 9 lives.  What life are we on?  I don't wish him ill, but I don't wish him to be on the top of any transplant list.  Wasn't there a 40 year old person waiting?  50?  30?  It was Dick Cheney's lucky, lucky day; he won his own lottery.

Sidebars: Big surprise, Octomom on welfare.  The doctor that inseminated her should have to support those children.  It's a medical and moral disgrace. Caught up on The Good Wife and thought it was the best episode of the season (the one with Matthew Perry).  Still loving The Voice and still think two hours may be too much, soon. Saw the new group of Dancing With the Stars on week 3.  The bar keeps getting raised and the "stars," term used loosely, are all on a spectrum of good to great dancers.  I don't know who got tossed the first two weeks, but it's now much more of an exhibition.  Opposite The Voice, it may drown.   

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Week Mash Up

Having been away, I have been feeling full of rants.  Didn't take notes and may just use this forum to throw up some thoughts.  

The Supreme Court. Where do I begin?  I don't really know when the ultimate court in the land became a partisan forum.  I really don't. I know that at some point over 35 years ago, abortion became the touchstone for all things political.  All of a sudden, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortions should be legal in Roe vs. Wade, every judicial candidate has covertly been asked about their feelings about abortion.  Ah, the litmus test.  It kills me because the holier than thou speak about the Supreme Court Justices as impartial until there is an opening and then they want to know how the Justice ruled on abortion. So how does that really work with impartiality? Almost every big decision by the Supreme Court now is drawn along political ideologies. That is a tragedy for justice in America. When I was a kid, we had trust in the rulings of the Supreme Court. Now, not so much. Can we ever get it back?  I fear not.  The system is so corrupt and entangled in "sides."

While on vacation, we had few television stations, but two available...CNN and Fox News.  I thought, well, I will give Fox News a chance.  I did and found it so unbearable to watch. Fox shows one side and one side only. There is no pretense of two positions. The talking heads seem credible which is why it is terrifying if that is your only source of news and information.  One anchor was ripping the 3 big networks to shreds for spending so much time on Rush Limbaugh's disparaging remarks about Sandra Fluke. Their argument was when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a slut or some other "liberal" person calling another Republican woman names that it got zero hits on the networks. The difference and it is a huge difference, Sandra Fluke is a private citizen not a public figure. That is a distinction that cannot be overlooked. I am not for pejorative comments but do not undervalue that difference. Watching Greta Van Susteren was so disturbing. She has had so much work done that her face doesn't even move and can't believe that she is in news of any sort. I can't imagine sitting opposite her during an interview and keeping a straight face. What a waste for a bright woman. 

Watched a lot of NCAA basketball, too. It dawned on me that the most archaic and pointless rule is the backcourt violation penalty. Before the shot clock was instituted, it made sense, but with the introduction of the shot makes zero sense. Who cares if you cross the half court line? It's to your team's advantage to get down to the basket.  If you choose to stand around the opposite basket for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, who cares?  So, can the powers that be of all basketball rules and regulations committees drop the backcourt violation penalty?  Can we bring the game up to speed???????

SIDEBARS:  How desperate does The Today Show seem having Sarah Palin co-host while Katie Couric co-hosts GMA?  A stunning morning television development. Read Wendy and the Lost Boys (bio on Wendy Wasserstein), The Hunger Games, and Rules of Civility on break.  If you are a theatre person, I think everyone should read the Wendy bio, though a little sad about how it was. All three books are worth the read depending on your tastes. 

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