Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Re-Write the Hippocratic Oath

The mind has been running overtime.  All the news about the Insurance mandate and the Supreme Court decision.  The constitutionality of it all. Honestly, the whole insurance bill is so complicated that every politician and talking head can see it from whatever perspective they want, but somewhere there has to be fact.  Not sure what it is, just know it is there somewhere.  My feeling about the individual mandate, that has thrown the current Republican party into a tailspin, is if they toss it out, uninsured people shouldn't get medical care.  Let's just re-write the Hippocratic oath.  Maybe we are looking at the whole medical debacle wrong. If you are an uninsured American, don't get hurt, don't get sick, eat right, don't smoke, don't drink, exercise. I am sick of the ridiculous argument about socialized medicine. We are the only country that doesn't provide healthcare for all.  How's that been working for us?  Costs are almost prohibitively expensive. Clearly, when the health insurance business, pharmaceutical business, and the medical business is for profit, somebody pays.  Any idea who that is?  It's the union worker, the family man, the teacher, the businessman, that pays a fortune to cover the losses from the uninsured costs.  If the big for profit companies are not hitting their expected profits because the uninsured are clogging the ER's, who ends up paying?  So, I ask again, should we change the Hippocratic oath and doctors only treat the insured?  How do you want to play this?

How shocked was I when I heard on vacation that Dick Cheney received a heart transplant.  Really?  He was at the top of the list?  He was the most deserving 71 year old person?  Really?  I have never understood how the famous recipients for transplants.  When David Crosby, whom I love, received a new liver, I was shocked.  (At least, he was in his 50's). How did that happen?  A person that abuses their bodies gets a new organ?  Yes, there may be something to getting second chances, but really?  There wasn't another person more deserving?  Dick Cheney?  It is astonishing to me that he is still alive.  He is a man with 9 lives.  What life are we on?  I don't wish him ill, but I don't wish him to be on the top of any transplant list.  Wasn't there a 40 year old person waiting?  50?  30?  It was Dick Cheney's lucky, lucky day; he won his own lottery.

Sidebars: Big surprise, Octomom on welfare.  The doctor that inseminated her should have to support those children.  It's a medical and moral disgrace. Caught up on The Good Wife and thought it was the best episode of the season (the one with Matthew Perry).  Still loving The Voice and still think two hours may be too much, soon. Saw the new group of Dancing With the Stars on week 3.  The bar keeps getting raised and the "stars," term used loosely, are all on a spectrum of good to great dancers.  I don't know who got tossed the first two weeks, but it's now much more of an exhibition.  Opposite The Voice, it may drown.   

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