Friday, August 31, 2012

Not What I Expected

The stunning, disgraceful, overshadowing performance of Clint Eastwood on the final night of the Republican Convention has left everyone on the left and the right shaking their heads.  On a night where the finale of the convention should be all about Mitt Romney, it is all about Clint Eastwood and who allowed him precious prime time air time.  Even the New York Post's front page is Clint.  The NY Post is the most right Republican newspaper and they had to run with Clint.  Clint's classless and bizarre 10 minute performance was not to be believed.  Did you see it?  If you didn't, youtube it.  He is too old, rambling, and incredibly insulting to the President of the United States.  

Clint's schtick was an empty chair that was supposed to be President Obama. The President would interrupt him and told Clint twice to go f**k yourself, of course, without actually saying it but the intent was clear and shocking.  The first time was supposed to be to Mitt Romney and the second time to Clint.  To denigrate the President of the United States with expletives is disrespectful; to the man that Barack Obama presents himself as, is cheap. In between the ramblings of an old man, he said things that I can't imagine the Republicans wanted to hear.  I can't do any of it justice. Totally inappropriate. Ruined the great feeling from the video about Mitt Romney that aired before 10pm. 

The feedback and talking heads from both sides were appalled. Everyone wants to know who okayed this in prime time. Reverend Al Sharpton said if Clint was performing at the Apollo, they would have gotten the hook out and dragged him off the stage.  Joe Scarborough said that he would've put him on before 10pm and if he went over, he would've cut off his mic. There will be an investigation and probably another book about this debacle of a campaign.  This should have been Mitt Romney's big night. He was overshadowed by an old movie star without class.

Sidebars:  It's Labor Day weekend. Millions of children are back in school.  Homework begins in earnest. I hate homework.  The San Francisco Giants are now 4.5 games ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers even without Melky Cabrera and the Dodgers megatrade from the Red Sox.  Come on Giants!! College football began last night.  I hate college football season.  In the olden days, it was only on Saturdays.  Today, with cable, it's on 4 out of 7 days a week through mid January.  Ugh!  Here's to a Federal court in Texas that made the voter ID law illegal in that State. Voter suppression stopped in Texas!!! Everyone enjoy the official end of summer!  

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am having such a difficult time reconciling the RNC's position on so many things. Let's begin with the debt and economy.  Understand, I am getting out of my league here, but the Republican's didn't want to stop spending until a Democratic black man became President.  The motivation was not driven by doing right for the people of America, but by stopping Barack Obama's success.  The hypocrisy is unbearable.  I have said it before and I will say it again, if you don't pass jobs bills, budget bills, or most everything else, how can you say the President has failed policies?  They didn't give him a chance. Congress failed the country.  The holier than thou Republican Congress is so full of it and the audacity to not do right by the people they represent is unconscionable.  

The Republicans got all over Obama because he made some comment that they twisted and misconstrued, I'm sure intentionally, about business owners don't build anything.  If you listen to the entire speech, he is saying that no company works isolated on an island.  Businesses use the roads, bridges, mail, internet, all supported and created by the government.  It's not an offensive statement, but the Republicans took a piece of that speech and created faux outrage.  I really hate that kind of politics.  

So far all the speeches at the RNC have been directed to their base.  No moderate talk. No solutions. No answers.  Just anger, bashing the President.  Not a surprise, exactly, but I did think that someone would get up to the teleprompter and give some solutions.  You see, that's been the problem since the tea partiers took over.  They hate everything Obama presents to them and won't come up with their own ideas.  That comes back to those horrible words the Republican Congress hates...negotiate and compromise.  Many of the bills presented to Congress were once Republican ideas, now they are vilified.  To quote the oft quoted Janet Jackson, "what have you done for me lately,?" would be my question to the obstructionist legislative branch of the United States of America.  

Sidebars:  To those who think that Chris Christie's upset over the NY Post article claiming he's rooting against Romney's election is for real, I can sell you some swamp land in Florida.  Much longer ago than that article, I thought he'd never want the VP position.  It wasn't a winning gamble and he'd lose his Governorship.  Christie is a gambler but those odds were to risky.  He will wait until 2016, just like his speech sounded like on Tuesday night. Governor Christie, you have four years to get your health under control.  You can't win the Presidency for sure, if you don't. Tonight Mitt Romney has to give the speech of his life.  I don't see it happening but....There are so many thoughts bouncing off inside my head.  I think I will have to end here for now.  It's too much. It's too unthinkable that the crazies may take over the asylum. 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Day Less

On the first real day of the Republican convention, they keep talking about Romney saving America, getting America back on track, job creator.  How is that possible?  We currently are suffering with an obstructionist Congress.  What's going to change?  Do you think that there will be an overthrow of Congress and it will be Democratic again?  I absolutely don't believe that if Mitt Romney were to win in November that he will still have to battle the will of Congress no matter what the make up is. Candidates and Incumbents have to stop promising what they are going to do for America.  It never happens the way the Presidents want.  It's far more complicated than that.

Currently, Barack Obama is the most vivid example of not being able to keep the promises he made.  The convention was in August 2008 and the nation's economy collapsed in September.  Everything changed but the words were out there.  Obama had no idea what he was truly walking into, no President does.  Do I believe that all President-elects have their intentions in the right place? Yes, but they can't really truly know what lies in wait once they get into the Oval office. President Clinton got into office and had promised to allow gays in the military.  He got into office and found that it wasn't going to be that easy, so he compromised with Don't Ask, Don't Tell. A terrible policy but the best he felt he could do at the time. Not the battle he wanted to start his Presidency. 

So, as the Republican speeches begin and bash President Obama and make promises, all of us voters have to sit back and say to ourselves, yes but anything can happen.  No one knows what really lurks in the future when campaigns and elections are won.  There are far too many Xfactors.  It's never simple.

On the other side of this, I hate political conventions.  They have had their time and day.  Now, it's such opulence and brown nosing to the big donors.  It's a waste of time and money.  I would be so impressed with the first candidate who said no need to spend the Party money that way. Let's spend the money to help others. Maybe actual citizens of this country or maybe local elections.  In the days of 24/7 news, it is not necessary. It is throwing good money after bad.  A girl can dream can't she?  

I have to thank Hurricane Isaac for cutting Donald Trump off at the knees.  That we were going to be subjected to the greatest narcissist in America, was more than I could bear.  Did you hear?  He had a "surprise" planned....

Sidebars:  Major Crimes may work after all. The new series that evolved out of The Closer had its best episode of the three that aired. Hope they can keep it going on that track. Showtime's Episodes is too fabulous and if you aren't on board, watch it on demand. Newsroom is over for this season.  Great writing can't be beat. Can't believe that Mark Texeira got injured again last night in the crushing loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. The blockbuster deal between the Red Sox and the Dodgers may make it difficult for the San Francisco Giants to clinch their division.  Come on, Giants. Urban Outfitters buyers, designers, and board must re-think the messages that they are sending out to kids.  They have been accused of insulting, inappropriate sayings on t-shirts. The new line promotes drinking.  Wouldn't be a problem but their prime consumers are under the drinking age.  Wearing shirts that say, I Vote for Vodka, USA Drinking Team, or I Drink You're Cute is irresponsible of the company. Urban Outfitters, think before you print! Keeping a good thought for the people on the Gulf Coast.  

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

So much news this week and it wasn't all politics.  Here's a rundown of stories that caught my eye.  First and foremost for me, the National Urban League came out swinging at Nike and LeBron James for creating and pricing their new basketball shoes over $300!!!  Are you kidding me??  I feel vindicated and backed up by such an organization.  Nike pitifully said the price was set because the rising cost of rubber and labor.  Are you kidding me??  Who the hell will ever believe that?  That's the biggest bunch of BS and let's see what the end result will be.  At least, a high profile group took them/him to task.  The National Urban League brought more attention to their greed than I ever could.  

Did you hear about the US Open referee, Lois Ann "Lolo" Goodman, arrested for killing her husband?  I expect she will be on an episode of Snapped.  She hit him over the head with a coffee mug.  Wasn't dead yet so took the shards from the broken mug and stabbed him to death.  Called the police, said she found him that way, talked their ear off about Agassi and McEnroe, cleaned up her place, got new carpeting. Continued with her life.  Arrived in NYC three weeks later to ref the US Open tennis.  The police figured it out in California and had the NYPD pick her up.  It looks like her refereeing days are over on the outside.  Maybe she can start a tennis tournament in the California State Women's Penitentiary....I love this story for some reason.

I'm just wild about Harry.  Really, what a guy thing to happen to him.  Not showing his brightness by showing his bits; the security detail are getting the worst of it.  They are the ones really on the hotseat for not protecting Prince Harry from the party animals.  Should have had them check their phones and bags.  Other than another public spectacle by Harry, it's a whole lotta something being made about nothing.  Of course, if the people of Britain paid for the suite....

Lance Armstrong.  What can I say?  Another sports hero stripped of his greatness and his Tour de France titles. Banned for life.  Clay feet.  Shocking and uncharacteristic for him to give up.  He has always been a fighter.  Didn't want to hear the prosecution's 10 witnesses.  Tough week for sports.  Last week, Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants was taken down for 50 games by MLB for high levels of testosterone. This week Bartolo Colon of the Oakland A's was suspended for 50 games for high levels of testosterone.  According to MLB, they aren't connected.  I don't believe that.  They are just a bridge away.  

Finally, on a personal note, the famed Colony Records is closing its doors.  It is a huge loss for NYC. It has one of the largest collections of vinyl albums and an extraordinary collection of sheet music.  Every actor/singer/musician for over 60 years has graced its threshold.  It is another historic loss to make way for probably another chain store.  Colony Records, I am sad to see you go.  It was comforting to know you were there.  Nothing's forever.

It's the weekend. Enjoy it.  Take a moment to appreciate yourself and the people around you.  Tropical Storm Isaac, we are watching you.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing Legitimate About Ignorance

I am feeling so remiss not talking about the idiocy and ignorance of Congressman Todd Akin, but there's been so much written and said.  I give thumbs up to the Romney campaign for denouncing it so roundly and fast.  I give thumbs down because the Romney camp picked Paul Ryan who feels much the same as Todd Akin about abortion.  Not the way Mitt wanted to go into the Republican Convention.  

The abortion extremists need to be quiet unless they are women. Better yet, women who have been through the very complex and torturous decision making process about abortion.  Seeing a bunch of white men talking about what I can do with my body is so incredibly insulting and ludicrous.  It hasn't ever stopped them though.  For almost my entire life, men have felt the need to debate the issue.  Do everything they can to stop women from having a legal abortion.  In Mississippi, they have successfully closed all abortion clinics.  They are trying to pass legislation in so many States to infringe on my rights as a woman.  Come on, people, if we were debating mandatory vasectomies for men, it would be the shortest conversation. Men would rise up and declare their strength and outrage.  So, women, I say it again, stand and be counted.  This is the time.  This is more important than taxes, jobs, the 1%.  This is our right to make our own decisions about our bodies.  I will say it again: Stand Up and Be Counted!  

Congressman Akin has decided to stay on the ballot and the RNC has decided not to back him financially.  It was okay to back him even though he is a strong proponent of personhood legislation co-sponsored with Paul Ryan.  Not exactly sure what turned the RNC and Super-pacs on their heels.  It's all disgusting. It's all intertwining Church and State.  To those strong supporters of the Constitution, can't have it both ways.  First and foremost, we must keep religion out of legislation. Keep Church separate from State.  

So if you haven't read all the great essays and opinions in your newspapers or on the internet, please google them.  The Onion had a great article last night:,29258/ 
Eve Ensler wrote an extraordinary piece:

Sidebars:  Political Animals on USA finished their first season.  Starring Sigourney Weaver, Gina Gershon, Ellen Burstyn has to be the biggest waste of great talent in a long time.  The worst writing.  In comparison, the writing on HBO's Newsroom is tremendous.  Smart, funny, pointed.  Love that Aaron Sorkin.  America's Got Talent on tonight showcasing acts that get a second chance to make it through. I hope it's better than last weeks mind numbingly bad show.  Beautiful in NYC today and I think the whole week.  Enjoy wherever you are.

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Monday, August 20, 2012


All I can do is wait for sanity.  No, really, people.  The only way we will "save" our country is if we get the money out of politics and Washington D.C. It's the only path.  Is it possible? Sure, but not probable.  If you are running for office and don't have to bow down, pay homage, switch your positions to placate financial backers, we would have an incredibly different political landscape.  I don't think for one minute that some of the things that people say they believe, but they have to say them.  They sold their souls to the devil.  It is so clear.  For all the far right Christians, why can't they see it.  Maybe they are the devil's worker bees.  

I can't have a theological discussion, but I can see that on both sides of the aisle, all spectrums of political philosophies, that no one can really take a strong stand about anything.  No one wants to stand up to the NRA.  Too scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to Wall Street.  Too scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to the oil companies.  Too Scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to the Evangelicals. Too scary, powerful and rich. Let's cut them out.  Let's make dramatic changes to our political system.  The system we live in is bought and paid for by the rich.  I want the system back where anyone can run for office.  You don't have to march to the party line.  You could have your strong, authentic beliefs and either rise to the heights of political success or fall on the sword.  Either way, it would be your individual ideas.  

It's unbearable what has happened. Can it be fixed? Yes. Will it be fixed?  Without a civil revolution, I don't think so.  Something cataclysmic would have to happen.  I don't see it coming.  When the money and power is in the hands of the few....Maybe I need to re-watch The Devil's Advocate.  Not a great movie, but resonates.

Sidebars:  Woke up stunned today. Jaw on the ground. Very sad to hear that Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott, committed suicide.  Jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles? Really must have been in pain. Sorry to all his family and friends.  William Windom died.  88 years old.  Incredible actor and an intricate part of my childhood. Finally saw The Hunger Games.  Hated it.  I can't believe that screenplay was the best they could do or the editing stunk. Not sure, but didn't do justice to the book. Here's a series tip: Totally Biased on FX.  Check it out.  Don't know if I can stand one second of the Republican Convention.  I watched the last one, but in 4 years the rhetoric has been disgusting, distasteful, and disrespectful.  It's a new week. Enjoy it!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Leave Joe Alone plus....

Okay, people, I am sick of it.  Leave Joe Biden alone.  What did he do to you?  Do you have nothing better to do with your time with the press than to call for Joe Biden to be replaced on the ticket with Hilary Clinton? It's so absurd and not going to happen, so Senator McCain and daughter and everyone else, let it go.  Concentrate on your own ultra extreme pick for Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan is a much greater threat to the world as we know it.  He is a true ultra right wing conservative.  More important than his economic stance is his stance on social issues.  Biden is the antithesis to Paul Ryan that the VP debate will draw such a stark contrast. 

VP Biden helped push many social issues to the forefront during his time in public service.  I admit it, I have always been a fan of Joe Biden since he ran for President in 1988 and then he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He is the first public figure that had hair plugs that worked for me.  I believe that he is absolutely on the side of the working people ( as much as any politician can be ).  He has a tragic and compelling story with a full and happy ending.  So, Republicans stop your whining and advising, Joe Biden is staying on the ticket!

On a semi personal note, when I went to California recently, I stayed in a hotel called the Shangri-La in Santa Monica.  I had stayed there multiple times prior to their 30 million dollar renovation.  This time, we hated it and fled to another hotel.  Since then, the woman and corporation were charged with discrimination and anti-semitism.  There was a jury trial. Do you get that really? A jury trial.  The plaintiffs definitely had a case or it would have been tossed out by the judge.  After 5 days of deliberation, FIVE DAYS, the jury found Tahmina Adaya guilty. I never was going to stay there again, but now I really would never stay there again.  As a matter of fact, I wrote a review for Trip Advisor, clearly not a good review.  I received emails that 5 people found my review helpful and now it's gone.  Trip Advisor took it down.  I wrote them and asked without using one expletive why it was removed.  I will let you know when I hear back from them.  

Sidebars:  Irritated that a woman speaking about Vanessa and Kobe Bryant on the Today Show mentioned when he was caught being unfaithful.  Unfaithful? Is that what euphemism we are using?  As many may know, I will always believe that Kobe raped that girl in Denver, so putting it in the same category as Kristin Stewart's infidelity seems nauseating. It is Friday.  It is beautiful in NYC for the moment, but the rain is coming.  Too bad the rain isn't hitting the middle of the country that is desperate for rain.  Enjoy your weekends wherever you are and wherever you are going. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ben, Yet Again

I have a deep passion and love for Ben Franklin.  What an incredible innovator and visionary! Ben Franklin founded the United States Postal Service in 1775 during the Second Continental Congress. What an achievement that has lasted 237 years.  

I love mail. I love the post office. I love stamps. It is a dying art form.  It makes me terribly sad.  I just went through a box of mementos from my childhood and found every letter that anyone ever sent me.  There were tons from my sister, my dear friends,  a couple of celebrities. All beautifully written. Some on binder paper, some on stationary, some on anything that could be written upon.  I was shocked how many letters I kept.  I haven't re-read them all yet, but the form of communication is far more satisfying and indelible than email, tweets, FB, etc. 

The USPS has gotten smart, finally.  Creating "forever" stamps was genius, though it may just be survival.  Every time there was a rise in stamp prices, people groused.  Not just because it went up but because you had to purchase 1 cent or 2 cent stamps to comply with the new postage rate.  

I am very nervous about the Postal Service.  I don't know how they will survive in the long run.  There's been talk for a long time about the USPS going bankrupt.  How to help?  Well, first of all the Post Office was never open on Saturdays when I was a kid, so close the post office on Saturdays now.  Maybe just keep the main offices open in cities around the country. Our post office is open until 7pm M-F.  Cut back the hours.  I want the USPS to survive.  I would like more people to write personal letters again.  I know that most of the mail we all receive are ads, promotions, come-ons, solicitations, catalogs.  

The Genie is out of the bottle, but for the younger generations to come, you are missing out on a wonderful way to communicate.  It's far more forever than an email.  You can hold a letter in your hands.  You can smell the paper.  It's tangible. It's enduring.  I love personal mail.  I don't want it to go away.  I fear we are on the precipice. Write a letter, buy a stamp, make someone's day.  Many of you have never had that experience.  Even thank you notes and invitations are emailed now.  I've done it.  Hate that!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know saving trees and all that, but a letter. It's positively romantic.  Again, take a chance, write a letter to someone, put a stamp on it, go to your post office, make someone's day.

Sidebars:  Rizzoli and Isles ended its summer season last night. America's Got Talent returned last night after being off during the Olympics.  It wasn't very good, talent wise, but as harsh as Howard Stern sounded, I hope that every aspiring young musician, singer, magician, wanna-be, listened to Howard's criticisms.  I thought he was spot on!   Still not over Marvin Hamlisch's drawn out viewing and funeral.  No mention of it by news people, a rabbi, nothing.  Sad to have lost another Sweathog, Ron Palillo.  There have been so many sudden and not so sudden deaths recently of people far too young. Cherish each and everyday. 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

One of Many

Listen, there are so many thins to talk about.  I wanted to ignore the obvious, but figure if I don't weigh in today, it will be far too old tomorrow.  So here it goes, Ken doll Mitt Romney picked Ken doll Paul Ryan to be his VP candidate on the most ultra-conservative ticket in my lifetime.  It is, on the face of it, an attractive duo of two white men.  If only their personal beliefs didn't cross into their legislative beliefs....I don't want two white men ruling on my womb or the womb of any other woman.  I don't want two men ruling on my right to contraception.  I don't want to hear about the rich pay their fair share already.  They don't.  I get the spin, but they don't.  How can middle class Americans support this ticket that believe in tearing down the social programs that have been so successful in helping people for over 60 years?  Why would anyone vote against their own interests?  Americans have been doing that forever.  I still don't understand.  Okay, actually, I do, but in reverse.  I understand why voters who have a lot, might want to protect those that don't.  I do not understand people who struggle and have little, protecting the rich.  

Just when I think that things can't get worse, they do.  This duo will spread so much BS, that it will be difficult to wade through.  When they start speaking about the unemployment rate, it makes me crazy already.  Congress blocked any and every jobs bill.  The bill that would have helped put people back to work and rebuild this country's infrastructure, was shot down.  Every bill that might have helped create jobs and bring down the unemployment rate was blocked.  As I said the other day, they must really have been afraid that Obama's bills would have helped the country. It's the only thing that makes sense.  I can't figure that the members of Congress wouldn't want to help the American people, but their terror of Obama getting re-elected has driven every move they've made.

Sidebars:  Okay, first of all, does anyone know Jewish law/ritual about death?  A person dies and is supposed to be buried within 24 hours.  (True for Muslims too) If it happens over a holiday or Sabbath, 48 hours.  Marvin Hamlisch died last Monday, August 6.  They are having two days of viewings, which is so not Jewish, and a funeral tomorrow at Temple Emmanuel in NYC.  They keep announcing it here in the papers and on the news, but nowhere does anyone comment on how odd it is that 8 days later he will be laid to rest. The closing ceremonies of the Olympics was incredibly fun and moving, until they started passing the Olympic flag from London to Rio.  Ground the party to a halt. Buzzkill.  Where was Adele?  Why wasn't Elton John featured?  If anyone knows, please tell me. Hope Springs is worth seeing for all the adults out there.  Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are flawless.  Steve Carrell great.  

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The More the Merrier?

That used to be true, but not in this election cycle.  The Republicans are doing everything they can to take away the rights of citizens.  All across this nation, State after State, they are making laws that marginalize minority, older, and poor voters. Why would they do that?  There is only one reason and that is to try to shave votes from Democratic candidates.  It is stunningly shocking and blatant.  Where is the outrage from the moderate minded politicians?  Why would anyone want to win an election that's rigged?  Would the victory be hollow?  Weren't we always taught to fight against the best?  Never shy away from a strong competitor?  Who wants to win if the opponent has been cut off at the knees?  

There are many lawsuits against these voter ID laws that keep cropping up.  If you are white and well off, it may not seem like a big deal at all to you, but if you don't have a driver's license or a State ID, there are reasons.  Either there is no need, no money to pay, or other hardships.  It looks so bad.  It looks bad that the only party backing these new voter ID laws are Republicans.  As if they are trying to save us from ourselves.  Bulls**t!  They want to win anyway they can.  There excuse is voter fraud, which is, thankfully, not a problem in this country.  I think there were under 100 cases of voter fraud in the last election.  It's unfortunate but with over 300 million people in this country, not a bad percentage.  So the Republicans are taking this minor number and turning it into voter suppression   laws.  Again, disgusting; a disgrace.  

Where is the outrage from the people?  The politicians?  How did our incredible country get hijacked in the name of the Constitution?  What can we do?  If you are living in a State like Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, and more, write your Congressman, Senator, Governor, Mayor, television reporter.  Make some noise.  

I always thought winning fair and square made for a sweet victory.... 

Sidebars:  Awkward moment of the morning: Ann Curry chatting with Matt Lauer on The Today Show introducing the piece she did on the official Olympic photographer.  Must be so difficult with all the press and dissolution of job.  Interesting that they premiered the new Matthew Perry series last night.  Jury is out for me.  I love him, but not sure.  Loving Episodes on Showtime.  I love Aaron Sorkin, don't agree with everything he says through his characters, but makes me think just a little bit harder. If I can find the Women's soccer final on TV, I will be thrilled to watch USA vs. Japan.  It's a hot and humid Thursday in NYC.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Don't know what to write about because there is so much going on in the world.  Between the Olympics, politics, and guns, my head has just been swirling inside with thoughts, feelings, and coming up more confused.  So let's get one thing out of the way for today.  Republicans in Congress.  Let's start there.  I find the methodology so twisted to take down the first black President of the United States.  From day one when Mitch McConnell stated their raison d'etre was to make President Obama a one term President, their choice was to do nothing, pass nothing.  Fight him every step. 

Honestly, I don't think that strategy makes any sense. If elections were based on facts and not emotions, it makes this strategy devoid of facts. If I wanted to take someone down, I would pass every bill the President wanted.  According to their rhetoric, Obama wants to destroy the country and "they" are the keepers of the Constitution.  Wouldn't it be better to pass spending and bills that they are so certain would destroy the country so they could go around the country saying, "I told you so."  Not so fast.  They didn't pass legislation/bills because if Obama's policies worked, they'd be screwed in 2012.  The only way to insure one term in their eyes.., do nothing, do nothing at all. It's outrageous. It's disgraceful. And it's un-American. There I said it. 

I have so little respect for the current Congress.  There's nothing that I can really do, personally, to change things.  If I lived in a district with a Tea Party candidate, I'd vote against him/her. I don't.  So I am at the mercy of all those Americans that do.  That's a terrible place to be.  

So, people, I hate always voting in an election where it's the lesser of two evils, but if you don't want the Tea Party and Republican crazies to keep highjacking our government, give money, give time, find out if people in your community need help getting to the polls to vote, do something.  I honestly don't know what I can do in NYC, but if you think of something or know of something, let me know.  Maybe in 2016, I can go work in a State that needs common sense.  

Sidebars:  The Olympic coverage sucks in my opinion.  I feel 100% manipulated. I love to see the competitions, but NBC continues to edit the events to death.  I am not even sure if I am seeing the events in the order that they actually happened.  It's been getting worse and worse since NBC got the Olympics.  Also, worse and worse since they can't be live. The first half of my life, the Olympics were live and we were all seeing them at the same time.  Now, with twitter, breaking news updates, 24/7 sports channels, the internet, it's difficult not to see the winners before seeing the events.  I am so proud and so very happy for Aly Raisman's success last night.  Kudos to her for wearing her Jewishness proudly. She understands the through line of history. The IOC should be ashamed of themselves. Enjoy Wednesday.  Hot and muggy in NYC!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Crying Fowl

I never thought Chick-Fil-A would still be in the headlines after their owner/founder S. Truitt Cathy denounced homosexuals and same sex marriage. Boy, was I wrong.  Everyday between the Olympic spoilers, comes news of boycotts and boycotts of boycotts at Chick-Fil-A stores around the country.

First, the insane denouncement by a devout "Christian" founder/owner of Chick-Fil-A.  Then, mayors in Chicago, Boston, and other cities announced that they don't want Chick-Fil-A franchises in their neck of the woods.  New York City mayor disagree with his big city mayors.  I actually agreed with NYC Mayor Bloomberg.  Let the people determine if they want to support a corporation that is openly homophobic. I really thought that was the end of it, but no.  

This story has legs. Why, you may ask?  Well, because nothing gets people out and standing in line for a fast food chicken sandwich than supporting a devout "Christian" and his right to free speech. I am disgusted by the distortion   of the right to free speech.  This isn't about free speech. This is about people by the masses supporting a man who supports their ignorant point of view.  I believe that from the bottom of my soul.  If Truitt Cathy had said racist statements or anti-semitic statements, the lines would be very short at your nearest Chick-Fil-A, but nothing gets people out in force than the threat to their "family values."  If they would all be honest, I'd respect the people more standing in line.  Don't use the right to free speech to support your underlying fears and ignorance.  Don't do it.  

I am always shocked, even after all this time, that people still use Christ to defend hate.  It's so un-Christ like.  So for all you people standing in line, which in and of itself is hilarious for a chicken sandwich, be honest when the roving reporter asks you why you are there. Better yet, be honest with yourself. Yes, you are homophobic.

Sidebars:  The Olympic coverage is such a travesty. It's impossible not to hear who won before NBC manipulates the prime time viewing. That Aly Raissman didn't get to win a bronze in a tie is a disgrace.  The IOC has made some bizarre rule changes that have diminished the Olympic glow. One more week to go. Track and Field is supposed to start today and there are torrents of rain in London.  How will that work out for NBC?  Maybe they will go back and show us the Russian gymnast who had a catastrophic fall in her floor exercise which made way for Team USA to win gold....They have it. They didn't show it.  They wanted to create false suspense.  Grrrrr. A huge congratulations to Gabby Douglas!!!  Do you think there will be a new birther movement to take her gold medal? Hot and steamy in NYC this weekend.  What about where you are? Happy weekend!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's August 1st.  It always comes too fast.  As Kelly Ripa says if it is February it feels like six months, August flies by.  All around the country, children are doing sports, playing with their friends, travelling with family, still at summer camp, on teen tours, and doing what kids should be doing, having fun!  August 1st comes around and the panic starts to creep in. The dreaded summer homework starts to loom over every household.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't believe in homework.  I certainly and definitely don't believe in vacation homework.  

Times have changed.  When I was a child, we had a far more carefree summer.  We may not have been travelling anywhere other than down the street, but we were having a blast. Now, school administrations pile on summer homework. For us, it began as early as 4th grade. Summer has always been cut short by the stress of completing the work assigned.  It's unconscionable to me.  The level of competition is ridiculous and for what?  Does it make for better students?  Better grades?  Better adult professionals?  I think not.  I think it's busy work.  Not to say that there can't be enjoyment or interest in the assignments, but it takes a toll as soon as August arrives.  

Not only is there the summer homework, but for the sports/team minded students, pre-season is the last two weeks of August for high schoolers.  So now, you love sports. You look forward to your friends and teammates, but shrouded over the fun is all the reading and work due on the first day of school.  I find it a personal affront to families everywhere. Particularly, when we keep hearing that so many college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs and returning to their family homes. What is the push for now?  Why not let the kids enjoy their summer in its entirety? 

Parents of my generation didn't sweat under the pressure of August. We had fun, fun, fun until  "Daddy takes the T-bird away." We may have had to find summer jobs, but there was plenty of time for everything. There was no summer homework.  We read for enjoyment on vacation, not because we had to read. I know that I can't change anything, but if I keep ranting and ruminating, maybe someone will come up with better ideas for education.  Maybe I can be a minute seed for change. The more parents who feel this way and speak up, school administrations will have to listen.  Did you see the documentary Race To Nowhere?  If not, find it.  Try their website.  It's thought provoking and the filmmakers are doing anything and everything to help create changes.

So, it's August 1st. The summer homework consumes homes all over the country.  It shouldn't be that way. The teachers are enjoying their vacations. The kids should get to also.

Sidebars:  The Olympics are airing all the time. There are some great highlights, but don't turn on your computer, get tweets, watch the news. All results are in before we get to watch anything.  Nothing's live.  I stand somewhat corrected. There are more off-beat events airing, but they are airing on the NBC sister stations. Still not easy to find. I miss the Olympics of my youth. Didn't feel so manipulated. Don't like Ryan Seacrest at all. Don't think he fits in with the rest of the NBC crew.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

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