Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am having such a difficult time reconciling the RNC's position on so many things. Let's begin with the debt and economy.  Understand, I am getting out of my league here, but the Republican's didn't want to stop spending until a Democratic black man became President.  The motivation was not driven by doing right for the people of America, but by stopping Barack Obama's success.  The hypocrisy is unbearable.  I have said it before and I will say it again, if you don't pass jobs bills, budget bills, or most everything else, how can you say the President has failed policies?  They didn't give him a chance. Congress failed the country.  The holier than thou Republican Congress is so full of it and the audacity to not do right by the people they represent is unconscionable.  

The Republicans got all over Obama because he made some comment that they twisted and misconstrued, I'm sure intentionally, about business owners don't build anything.  If you listen to the entire speech, he is saying that no company works isolated on an island.  Businesses use the roads, bridges, mail, internet, all supported and created by the government.  It's not an offensive statement, but the Republicans took a piece of that speech and created faux outrage.  I really hate that kind of politics.  

So far all the speeches at the RNC have been directed to their base.  No moderate talk. No solutions. No answers.  Just anger, bashing the President.  Not a surprise, exactly, but I did think that someone would get up to the teleprompter and give some solutions.  You see, that's been the problem since the tea partiers took over.  They hate everything Obama presents to them and won't come up with their own ideas.  That comes back to those horrible words the Republican Congress hates...negotiate and compromise.  Many of the bills presented to Congress were once Republican ideas, now they are vilified.  To quote the oft quoted Janet Jackson, "what have you done for me lately,?" would be my question to the obstructionist legislative branch of the United States of America.  

Sidebars:  To those who think that Chris Christie's upset over the NY Post article claiming he's rooting against Romney's election is for real, I can sell you some swamp land in Florida.  Much longer ago than that article, I thought he'd never want the VP position.  It wasn't a winning gamble and he'd lose his Governorship.  Christie is a gambler but those odds were to risky.  He will wait until 2016, just like his speech sounded like on Tuesday night. Governor Christie, you have four years to get your health under control.  You can't win the Presidency for sure, if you don't. Tonight Mitt Romney has to give the speech of his life.  I don't see it happening but....There are so many thoughts bouncing off inside my head.  I think I will have to end here for now.  It's too much. It's too unthinkable that the crazies may take over the asylum. 

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