Monday, August 20, 2012


All I can do is wait for sanity.  No, really, people.  The only way we will "save" our country is if we get the money out of politics and Washington D.C. It's the only path.  Is it possible? Sure, but not probable.  If you are running for office and don't have to bow down, pay homage, switch your positions to placate financial backers, we would have an incredibly different political landscape.  I don't think for one minute that some of the things that people say they believe, but they have to say them.  They sold their souls to the devil.  It is so clear.  For all the far right Christians, why can't they see it.  Maybe they are the devil's worker bees.  

I can't have a theological discussion, but I can see that on both sides of the aisle, all spectrums of political philosophies, that no one can really take a strong stand about anything.  No one wants to stand up to the NRA.  Too scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to Wall Street.  Too scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to the oil companies.  Too Scary, powerful, and rich.  Can't stand up to the Evangelicals. Too scary, powerful and rich. Let's cut them out.  Let's make dramatic changes to our political system.  The system we live in is bought and paid for by the rich.  I want the system back where anyone can run for office.  You don't have to march to the party line.  You could have your strong, authentic beliefs and either rise to the heights of political success or fall on the sword.  Either way, it would be your individual ideas.  

It's unbearable what has happened. Can it be fixed? Yes. Will it be fixed?  Without a civil revolution, I don't think so.  Something cataclysmic would have to happen.  I don't see it coming.  When the money and power is in the hands of the few....Maybe I need to re-watch The Devil's Advocate.  Not a great movie, but resonates.

Sidebars:  Woke up stunned today. Jaw on the ground. Very sad to hear that Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott, committed suicide.  Jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles? Really must have been in pain. Sorry to all his family and friends.  William Windom died.  88 years old.  Incredible actor and an intricate part of my childhood. Finally saw The Hunger Games.  Hated it.  I can't believe that screenplay was the best they could do or the editing stunk. Not sure, but didn't do justice to the book. Here's a series tip: Totally Biased on FX.  Check it out.  Don't know if I can stand one second of the Republican Convention.  I watched the last one, but in 4 years the rhetoric has been disgusting, distasteful, and disrespectful.  It's a new week. Enjoy it!

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