Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's August 1st.  It always comes too fast.  As Kelly Ripa says if it is February it feels like six months, August flies by.  All around the country, children are doing sports, playing with their friends, travelling with family, still at summer camp, on teen tours, and doing what kids should be doing, having fun!  August 1st comes around and the panic starts to creep in. The dreaded summer homework starts to loom over every household.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't believe in homework.  I certainly and definitely don't believe in vacation homework.  

Times have changed.  When I was a child, we had a far more carefree summer.  We may not have been travelling anywhere other than down the street, but we were having a blast. Now, school administrations pile on summer homework. For us, it began as early as 4th grade. Summer has always been cut short by the stress of completing the work assigned.  It's unconscionable to me.  The level of competition is ridiculous and for what?  Does it make for better students?  Better grades?  Better adult professionals?  I think not.  I think it's busy work.  Not to say that there can't be enjoyment or interest in the assignments, but it takes a toll as soon as August arrives.  

Not only is there the summer homework, but for the sports/team minded students, pre-season is the last two weeks of August for high schoolers.  So now, you love sports. You look forward to your friends and teammates, but shrouded over the fun is all the reading and work due on the first day of school.  I find it a personal affront to families everywhere. Particularly, when we keep hearing that so many college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs and returning to their family homes. What is the push for now?  Why not let the kids enjoy their summer in its entirety? 

Parents of my generation didn't sweat under the pressure of August. We had fun, fun, fun until  "Daddy takes the T-bird away." We may have had to find summer jobs, but there was plenty of time for everything. There was no summer homework.  We read for enjoyment on vacation, not because we had to read. I know that I can't change anything, but if I keep ranting and ruminating, maybe someone will come up with better ideas for education.  Maybe I can be a minute seed for change. The more parents who feel this way and speak up, school administrations will have to listen.  Did you see the documentary Race To Nowhere?  If not, find it.  Try their website.  It's thought provoking and the filmmakers are doing anything and everything to help create changes.

So, it's August 1st. The summer homework consumes homes all over the country.  It shouldn't be that way. The teachers are enjoying their vacations. The kids should get to also.

Sidebars:  The Olympics are airing all the time. There are some great highlights, but don't turn on your computer, get tweets, watch the news. All results are in before we get to watch anything.  Nothing's live.  I stand somewhat corrected. There are more off-beat events airing, but they are airing on the NBC sister stations. Still not easy to find. I miss the Olympics of my youth. Didn't feel so manipulated. Don't like Ryan Seacrest at all. Don't think he fits in with the rest of the NBC crew.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

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  1. I hate that summer means homework. And I especially hate that if you want to participate in HS sports, you have to give up your life to do it. Whatever happened to sports as fun?