Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Women Against Feminism???!!!!!!!!!

So, I really wanted to write about baseball and Cooperstown, but things keep cropping up that I can't ignore.  This morning on the Today Show they highlighted a new trend:  Women Against Feminism.  Seriously??  There's a Facebook page with over 17,000 Likes.  WTF?  I have written over and over again about women aren't standing up for themselves and then this?  Taking a look at the page, these women aren't educated about feminism.  They probably are born after 1990 and have no idea what has changed in the past 50 years.  If it weren't for the feminism movement, the Facebook page couldn't even exist.  Women's voices were by and large silenced for generations and then the 1960's started an entire revolution.  Finding yourself.  Being true.  Equal rights for all.  

I sit here in stunned disbelief belief because it's so hard to imagine what these women are thinking.  Why be against feminism? What do you think it means?  Is it something to be against?  Isn't the battle that every woman can make their own choices without derision worth fighting?  So why be against it?  No wonder women's rights keep getting whittled away.  If women are not in tune with what all the women before them fought for, what's the point?  I am really dismayed by this.  Women do not have equal rights yet.  DO YOU KNOW THAT???  Women don't have equal pay.  Women are sexually harassed and raped in the military and college campuses, every day. Women have to make tough choices between career and family.  Women have to fight for the right to choose and it's getting harder and harder.  Just one lowly abortion clinic is open in Mississippi and that's only because the courts got involved or there would be none!!  

Who's raising these women with zero interest in history and the through line?  This FB page is world wide.  These women come from all walks of life and are ignorant.  I don't get it.  Maybe this is the root of the problem.  Maybe the parents, both mothers and fathers, aren't telling stories from when they were young or when their parents were young.  Maybe they are not hearing the stories about girls who got scholarships to Ivy league schools but couldn't go because their fathers didn't think a girl's education was as important as their sons.  Maybe they aren't hearing the stories that women 60 years ago had no choices but to get married and have a family.  Maybe they watched Mad Men and thought that those were exaggerated story lines and the women weren't really treated like that.  Well, ladies, that's just what it was like and maybe worse depending on the industry.  Did anyone hear of Title IX?  Did you know that girls had very little access to sports in schools because all the money went to the boys??  Did you know that??  

What the f*&k do you think feminism is?  It is not a bad word.  How the hell did you interpret it to be one?  It is imperative that women have equal opportunities just like all minorities.  I am so disheartened by the lack of hunger that so many young women have.  It isn't pitting men against women!  If that's what you think, you are wrong.  It is standing up, being counted, and being treated equal to your male counterpart.  It is choosing to be a stay at home Mom.  It is choosing to be a career woman.  It is choice. The fact that you have the choice to voice your ignoramus anti-feminist views is thanks to the women before you who fought to be heard.  So, young ladies, read a book.  Read the history of the 20th Century.  Learn what the hell you are standing against. Ladies, we need all the voices to stand up and be heard.  It is appalling to be against yourself.  Feel free to choose and shut up.  

Sidebars:  Women are just like all the other minorities.  Voting against one's own interests.  Wake up, people.  Okay, on a lighter note, which has been very hard to find recently. James Shigeta has died.  For those of you who only know Die Hard movies, he was a big and early Asian star from The Flower Drum Song.  America's Got Talent has begun their live shows from Radio City Music Hall.  It's quite something to see these largely inexperienced contestants conquer one of the biggest stages in the world.  If you aren't tuning in, I really recommend it.  It's great family fare.  As far as the other summer television, there's almost too much.  Very hard to try to watch all the new shows.  Far different than in years past.  It used to just be summer reruns and in the past decade more and more new shows are having summer only seasons.  No matter how well reviewed the series are, there is only so much time.  In NYC we have been fortunate to have some of the most beautiful summer days, can't be inside all the time.  Crushed about the water main break yesterday at UCLA.  Horrific waste of 10 million gallons that California can't afford to be wasting and lots of damage to parking garages and athletic locations on the campus.  Ugh! Get out, enjoy your day!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Stepping Straight In It

I really wanted to write about my incredible trip to Cooperstown, NY, but with all the world news, I am going to try to reflect upon the crisis in Israel.  It's been so disturbing the hate and anti-semitism that has reared its head all over Europe.  First, the rise of anti-semitic acts were getting more frequent and greater in France, but now there have been marches in England, Brussels, and Germany to kill the Jews.  Maybe if you aren't Jewish you can't understand why we are so vehemently supportive and protective of Israel.  I'm not talking about religiosity, I am speaking about culture, survival, through line.  What is going on currently in Israel and the Gaza Strip is terrible, but what seems to get overlooked in all the death and tragedy? The terrorist group Hamas is responsible for it all.  The complicit silence of the Palestinian people is responsible.  There are far more Palestinian people than Hamas, but Hamas runs it all.  If the Palestinians didn't like Hamas, they could have changed things in the Gaza Strip.  Whether it's fear or apathy, they allowed Hamas to fester and grow.  

Let's make it clear, when Israel decides to fight back, they fight back.  They are protecting their people fiercely.  Many talking heads are speaking about the tragedy of all the civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip, but what they aren't accentuating is that Hamas wants the total and complete annihilation of the Jewish people and Israel.  How can you reason with people like that?  Would America? There were attempts at cease fires so that cooler heads could prevail and help could get to those in need and each time Hamas started firing into Israel!   You can't expect a country not to protect its citizens.  If you think that Israel is being heavy handed, they are trying to take out the threats to its citizens once and for all.  The talking heads are all over Israel after they bombed a UN school  which killed many civilians.  Terrible, but Israel had information that Hamas had weapons there.  You see, that's what Hamas does.  They keep their weapons in civilian locations so Israel attacks which, in turn, does the most damage in world opinion against Israel.  Israeli forces alert the Palestinians of coming attacks to encourage them to get away.  Does Hamas?  No, they are terrorists.  So seriously, what is Israel to do?  The US doesn't negotiate with terrorists, why should Israel?  Hamas are terrorists, make no mistake.  

I have written countless times about the hate that has risen since Obama became President towards the Black community.  The racism is palatable.  Anti-semitism is far easier to hide, but this past week has come screaming out of the closet.  Have you seen all the anti-Jewish marches, tweets, signs?  Check this out:

And there are so many more, but that gives you an idea what Jews are up against.  There are 13.75 million Jews (.2% of the world's population) vs. 1.6 billion Muslims (23% of the world).  Can everyone put it all in perspective?  The news in America is so distorted.  Do I think that Israel is 100% right?  No, but I empathize with everything they have to deal with.  If you visit Israel, you see just how close all its enemies are. It's very hard to imagine the proximity without standing in Israel and seeing the topography.  It's astonishing that they have survived.  

I am sure that many will be offended by my stance, but I am offended by all the haters of Israel and Jews.  It's upsetting and peace can't be achieved until the terrorists themselves are destroyed forever.  How soon will that be????

Sidebars:  Hear, hear to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who stood by Israel and did not accept the FAA's ban on flying in and out of Tel Aviv.  He hopped right on the first El Al flight out of NYC and arrived in solidarity in Tel Aviv.  On the other side of the coin.  current Mayor Bill DiBlasio is enjoying a ten day vacation with his family in Italy.  It bugs me so much.  Wonder who paid for the trip?  I have many more trivial thoughts which I will save for another day.  Enjoy your weekend.  Stay cool!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hearing the news that another Malaysian airplane went down Thursday morning was enough shock and disbelief for anyone, but as the information began to be gathered and released, shock is hardly enough.  To hear that the plane was intentionally shot down by Russian Separatists was hard to swallow and then to realize how immersed Vladimir Putin has been in this act of terror is unconscionable.  

As I had said about the Sochi Olympics, the USA shouldn't have gone.  We had so many reasons to boycott and Putin became more emboldened by the lack of spine from us and the world.  Soon after the Olympics, the Russians made a grab for Crimea and the Ukraine.  They took back Crimea, but they have been more "covert" in trying to take back the Ukraine.  Seriously. 

The terror attack that killed nearly 300 people out of the sky has long term ramifications for all of us.  Even though we may not know anyone on board personally, the loss of life in this case has significant reach for all of our lives.  There were 100 HIV/Aids Activists on their way to a world conference in Australia.  Six of those were some of the brightest minds in HIV/Aids research.  The loss of their scientific minds will leave a hole in the fight for a cure and solution for Aids.  The fact that there were 80 children killed are lost lives that we will never know.  It is a tragedy of mass proportions. The aftermath being perpetrated is of equal inhumanity.  The terrorists are not letting investigators in to do their work.  Allegedly, the terrorists have taken the black boxes (maybe to Moscow).  They have not let the bodies of the victims be treated with respect.  There are suspicions that credit cards have been stolen by the Separatists.  

In all of this, crickets from Putin.  Where's his faux outrage?  Where's his taking a stand against the act of terror?  Where's his leadership?  It is happening just as he wants it.  So, Mr. Putin, what would hurt you?  I know that they are talking about more sanctions.  Hurt Russia in the banking system and the energy sect.  But where we, the world, have to take a stand and a stand now?  No World Cup 2018 in Russia.  Take it back now, FIFA.  Don't wait.  There's no wait and see.  Give it to another country that doesn't have so many humanitarian issues and supports terrorism.  FIFA is the most disrespected of all sports associations, which is saying a lot so if they acted swiftly, maybe they would gain a little respect by the world at large.  

This is a turning point for the world.  This is a time for the Western world to stand up to a bully.  Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for awhile.  We haven't done enough to beat him down.  It could be a lonely place for Putin if we cut him off at the knees.

Sidebars:  Well, it's really more than a sidebar, but my dislike for Mayor DiBlasio just keeps growing. I thought for sure that it would change, but not so much.  He fancies himself an everyman, a working man, but who that works a regular job, lives in NYC, can afford to take a 10 day vacation with your spouse and two kids?  It really illustrates why I feel he is so inauthentic.  Can't have it both ways, Mr. Mayor.  He's only been Mayor for 7 months and he's taking a vacation?  Really?  Wouldn't happen in any corporation or company.  You actually have to work a year before a vacation is given/taken.  I have lived in NYC since 1981, I don't recall anyone taking a vacation.  I am not saying they didn't, but it was on the down low.  When Bloomberg flew on his private plane to his home on some island for the weekend, he was criticized for not being here.  So, Mayor DiBlasio, what world are you living in?

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Boehner's Bomb

All this bulls**t out of Washington, D.C. continues on.  First, we have the religious, partisan Supreme Court majority screwing women again and again.  Now, John Boehner wants to sue the President of the United States??  Really??  That's how your spending your last few days before your August recess?  You could pass immigration reform or at least take an up or down vote.  There's the incredibly sad and desperate border crisis with tens of thousands of children living in makeshift camps.  Do I have the answers to this tremendous problem?  No, but I am not getting paid to pass laws and help the people of the USA.  Congress has done so little good for all the people of this country, so what does John Boehner think is a good idea?  File a lawsuit against POTUS because he thinks he went around Congress to get things done.  Well, duh!  Who could blame Obama?  Congress has proven to be useless, mean, and detrimental to the people.  They are paid to do something.  They've done nothing and somehow the President gets the blame.  Look, I am not an Obama lover as many of you may think I am, but no one can get things done if no one will compromise.  If the purpose of your tenure in Congress is to stop the President from getting anything done, then it makes it hard to negotiate.  Is Obama blameless? No. He should have, from the outset, gotten his hands dirtier, but sue him?  That's a good use of our tax dollars.  

Time and time again, I keep saying it's hard to rant because it all feels so bleak and useless, but John Boehner, stop it!!  Don't add to it. Lead the members of Congress.  Take risks that will help the future of the American people.  I want changes in Congress.  If it takes term limits, so be it.  If you are an elected member of Congress and not doing your job, then your should not be able to re-run.  If you are a lifer and fighting day in and day out for the people in your district, then great, keep running.  When you are stacking the deck for yourself and against the people, you need to go and when you go, forget your lifetime pension from the tax payers.  Do you realize what an incredible package our Congressmen and Senators get regardless of what they do or don't do?  Do you?  If you lose your job, do you get money for life?  If you don't do the job you were hired to do, do you get money and benefits for life?  We have set up a terrible system.  There are no checks and balances.  You may say, what about elections?  Isn't that a system of checks and balances?  Except I have little faith that most voters know more than what's in television commercials and flyers in the mail.  People, take long, hard looks at your Congressperson before the next election.  See if they voted the way you wanted.  See if they showed up at all.  Check how much time they took off.  Did they come up with ideas or just obstructions?  Some of this is still in the voters hands, but you have to do the work.  

So John Boehner, stop it!!  Stop spinning useless wheels.  Start making a difference in the lives of Americans.  Stop being a coward.  Start being the leader that you are supposed to be.  Stop running for cover.  Start stepping up to the plate and that does not mean pandering to the ignoramuses you call your Party.  This Congress under your leadership has been a disgrace.  It's time to dig deep and be brave.

Sidebars:  Saw Jersey Boys.  I give it a thumbs down.  If you didn't see the Broadway show, maybe it doesn't matter.  Thought the screenplay was terrible, dragged, and should've been fun.  The Broadway musical was a blast from beginning to end, movie, not so much.  The World Cup is finally coming to a close.  It's between Argentina and Germany.  Hard for me to take sides, so after 3 weeks of incredible match ups, I have no horse in the race.  :-(  Summer television is in full swing.  Too many new shows on too many hard to find stations.  Did you see the Emmy nominations?  My quick overview is that the networks are in big trouble.  If the Emmys are any reflection, the networks are getting more irrelevant.  Hey, anyone watch Rizzoli and Isles on TNT?  They said shit twice in last week's episode.  Doesn't shock me, but does because it's not HBO or Showtime. It's TNT, channel 3 in NYC.  Okay, it's Friday, it's gorgeous and it's time to get outside.  Happy weekend!!

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