Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hearing the news that another Malaysian airplane went down Thursday morning was enough shock and disbelief for anyone, but as the information began to be gathered and released, shock is hardly enough.  To hear that the plane was intentionally shot down by Russian Separatists was hard to swallow and then to realize how immersed Vladimir Putin has been in this act of terror is unconscionable.  

As I had said about the Sochi Olympics, the USA shouldn't have gone.  We had so many reasons to boycott and Putin became more emboldened by the lack of spine from us and the world.  Soon after the Olympics, the Russians made a grab for Crimea and the Ukraine.  They took back Crimea, but they have been more "covert" in trying to take back the Ukraine.  Seriously. 

The terror attack that killed nearly 300 people out of the sky has long term ramifications for all of us.  Even though we may not know anyone on board personally, the loss of life in this case has significant reach for all of our lives.  There were 100 HIV/Aids Activists on their way to a world conference in Australia.  Six of those were some of the brightest minds in HIV/Aids research.  The loss of their scientific minds will leave a hole in the fight for a cure and solution for Aids.  The fact that there were 80 children killed are lost lives that we will never know.  It is a tragedy of mass proportions. The aftermath being perpetrated is of equal inhumanity.  The terrorists are not letting investigators in to do their work.  Allegedly, the terrorists have taken the black boxes (maybe to Moscow).  They have not let the bodies of the victims be treated with respect.  There are suspicions that credit cards have been stolen by the Separatists.  

In all of this, crickets from Putin.  Where's his faux outrage?  Where's his taking a stand against the act of terror?  Where's his leadership?  It is happening just as he wants it.  So, Mr. Putin, what would hurt you?  I know that they are talking about more sanctions.  Hurt Russia in the banking system and the energy sect.  But where we, the world, have to take a stand and a stand now?  No World Cup 2018 in Russia.  Take it back now, FIFA.  Don't wait.  There's no wait and see.  Give it to another country that doesn't have so many humanitarian issues and supports terrorism.  FIFA is the most disrespected of all sports associations, which is saying a lot so if they acted swiftly, maybe they would gain a little respect by the world at large.  

This is a turning point for the world.  This is a time for the Western world to stand up to a bully.  Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for awhile.  We haven't done enough to beat him down.  It could be a lonely place for Putin if we cut him off at the knees.

Sidebars:  Well, it's really more than a sidebar, but my dislike for Mayor DiBlasio just keeps growing. I thought for sure that it would change, but not so much.  He fancies himself an everyman, a working man, but who that works a regular job, lives in NYC, can afford to take a 10 day vacation with your spouse and two kids?  It really illustrates why I feel he is so inauthentic.  Can't have it both ways, Mr. Mayor.  He's only been Mayor for 7 months and he's taking a vacation?  Really?  Wouldn't happen in any corporation or company.  You actually have to work a year before a vacation is given/taken.  I have lived in NYC since 1981, I don't recall anyone taking a vacation.  I am not saying they didn't, but it was on the down low.  When Bloomberg flew on his private plane to his home on some island for the weekend, he was criticized for not being here.  So, Mayor DiBlasio, what world are you living in?

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