Friday, May 31, 2013

Bikes vs. _________________________

When I was a youth, and that was a very long time ago, I grew up in a fabulous suburb outside of San Francisco.  We played outside, played in the streets, and biked everywhere. A much simpler time.  Eventually, being the very progressive township, they painted neon green lines on the streets and made bike lanes.  I can't remember the reaction to the bike lanes, but they were heavily used. We were the suburbs. Bikes, cars, and pedestrians co-existed in harmony and courtesy.  

Flash forward to New York City.  Bikers fly through red lights, crosswalks, and are a basic menace to all.  If they minded the laws and lights, it wouldn't be so bad, but I have seen on more than one occasion a bike hitting a pedestrian.  Plus, the cars and taxi doors open abruptly without looking and hit the bikers.  It's been a treacherous mess.  In comes Mayor Bloomberg with a "fantastic" idea to create bike lanes in New York City.  I would've loved to be in the room when they discussed this.  On paper it sounded like a good idea, but in reality...a disaster.  First of all, it removed and shifted street parking which is already scarce in this town.  Unlike when I was growing up, they decided to take the curb side for the bike lanes and moved the street parking to a traffic lane!  It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. They have taken some of the most heavily trafficked streets and decimated them.  Now, to the bike riders, they may love them, but statistically speaking there aren't many bikers to have spent the money,  relocate the lanes and the parking, and inconvenience the majority. (If you don't believe me, stand on the corner of Columbus and 81st Street and count how many bikes that are using the bike lanes).  

Okay, so they are here now.  So what did the Mayor do next?  There are rows of "Citibikes" now taking more space from drivers, cars, and people that you can borrow/rent as you please.  There's a fee and I think it's a disaster. I am willing to be proven wrong, no problem with that, but these bike rows are again taking up parking, traffic lanes, and are a hinderance to the garbage collectors.  As Star Jones said, "we aren't Amsterdam."  We are an extremely heavily trafficked city by motor vehicles and by foot. The bikers have now been elevated to a higher position than all of us.  If that's the case, I want the bikers that don't follow the laws to receive heavy fines for disobeying traffic signs and speeding through pedestrians.  Bikers have an air of entitlement that is far from deserved.  Oh, by the way, did I mention that all the people that come to the city and rent the "Citibikes" aren't required to wear helmets!!!!????? So, how many injuries will there be?  Time will tell.

So, before I hear from you that I am a curmudgeon, I'm not.  I don't think that this system is practical for an island like Manhattan. This city isn't big enough for all the pedestrians, vehicles, and now thousands of more bikes. 

Sidebars:  The Voice was an absolute shocker with its eliminations.  If you watched it, you know who got tossed and it was abrupt and rushed at the end.  Coach Adam Levine said under his breath and with a live mic, "I hate America." It was an off the cuff comment and the hate tweets he received are laughable.  Does anyone really believe he meant it?  He was being a petulant child, a humorous sore loser.  What's wrong with people?  Taking him seriously is so extreme.  Without meeting or knowing Adam Levine, I can comfortably and with certitude say, he doesn't hate America, he hated the way America took down his team.  Okay, silly over sensitive people??  New York City was 40 degrees six days ago and today...92 degrees.  Global climate change anyone?  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tough week because my brain has been all over the place, but I am going to settle down and talk about the uncomfortable...profiling.  We, as Americans, are very squeamish about racial profiling.  I find it so curious because for decades we have had no problem with racial profiling young black men.  They are often pulled over, stopped and frisked, questioned, blamed, etc.  How many crimes have been blamed on a black man in a hoodie or cap whether it was true or not?  In Arizona, they have had the fabulous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  His entire career has been treating Hispanics differently than white folk.  He has been heralded by many as a true American, but finally a Judge put the kibosh on him and said no more!  He's been terrorizing the Hispanic community for 30 years with his orders and declarations to keep Arizona safe from the "illegals."

So, if we have already been profiling Blacks and Hispanics for decades, why are we so fearful, hesitant, apprehensive to racially profile Arabs and Muslims?  We certainly can't say that we are against racial profiling.  What makes it so different?  Why do white old women have to be frisked through airport security.  Why can't we profile actual likely suspects as opposed to 98% of innocent people?  The hypocrisy is palpable.  Is everyone worried about Fatwas and we will all be Salman Rushdie?  To stand and act as if we are all equally possible terrorist threats is the biggest bunch of bull that we have been fed.  To be told, that we don't want to racially profile Muslims or Arabs because it wouldn't be politically correct, is the most ridiculous bunch of crap.  This country has been racially profiling American citizens of color for decades.  Why do we bend over backwards for a group of people now at the expense of most? Does anyone have an answer?  I don't.  

America has become P.C. in all the wrong places.  

Sidebars:  Every take down of the Miami Heat is cheered around the country not just Indiana Pacer fans. That series stands at 2-2.  LeBron fouled out last night, Wade turned the ball over twice in the last minute of the game. The cheers could be heard.  Goliath had been slain, for a night at least. The Bachelorette began again with Des as the woman looking for love in all the wrong places.  Always hard to tell the first night about the quality of men, but....The Voice had shocking eliminations this week.  Shocking!  Blake Shelton is sitting pretty with his Wild Turkey frappucino. If you missed Behind the Candelabra, find it!  Well worth the time. Michelle Bachmann not running for re-election.  Maybe there is a God. I know there's more, people, but as I said, my brain is everywhere this week.  The weather has really taken a toll here in NYC.  40 degrees Saturday, rainy and tomorrow 88 degrees.  Can you say, Global Climate Change?????

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too Many A**holes

This week we have had a plethora of ridiculous people.  Mike Jeffries', CEO, insulting comments about what is beauty to A&F has caused such outrage on the internet, Ellen DeGenerous addressed it, and it is a big topic of discussion at schools all over. Did you miss what he said? Here you go if you were Rip Van Winkle this week:

“In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” he says. “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either.”

Is what he said disgusting?  Yes, but not surprising that he said it, but what is astonishing is he said it publicly.  This is a comment for the board room as distasteful as it is.  The fact that he had the hubris to say it 6 years ago and then re-claim it now doesn't seem like good business.  The stock market will let us know if his comments had any detrimental effect in the long run.  Did you know that they (and they are not the only ones) burn the leftover stock rather than let anyone that they feel unworthy to wear their garments wear them?  So, all the people that lost everything in Moore, Oklahoma too bad for you.  You are not their customer.  I was never a fan over their over-sexualized stores, models, and shopping bags, so I wasn't a big consumer ever, but now, I will not spend one dime in this store.  

Next up, Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods.  Stop it!  You both look bad, immature, and unlikeable.  Stop talking and delete your Twitter accounts. Tiger you have more to lose having been around bad publicity already.  Sergio you are in peril of losing big endorsements.  Get out of the sandbox and rise above the fray.  Oh, my God, it's golf!  Really, people.

Do**d T***p's Celebrity Apprentice ended to much lower ratings.  Yay!  Wish he'd go away and wish we didn't have to see promos for this show anymore, but alas, NBC picked it up again.  They are desperate for programming but is that really the way they want to go?  Maybe they will re-consider. Ha, ha.  

Anthony Weiner declared his run for mayor of New York City.  I have very mixed feelings.  I think he ran because he had already raised a lot of money for his former Congressional campaign and would have to give it all back if he didn't run.  Probably bored, too.  Look, I was a huge fan and supporter of Anthony Weiner and it was crushing when he chose to tweet his penis to a woman and get caught.  Ugh!  Why did he have to be so stupid??  It's so shortsighted.  It cost him his Congressional career and possible future Presidential run, and now, he's trying to take on NYC.  I don't think he can do it, but who knows?  Mark Sanford was forgiven and recently elected into Congress, and he used taxpayer money to fund his love affair. I just think that Anthony Weiner's biggest problem is his name.  Mayor Weiner?  Hard to take it seriously. Don't think that works without a smile. 

Sidebars: So, this week has been filled with tragedies in Oklahoma and London, big egos, and name calling.  The first two things should put everything in perspective to those that think they are the center of everything, but it doesn't. Take a few minutes to think about all the men and women that have given their lives for this country.  There has been too much loss, so let's not forget them.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Trio of Bull

Okay, people, I watched Bill Maher Friday night. Andrew Ross Sorkin, S.E. Cupp, and Michael Moore were on the panel.  I have admired Andrew Ross Sorkin and considered him an educated journalist.  He is a person more on the left than the right, I'd say.  S.E. Cupp: Republican and proud of it.  Michael Moore is far left Democrat.  Bill Maher brought up the first of Obama's "scandals," the AP and White House leaks.  Even Andrew Ross Sorkin misspoke and  led people to believe that they were recordings of AP conversations. What???!!!! No one made the correction. Not Bill, Michael, S.E.!!!  They weren't recordings, okay.  I have read a ton over the weekend.  They were the phone records. See the word is very similar but the accent is on a different syllable.  Big difference. If the White House was wiretapping over 100 AP reporters that would be far more scandalous, but they collected the phone records to see if they could find who was the White House leak on a very sensitive National Security matter.  Not a scandal here. Not really.  Yes, I understand the First Amendment and the right of reporters protecting their sources, but after 9/11, National Security trumps everything.  Do I agree with that?  Not sure.  Don't think there can be rules set in stone about anything here.  I don't think this is a scandal, not given the known facts.  If we find out that the phone records were used for personal reasons...that's a scandal.  

Now, the IRS "scandal."  Again, I don't feel it's scandalous.  I haven't even heard one reporter/talking head explain why tax exempt status would be expected by any political leaning group. Tea Party or not.  Lest we forget, they took the name Tea Party to pay homage to a group of overtaxed citizens that were revolting against taxation. Not exactly a good fit for the IRS.  I have said this before; I don't really understand why so many organizations should not have to pay taxes.  I think only good deed-doers should get tax exempt status.  So to take this ultra-paranoia and turn it into scandal?  I don't think so.  Again, not given the facts so far.  

And finally, Ben-Ghazi, Libya.  What a f**king waste of time and tax dollars.  There's no part of me that believes that Darryl Issa and his gang are looking to better the safety and security of diplomats around the world. They are like dogs to a bone, but there's no bone there.  A terrible tragedy happened to four Americans.  Could it have been avoided? Maybe yes. Maybe more military to protect our Ambassador and consulate workers, but who cut spending?  Isn't it more important for Congress to focus on making things better and safer for all Americans working in dangerous lands?  Why is making it a political scandal better for the American people?  Better would be to get the facts, assess the facts, make the necessary changes, and not make a mockery of tragedy!

So where is Obama in all of this?  I keep waiting for him to get "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore."  It's BS, all of it.  There is no credibility since Republicans went into his Presidency wanting to make it a failure.  If the Republicans were willing to be reasonable from the start, it would have been so much more tolerable.  Look, other than Joe Scarborough, I never hear a Republican on TV or in political office say anything that could be misconstrued as negative towards a Republican.  Too many Republicans say the most absurd to untruthful things and not once has John Boehner or Mitch McConnell said, "whoa, wait a minute." Not once.  How are they never misinformed or wrong?  Really?  Seriously?? Democrats everywhere criticize Obama and the Democrats in office.  That may be part of the Dems problems. We do not walk in lock step. It doesn't make them better but it does give them more credibility.  Did you see Mitch McConnell on Meet the Press?  He can't go off script no matter what.  He's unbearable.  There's plenty of blame to go around, but can't "we" wait until all the facts are known before making political hay?

So, where does that leave the American people?  Right now, not in a good place. The Tea Party isn't the revolution we need.  Things must change, but not sure how or when.  I'm all ears to hear ideas people.  Come on, what's the path? 

Sidebars:  Billboard Awards last night.  Best performance of the night was the opening with Bruno Mars.  Some lip-synching going on with some performances.  I want to make a declaration that if it's a live show, only people that are able to sing live get to perform.  I think that is fair.  Taylor Swift was the big winner with 8 awards.  Justin Bieber got booed; that made me smile. SNL season finale was a bit amusing, but not great.  Ambiguity on who is leaving or staying.  The only one officially gone is Bill Hader.  The Knicks are toast. The Warriors also didn't make it.  So now the semi-finals are Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers for the East and San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies for the West. I'm sure there is more, but for now...the sun is out and I got to get me some. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS, huh?

Okay, people, I have a lot of problems with this "scandal" with the IRS.  I am taking leaps and assumptions and coming to my own conclusions.  I may not have all the info on this topic, but I do have a lot of opinions.  No surprise there.  Let's begin with the first order of business...why should any Tea Party group get tax exempt status? If all of a sudden there is a flood of requests for tax exempt status and many are people who don't want to pay taxes, wouldn't you maybe give them a deeper look?  I have always felt that there were far too many tax exempt organizations that are involved with politics.  Throwing money at candidates or super-PAC's to elect or tear down a candidate.  Left, right, communist, liberal, progressive, Marxist, socialist all should be red flags just like Tea Party as a tax exempt request.  I would take away many associations tax exempt status.  Evangelical groups that clearly have a strong political sway and are considered tax exempt for religious reasons, should be warned and then lose it.   It goes to separating Church and State, but many groups don't play fair.  They rally their parishioners to a certain political leaning.  I don't care which way, I don't like it!  

Does anyone remember that the IRS looked into the NAACP during the Bush years?  This isn't the first time.  It should be non-partisan at all times, but who are we kidding?  Nothing is non-partisan.  The Supreme Court isn't.  It's supposed to be, but....So, for all the hand wringing and scandal shouting about the IRS going after Tea Party organizations, remember it's not the first time, it won't be the last, but let's re-evaluate all tax exempt statuses.  The system is broken all over.  It's fixable, but everyone has an angle. Before I hear from you that I'm wrong or I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, I don't.  It's how I feel.  Can anyone tell me why any political leaning group should get tax exemption?  

The Justice Department "scandal" may be more concerning, but the facts are already getting muddied before they even get out.  How many people did I hear say that the DoJ tapped the phones of AP reporters?  The misinformation was fast out of the gate.  No, the DoJ got phone records from a 100 AP reporters to try to root out who leaked some high level secrets about terrorists and Yemen.  Look, if it's for National Security, well then, what can we do?  That's been the position of government since 9/11.  Do I like it, not so much, but we have already been protecting the country at all cost. Why should this be a surprise?  

I am sure there will be endless hearings and press conferences on this, too, just to keep from doing the business that will help and enhance Americans' lives: job creation, gun reform, immigration, etc. So here we are....

Sidebars:  NCIS season finale.  I love that show. Came late to the party and can't get enough of it.  Not at all sure what the finale ending was or meant, but still love it.  I've been catching up on the previous nine seasons on USA Network reruns. The Voice knocked off two more singers last night.  Always so sad to see people go, but I think America got it right.  Christina Aguilera signed to return for Season 5 for $17million dollars.  That's too much money and I absolutely adore Shakira!!!!!  Will miss her so much. American Idol finishes its lackluster season tonight. My Golden State Warriors lost to the Spurs and so Game 6 is coming. Knicks played dreadfully and lost even worse to the Indiana Pacers.  Tomorrow night is Game 5.  Looks like the Knicks season will end. They have no answers for the Pacers.  More games, but don't care.  Off to see Cinderella this afternoon and can't wait!!!!  A little rain expected today. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Issa Can You See?

I have had a love/hate relationship with Republican Congressman Darryl Issa from Orange County, California. When he is a panelist on Bill Maher's HBO show he can be laid-back, amusing, and disarming.  Makes him more dangerous.  He can play you and then attack.  He becomes a dog with a bone, once he latches on to something he won't let go, no matter what.  

Issa's current bone is Ben-Ghazi. He is throwing former  Secretary of State Clinton's name with lots of dark under and over tones. He had the audacity to say on Meet the Press Sunday morning that the public is demanding Congress to delve into this matter.  What a crock of s**t!  The majority of Americans don't care.  They/we are very sorry for the tragic loss of the four Americans killed by the terrorists in Ben-Ghazi.  Period. Satisfied with the nonpartisan investigation by Generals into the actions or non-actions of the Pentagon, CIA, and Secretary of State.  The important part of this is that the families of the deceased aren't clamoring and screaming cover-up, lies, intent. So Darryl Issa, how can you say Americans care about this?  90% of Americans want gun reform!  That's what Americans are worried about.  Congressman Issa, where do you stand on that issue?  Why can't you make noise about that on behalf of what Americans are concerned about?  Maybe Americans are concerned about jobs?  The economy might be on the minds of many.  How the Affordable Care Act might effect them may be on the top three list of Americans' concerns.  Ben-Ghazi???  Most Americans probably don't know where it is, what all the talk is about, and how to spell it, so it's definitely not what most Americans are clamoring about!  

So, why is Darryl Issa all over this topic?  Politics at its worst.  Besmirch and tear down the former Secretary of State well before she may announce her run for the Presidency.  Muddy her up.  It's a one-sided brawl.  It's deplorable and, God, how I wish Washington could get out of the mud wrestling ring. In some ways, I find it admirable how the Republican politicians are like swarming bees.  No one gets out of lock step.  Dissent isn't admired or lauded. 

I have been wracking my brains all weekend trying to come up with anything comparable with the Democrats.  I can't come up with one tenacious bone that the Democrats chomped on.  When I wanted them to go after Chaney, Rice, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. they kowtowed.  No talk of impeachment hearings, Congressional hearings, nothing. They don't have the one vision like the Republicans. They don't speak with one voice.  They are all over the place.  So Democrats, get together.  Be more like the Republicans.  

And Darryl Issa, you are transparent. You are trying to tear down Hilary Clinton because you and your party can't see anyone winning a Presidential bid fair and square.  You are sullying yourself once again. It's a disgrace that this is what you consider important to the American people. Ha! I laugh in your hypocritical face!

Sidebars:  The Golden State Warriors are giving their long suffering fans irregular heartbeats.  They won in overtime over the San Antonio Spurs.  Thankfully, I didn't have to watch it and just got updates.  I could barely take the first half. Survivor ended its season.  Watched it.  Happy with the result, though I didn't watch it every week.  I also think it's ridiculous that they become emaciated, skeletons for a chance at a million dollars.  I'm surprised that there hasn't been more long term effects on the contestants on their health. Revenge ended with a two hour season finale.  Thankfully, the ending paid off or I may not have been on board next season. Tiger Woods won the Players Tournament. Still not a fan and can't believe that he found a girlfriend after all we know about his proclivities.  How happy Lindsey Vonn's family must be....The Voice tonight!!!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Unpopular Sentiment

This morning I woke to Matt Lauer up in some bird's nest at 1 World Trade Center so we can watch the final spire being put in place.  He and Savannah Guthrie keep talking about how emotional it is and lumps in their throats.  Not mine.  I don't mean to be hard hearted Hannah, but this has taken 12 years to rebuild between bickering, money, ownership, design, etc.  Maybe the building will grow on me, but at this point, it's "meh" to me.  Leaves me cold.  I know that people hated the World Trade Center towers when they were built, so maybe it's just too hard to get a fantastic Gaudi design anymore.  It's taken too long to come back.  I don't understand the solace that the talking heads keep purporting the 9/11 families and survivors must feel.  I really don't.  

If I look at it as a feat of construction, that is easier to swallow.  Due to the spire, it will be the tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere.  The building now stands at 1776 feet.  See the significance?  Seems like cheating a bit, but whatever.  It will also carry new television antennas that were lost in 9/11.  It still is a building without character.  Gone are the days of buildings like the Chrysler building. I mean absolutely no offense, but the building doesn't have great significance for me.  On 9/11, things changed forever.  Things have never been the same and will never be the same. The poor souls that went to work that day only to have tragically lost their lives aren't coming back. The brave first responders that went in as the people were running out can't be thanked enough.  They paid with their lives, but they will remain true heroes.  So where am I going with this?  I don't really know.  That plot of land in lower Manhattan sine 9/11 has caused so much consternation and pain. I just can't imagine that a big, tall building eases it in anyway, shape, or form.  

Sidebars:  This has been an unbelievable week of court cases.  First, Jody Arias found guilty of first degree murder in Arizona and then Ariel Castro charged with not enough heinous crimes for kidnapping, raping, and brutalizing 3 women in Cleveland over 10 years.  That story will be an ongoing story for a long time.  American Idol cleaning house and getting rid of all four judges.  Finally, no more Randy Jackson, though I think it may be too late for A.I. to be resurrected.  NBA Finals continue.  Come on Knicks and Golden State!!!  Jimmy Connors released his "memoir."  I think it is unconscionable that he told everyone about his very private relationship with Chrissie Evert. He told the world that she had an abortion over 40 years ago. Was that right?  I think not. It's ungentlemanly and unseemly.  Okay, Moms, it's your weekend.  Hope some of you get treated to whatever you want to be treated to on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Justice, Really??

Listen, I couldn't care less about Lauryn Hill and the Fugees.  I couldn't name one song they did off the top of my head, but know that they were hugely successful for a brief period. I know they covered a hit song, but can't name it now.  However, when I heard the news about Lauryn Hill's sentencing for tax evasion, I was absolutely flabbergasted and outraged. Did you hear?  Okay, she messed up or her accountant messed up.  She didn't pay taxes on $1.2 million dollars over 3 years.  According to her attorney, she had pled guilty and had already paid back over $900,000. On her way to making things right. The Federal Judge on the bench, didn't think she had suffered enough.  Okay, fine.  Make her do 5000 hours of community service. Make her take 100 hours of accounting courses. No, not good enough.  The judge gave her 3 months in jail, 3 months house arrest, and a year of supervised probation!  Really?  3 months in Federal prison?  What good does that do anyone?  Do I think that she broke the law?  Yes.  Everyone needs to pay their taxes on earned income, but....Did I mention she has six children at home???  Six!!!!!!!  Doesn't that seem incredibly shortsighted of the presiding judge?  What are they going to do?  What harm can come to them while their mother is incarcerated?  There is no value by having her go to prison.  She can't earn money, she can't better her family, she can't better the community or the world at large. I find this sentencing both over the top and ridiculous. 

Does the name Wesley Snipes mean anything to you? He served 3 years in jail for tax evasion.  I find it a perfect example of why our prison system is messed up.  There are many cases of tax evaders. Many are famous, but the only ones jailed were Wesley Snipes, Heidi Fleiss, and now Lauryn Hill.  Leona Helmsley was on house arrest. Willie Nelson got to continue touring so he could pay his back taxes. Nicolas Cage got to stay out of jail, make a deal, and sell off his fortune to pay the government. Pete Rose also was able to make a deal and pay what he owed by selling off some property. So why is Lauryn Hill going to jail?  She pled guilty she paid her debt off almost in full.  Can anyone explain it to me?  As I said, I don't care about her, per se, but is justice served? Do her kids have to pay too?  It is a victimless crime and she needs to "pay," but I think the crime doesn't fit the time.

Sidebars:  Well, it's season finale time.  Things are just flying by and it's only May 7th.  Amazing Race season finale was fully satisfying and thrilled with the outcome.  The Mentalist is still keeping my interest because of Simon Baker but how much longer can we wait to find out who Red John is.  Do the writers even know?  Revenge is truly getting too hard to stay with, but I love Emily VanCamp.  The Voice is still the best television singing competition. The NBA finals are keeping us on our toes.  What a win for the Chicago Bulls!  First beating the Broolyn Nets in game 7 and then beating the Miami Heat in Miami in game 1!!!!!  The Knicks lost to the Pacers in game 1. Argh! Golden State lost in a squeeker in game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs.  Did you hear the incredible story about the three kidnapped women found????!!!!! What an incredible story. I don't know all the details yet, but they were kidnapped for 10 years and living in a house in Cleveland.  Found and reunited with their families.  Outstanding!  I will be following that story more.  It's Tuesday. Game 2 tonight between the Knicks and Pacers.  The Voice again tonight. Team Blake and Team Shakira perform.  Stay tuned.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scared Straight

This is a topic that I may not be able to do complete justice to, but here goes nothing.  The announcement of Jason Collins, NBA player, coming out of the closet hit the newsstands, airwaves, and internet Monday.   It was huge and brave.  Jason Collins is the first professional team sport athlete to admit that he is gay. It was the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.  All the shows have been talking about it.  The players mostly tweeted their support.  There were a few ignorant fools to say or tweet homophobic remarks.  Chris Broussard of ESPN brought God and sin into his comments.  He should be suspended.  He has a right to his opinion, even if I think he's a fool, but to bring God and Jesus into the equation on ESPN....He's not on the 700 Club.  He's on a sports network.  And again, let me say that the Jesus that I have heard about loved all God's children.  

Jason Collins will have a whole new lease on life now that he has accepted this part of himself.  The burden that he lived with all these years is stunning to me.  He is a twin!  His twin brother didn't know.  That is deeply suppressed.  He had a girlfriend/fiancee for 8 years. She had no clue.  What kind of a world are we still living in that imposes self-hate, self-unacceptance, self-compromise?  Why does anyone still care about people's sexual orientation?  I can't believe that it still is such a hot topic among different groupings.  It has been verboten in sports to be openly gay unless, of course, you participate in an individual sport and not a team sport.  Martina Navratilova has been speaking a lot this week. She came out of the closet 30 plus years ago.  It was a little shocking for some, but others didn't care because they didn't have to get near her.  She played tennis.  No showering together.

I always have to laugh at the "macho" men in sports who think that the percentage of gay men in sports would be any different than in the world.  So all these men have been travelling together, rooming together, showering together.  Have we heard of any inappropriate behavior between men?  No. Straight men have this irrational fear that gay men will jump them.  I find that hilarious and narcissistic.  That's not how it works.  It's no different than straight people being attracted to some and not others.  Gay men are not trying to turn anyone gay!  Gay men are not trying to cop a feel in the shower of teammates.  They, wherever they are, are professionals.  They want to be treated with respect.  They want equality in marriage.  They want to love and be loved like everyone else.  

And briefly on the subject of marriage equality, I don't give that one to the President.  I give that ceiling kick to the Vice President. If Joe Biden hadn't declared his thoughts on Meet the Press about gay marriage, I don't think that Obama would've taken it on until he was forced to.  Biden pushed him through.  

So hear, hear to Jason Collins on his liberation. I hope he can now find peace and happiness.  I look forward to the day that we don't have to have anymore "firsts." First black man, first woman, first gay woman, first gay man, first woman President, etc.  That day will come. I just hope I am alive to see it.

Sidebars: In today's New York Post there was a scathing article by Linda Stasi about the all too obvious 3 day try-out of Jenny McCarthy to replace Joy Behar or maybe even Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  I was so happy that Ms. Stasi took her apart.  Jenny McCarthy is controversial but not for good reasons.  She has made outrageous comments about autism and said her son is cured.  Sold millions of books about not vaccinating your child.  She's an idiot and I am always sorry how much airtime she has gotten, giving credence to so many of her medical claims.  She's annoying and if that's the best The View can do, then maybe they should just close up shop. Joy and Elizabeth don't try to be controversial, they just are at times.  NBA playoffs still going on.  Seven more weeks. The Tony nominations came out.  No Bette Midler.  They are crazy.  Sorry nominators, but that was shortsighted.  There were other snubs, but that one was the biggest oversight.  It's May 2nd.  Enjoy the day!

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