Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tough week because my brain has been all over the place, but I am going to settle down and talk about the uncomfortable...profiling.  We, as Americans, are very squeamish about racial profiling.  I find it so curious because for decades we have had no problem with racial profiling young black men.  They are often pulled over, stopped and frisked, questioned, blamed, etc.  How many crimes have been blamed on a black man in a hoodie or cap whether it was true or not?  In Arizona, they have had the fabulous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  His entire career has been treating Hispanics differently than white folk.  He has been heralded by many as a true American, but finally a Judge put the kibosh on him and said no more!  He's been terrorizing the Hispanic community for 30 years with his orders and declarations to keep Arizona safe from the "illegals."

So, if we have already been profiling Blacks and Hispanics for decades, why are we so fearful, hesitant, apprehensive to racially profile Arabs and Muslims?  We certainly can't say that we are against racial profiling.  What makes it so different?  Why do white old women have to be frisked through airport security.  Why can't we profile actual likely suspects as opposed to 98% of innocent people?  The hypocrisy is palpable.  Is everyone worried about Fatwas and we will all be Salman Rushdie?  To stand and act as if we are all equally possible terrorist threats is the biggest bunch of bull that we have been fed.  To be told, that we don't want to racially profile Muslims or Arabs because it wouldn't be politically correct, is the most ridiculous bunch of crap.  This country has been racially profiling American citizens of color for decades.  Why do we bend over backwards for a group of people now at the expense of most? Does anyone have an answer?  I don't.  

America has become P.C. in all the wrong places.  

Sidebars:  Every take down of the Miami Heat is cheered around the country not just Indiana Pacer fans. That series stands at 2-2.  LeBron fouled out last night, Wade turned the ball over twice in the last minute of the game. The cheers could be heard.  Goliath had been slain, for a night at least. The Bachelorette began again with Des as the woman looking for love in all the wrong places.  Always hard to tell the first night about the quality of men, but....The Voice had shocking eliminations this week.  Shocking!  Blake Shelton is sitting pretty with his Wild Turkey frappucino. If you missed Behind the Candelabra, find it!  Well worth the time. Michelle Bachmann not running for re-election.  Maybe there is a God. I know there's more, people, but as I said, my brain is everywhere this week.  The weather has really taken a toll here in NYC.  40 degrees Saturday, rainy and tomorrow 88 degrees.  Can you say, Global Climate Change?????

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