Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty, More Than Skin Deep

Ann Coulter just pisses me off.  For 15 years, she has pranced around as a non-apologetic, arrogant right wing Republican.  This week she has been on talk shows pushing her book called, Mugged, where she purports to know the black experience.  She spouts things with such bombastic clarity, that if you just landed here and listened to her, you'd believe her.  She is grousing about "civil rights."  Blabbing that "civil rights" is only for black people.  Gays, women, seniors, Asians, Hispanics, etc. can't attach the words civil rights to their causes or positions, but Ann, dear, you are wrong.  Here is the definition of "civil" straight from the dictionary:  Of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or eccleisastical matters. OR (of disorder or conflict) Occurring between citizens of the same country.  So where in that definition does it say only black people?  It doesn't.  She is a danger to ignorant people because she presents in such a fabulous package.  Clearly, she keeps writing books because they do well.  That's scary in and of itself.  Before you say anything, I know she has a right to say whatever the hell she wants to say and people have the right to read whatever they want to, but isn't there any responsibility left in the world?  I think not. Not when there is money to be made.

Speaking of responsibility, Mitt Romney needs to tread lightly. I know he is running for President, but his mouth keeps fanning the flames in the Middle East unrest.  He may not agree with what President Obama is doing, but he and his advisors must be cognizant that words do have power.  He needs to be responsible.  It shouldn't be win at all cost, and particularly when his chances are dimming.  I feel sorry for Mitt Romney.  He can't be the person that he really is because he has to kowtow to the far right.  It's an unwinnable and unenviable position.  Unless the Republican party takes itself back from the extremists, it's going to be hard for any Republican candidate to become President.  Forget taking the country back from the black man in the White House, that's not the Republicans real problem.  

Sidebars:  The Voice still soars.  The X Factor still struggles.  Dancing With the Stars All Stars got killed by The Voice. Lots of season premieres this week and next.  Modern Family last night and Law and Order: SVU.  Law and Order: SVU was a two hour season premiere which was without a doubt one hour too long.  Shark Tank on Friday nights is must see TV.  A great show for the whole family. A great show for the future entrepreneurs in our lives.  A great tool for teaching anyone how to present themselves in a business setting.  Harvard and other business schools are using segments to show what to do and what not to do.  It's in its third season and the ratings keep getting better and better.

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Monday, September 24, 2012


As many who know me know, I never met an awards show I didn't like.  Though as time's gone by, awards have gotten too watered down and far too many self congratulations. Which brings me to last night.  Ah, the Emmys.  Television's premiere event for itself. It began with two hours of red carpet on the E channel.  They have made the red carpet so over-produced.  It used to be so simple.  I think we used to see more people but now we see who they want us to see.  I was stunned by Julianne Moore's dress.  She is such a beautiful woman and I thought wearing the ugliest and ill-fitting dress. I'd fire the stylist.  Noticeably absent on most of the women, necklaces.  Necklaces all of a sudden went into the witness protection program.  

Finally, 8pm came.  Opening was classless and not funny.  It is safe to say that a public bathroom setting isn't going to hit a high mark.  Once Jimmy Kimmel, as the host, got to do what Jimmy Kimmel does best, it was a much better show.  There is so much television and even with all the nominations, USA Network was completely left out of any.  I was surprised.  Since Monk and Tony Shalhoub (a critics' darling), none of the shows on USA have made the grade and there are some good shows. There's Covert Affairs, White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Psych, and more.  Not one nomination.  Odd.  Maybe USA Network is the Rodney Dangerfield of television.

For the past few years, I have felt so disconnected from the Emmy winners.  There were shows or actors that won over and over again, that I never watched.  I couldn't believe that Hugh Laurie never won, never.  For three of those years he lost out to Bryan Cranston.  I am not saying that Bryan Cranston isn't deserving, but I do know Hugh Laurie was good for one.  The voters didn't agree.  This year, I saw everything that won. Okay, not the Hatfield and McCoys, but a huge fan of Homeland, Modern Family, and Game Change.  Jon Stewart won for the umpteenth time.  The Amazing Race will always win because it can't be compared to any other show.  That show is far and away the most challenging reality show to produce. So all in all, it was a more entertaining show, if predictable in format. 

Sidebars:  Semi-appalled at the costumes for the new Brooklyn Nets' dancers.  A photo in Sunday's NY Post, puts the young ladies in black leather micro-minis.  I suppose they are trying to appeal to the neighborhood, but the neighbors can't afford to go inside.  I know so many people that live around this new arena and they aren't happy about it.  The developer broke all sorts of promises. Surprise, surprise. Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York City and began his hate speech.  Calls for the decimation of Israel and the Jews.  Warns Salman Rushdie not to tell his location.  And I will say it again, how incredibly appalling and insulting that on the holiest day in the Jewish religion, a man wanting the demise of Jews, gets the spotlight at the UN General Assembly.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Reeling in the Eves

On the weekend eve of the Emmys, something has been bugging me.  In advance, I may insult some people that I know and love, but I mean no harm.  For years, casting directors were lobbying to get into the teamsters union.  They did.  For years casting directors lobbied for Emmy consideration. They succeeded.  (In the off camera awards show, the casting director for Mad Men won).  Really bugs the crap out of me.  The only people left out of the show business food chain now are agents.  The maggots of the process according to many.  As Rodney Dangerfield said, we get no respect.  Yes, I say we because no matter how far from actually having a license as a theatrical agent, I still think like one.  

Agents are the unsung workers that spend countless nights in crappy off-off-Broadway theatres searching high and low to discover and nurture new talent that will undoubtedly dump you after becoming a "star."  Working for free for the most part until your client hits.  Begging casting directors for appointments for jobs.  Casting directors work really hard, too.  I am not saying they don't.  They get blasted with lists upon lists of names of actors to audition from directors, producers, musical directors, studios, networks, etc. They don't have power.  Maybe they did 25 years ago, but not anymore.  Heck, directors don't have that much power. The studio always wins. The producers have the last say.  All a casting director can do is bring forth the very best talent for each role.  The rest is up to the powers that be.  So why do they get an Emmy category?  Maybe there should be an Emmy for the agent that discovers the best new talent in a single year. 

Agents and casting directors used to be near the same lowly bar.  Now, it's just agents.  No safety net, no union, no protection.  If this sounds bitter, maybe.  I think protective of a career path that gets so little respect.  I never thought that we were entitled to anything until the evolution of the casting director. Now....

Five days before the Jewish people observe their day of atonement, Yom Kippur, it struck me how insulting and absurd it is that the ultimate anti-semite gets to speak at the UN General Assembly.  How is it possible that the schedule allowed for Ahmadinejad to spew his hate and lies on the most sacred day in the Jewish religion?  I know that I am speaking without all the information, so if anyone knows how the UN allowed this to happen, I'd like to know.  I do know that many people think that the UN is also anti-Israel so maybe that's the answer illustrated clearly on Yom Kippur.  It's bad enough that NYC has to be subjected to the UN General Assembly with road blocks and gridlock everywhere for two weeks, but to have to listen to crazy, ignorant people makes it that much worse.

Sidebars:  Emmys on Sunday night!  Could be fun.  The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday, too.  The Fall season is finally on its way.  The regular season baseball is almost done and soon we will be into the World Series playoffs and finals. Only two teams have clinched a playoff spot, Washington and Cincinnati.  Still rooting for the San Francisco Giants to get in, though I can't imagine that they won't.  The Yankees are going to take it down to the wire.  No way to predict.  It's Friday.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. It's Autumn in New York and I love it!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There's No Business Like Shoe Business

Recently, I took a stroll through Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC.  I haven't been there for a long time, but they have created an entire floor of designer shoes on the eighth floor, so I decided to peruse it.  What someone might find heavenly, I found it to be disturbing.  All the shoes are both obscenely expensive and high.  My perception is that all the shoes are made by men.  If there is a female designer, it isn't apparent.  There are Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and many more.  There were women trying on shoes that they couldn't even walk gracefully in and loving it.  There were husbands or sugar daddies shopping with their women picking out crippling shoes.  

Now, to be fair, I am on the extreme.  I don't/can't wear heels.  Women may look at my flats and think ugh.  I think, I can out run you.  I really don't understand why women are such a slave to fashion. For this go round, I lay it at the feet of Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker.  That show revolutionized fashion for television viewers.  Ladies, remember, they are actors wearing 4" heels. They can take them off when they aren't shooting and get into their slippers.  All the women in entertainment have promoted these ridiculous heel heights.  Now they have 6" heels and women are buying them.  They cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  Seriously?  So, women are paying preposterous prices and ruining their feet, ankles, knees, and backs. Why?  Why do women do this to themselves?  In modern society, it is the equivalent to binding the feet of women in China. It keeps women less than. Doll like. Specifically, like all the Barbie dolls that we all played with as children.  The unrealistic ideal and shoe designers are helping to perpetuate the myth.  Really, ladies, why are you buying into it?  I know you aren't comfortable.  

Sidebars:  Saturday Night Live premiered with Seth MacFarlane. The political skits were promising. Seth MacFarlane was questionable.  I know he's very talented but he brought a cringe factor to his opening monologue. The Shark Tank premiered again Friday night.  I think everyone should be watching.  It's a tremendous family show for all ages and promotes conversation and thought.  Give it a try. The Voice still doesn't disappoint.  What really concerns me is that they are swapping out Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera for Usher and Shakira in its next season.  In writing, doesn't work for me at all.  Could be downhill.  What about the new American Idol judges?  Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban??  Won't commit, but will definitely want to see Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's interaction.  Won't mind hearing Keith Urban's Aussie sound either. Sorry Jeff Probst. Your daytime show is a huge bomb. The soaps are starting to look good....Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Keep Breathing

So many flashes from ear to ear.  What to write? What to say?  The news this week has been unbearable.  I have stuck my head in the sand, sort of, and drowned myself in talent competitions on television.  I think that I have made it clear that I love The Voice.  I love everything about it.  I think the judges are fantastic and funny: Cee Lo, Adam Levine, Cristina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.  Their chemistry is evident and the fun is just beginning.  America's Got Talent concluded last night.  It was Howard Stern's first season.  As a non-Howard fan I was very skeptical of his hire, but he rose to the occasion.  He was thoughtful, clear, and sometimes bitchy. Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne were clearly very happy with the change. Now, Sharon may not come back.  NBC dissed her son, and never piss off a Mom.  She said this was it.  Howard thinks she'll come back.  I'd like to be in on those behind the scenes discussions. The X Factor premiered this week with Demi Lovato and Britney Spears as the two new judges.  Both were surprisingly good.  Not sure over the long haul when they each have to coach their teams, but their judging skills were far better than I ever imagined.  There were two heartbreaking moments on the first night.  Great television and painful.  I won't be DVRing but will watch when I can.  

I have been mulling Jay Leno over and over again in my head.  I have always liked him.  I used to always watch him but not so much since having children.  What I have never understood is why so many other comedians don't like him.  I feel like he gets blamed for so much that he isn't responsible for and yet there is a lot of venom towards him.  Is it professional jealousy?  To me he seems like a very well paid contract player.  He does what he's told by his bosses.  The blue collar worker at heart.  Just in the past few weeks, he took a $15 million dollar pay cut so he could keep his staff.  Did you get that??  $15 million dollars?  50% of his salary.  Jay Leno doesn't own his show like David Letterman does.  He is under contract and gets paid a salary.  When the whole Conan O'Brien dispute happened, I didn't get the blame factor towards Jay.  I thought Conan came off like a child who got his toys taken away.  The blame should have been at the feet of the NBC honchos.  Conan was mad, trashed Leno, and went on tour.  I thought it was bad sportsmanship.  Conan bombed at 11:35 and Jay bombed at 10pm.  NBC had to save the network and the affiliates who were ready to jump ship.  I feel so awkward defending Jay, but from where I sit, I don't get it.  Am I missing something?  I am not talking about whether or not you think he's funny or not.  I am just stymied by the rancor surrounding him by others.  I don't see it.

Sidebars:  I have been a bit out of sync this week. Tough week internationally. If you celebrate or observe Rosh Hoshanah, wishing you a very healthy, sweet, and happy new year!  If you don't, enjoy a weekend filled with fun and joy.   

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A National Disgrace

When I heard about the events in Egypt yesterday, I thought...hmmmm, unsettling, but the events in Libya??? I am sickened by the tragic loss and senselessness.  I am disgusted that Mitt Romney spoke out at all, and so precipitously.  It's not the time to try to get political brownie points.  It's the time to stand together and stand tall.  It's time to experience the loss and the grief of the families of the murdered American diplomats.  Mitt Romney doesn't have all the facts.  He should keep his mouth shut.  It isn't about him or a chance to show his foreign affairs strengths or in this case his weaknesses.  Our diplomats are on the front lines everyday in unsettled countries.  They deserve not to be politicized.  Mitt Romney, you should be ashamed.

Now, for those of you who aren't following or don't know about what set the violence off, it a an anti-muslim film funded by the pastor in Florida that burned the Koran.  Can't he be charged with something?  He has now not only caused violence from his first anti-muslim attack, but now a great loss of American lives.  Isn't he culpable at all even if he didn't "pull the trigger?"  If it is proven that his movie or youtube trailer against Islam incited violence, can't he be charged?  Couldn't it be just as if you are robbing a bank and someone gets killed during the crime, you can be tried for murder?  Can't he be stopped?  It's more than Freedom of Speech.  AND he calls himself Christian???  Jesus Christ again is turning in his grave.  

Politics have no place here.  Lives of brave Americans were lost by terrorists.  That's a time to come together.  How quickly the lessons of the past are forgotten and dishonored.

Sidebars:  On a lighter note, I love The Voice.  If you aren't on board, give it a go.  It's the best talent competition on TV.  The New Normal...not sure.  Second episode was far better than the pilot.  The cringe factor was reduced.  I want Go On to be a hit, but still not sure.  The X Factor begins tonight. Might have to see how Britney does.  She is such a wild card. Demi Lovato is a blank slate. America's Got Talent is wrapping things up this week. The weather in NYC has been stellar.  Enjoying it more than you can imagine.  


Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Just Wild About Harry

I love the Royals.  I love the history of the monarchy in England.  It is full of intrigue, drama, and grandeur.  I love all the incredible pomp and circumstance.  I love traditions.  I love through lines.  Always have, always will.  I have an incredible respect for the ceremonies and learning who walked the same path, who wore the crown, it is keeping history alive.  

When Princess Diana was killed in September 1997, it was both devastating and moving to see all the people of England paying homage to the mother of the future King of England (William).  I am always taken aback to see the outpouring of emotion that is stereotypically not associated with the British, but that stereotype is so wrong.  They love their country and the pomp and circumstance.  They come out in droves for joyous occasions and tragic occasions.  When Prince Harry got caught with his drawers down, no one cared more than Americans.  Didn't get the feeling the Brits cared so much.  Maybe Queen Elizabeth II cared, but maybe not even she.  

Over the weekend, Prince Harry was redeployed to Afghanistan, not to a cushy job but in the middle of the fray.  Today, the Taliban has made threats on his life.  They want to get him.  Take him out.  I would get his ass out of there.  It would be too tragic if they were to be successful.  It would be bad enough if he was killed in the act of combat, but to be taken down by terrorists....I doubt the Commanders will do anything.  I doubt Prince Harry would run.  I would, believe me.  I have a great deal of respect for the Royals military service.  They do it with honor.  They don't take special treatment.  

Unlike us, we are in the middle of an election where for the first time, no candidate has served in the military.  Yet, Romney is acting like a hawk.  Talking like he wants to engage in more military actions.  If I were a military Mom, I wouldn't be able to take it.  It is nothing to throw around cavalierly.  It shouldn't even be said aloud unless it's a last resort.  I am not a hawk.  I am a dove.  I know not all conflicts can be resolved without bloodshed, but I would avoid sending our young men and women into harms way at all costs.

So, I digress.  Harry, third in line for the thrown of England, be safe, don't be reckless, and keep your eyes open at all times. 

Sidebars:  Thankfully, the conventions are behind us.  Tonight we get premieres of the new Fall season.  The Voice begins tonight!!  If you only watch one talent show, this is the one.  The New Normal is getting a sneak preview tonight. Katie Couric's new show premieres today.  It's a new daytime talk show.  I am hoping for a friend of mine that it is a home run for ABC Daytime. I sampled the new Steve Harvey Show last week.  I enjoy him, but don't feel I am the target audience. Serena William won the US Open.  The San Francisco Giants beat the Dodgers to widen their division lead!  The 49ers won.  

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Take Two

Am I happy at the last second vote adding God back into the platform of the Democrats?  No.  Am I happy about the omission of Jerusalem not being back in the Democratic platform?  No.  What I did see is that the Democrats have a variety of thoughts and ideas.  They don't goose step in sync just because they are Democrats.  They each have their own opinions.  I actually am happier that God was left out.  I emphatically want a separation of Church and State.  The lines have gotten so blurred that politicians fall all over themselves to prove their faith.  What BS.  I am far more impressed with people walking the walk and talking the talk.  Leading by example not with words.  Action, not rhetoric.  You heard the dissenting voices loudly when trying to add the word God back in to the platform. President Obama insisted on putting God and Jerusalem back into the platform.  He stood up to the party and said change it, get it done.  How unlike Mitt Romney.  He didn't stand up to his party.  The RNC's platform has zero exceptions for abortions, though Mitt Romney has stated that he supports exceptions in the case of rape and incest.  He didn't even try to push that through on their platform.  He is led by the nose.  Sold his soul to the devil, clearly.  That is a distinct difference between these two men.  

On my Facebook newsfeed, a post popped up of a youtube commercial for Congressman Alan West.  Asking for donations, misusing the whole "God" thing to his advantage, though I would say from many of his previous statements and actions, he doesn't seem to be that christian-like.  These next two months are going to be incredibly nasty and ugly.  This is not going to be a pretty election.  How could it be?  There is so much at stake.  It is going to be very difficult for those voters that only listen to one side to determine the truth.  If you only read the New York Post, it's a problem. If you only read the New York Times, same thing.  Read more than one paper. Watch a bit of everything.  Tell your kids to find out where the candidates stand for themselves.  Every election is important but somehow this feels more dire, more urgent, more important.  Gain knowledge!  You will feel empowered!!

The Democratic National Convention had its finale last night.  What a night!  Everyone gave great speeches. They felt authentic and from the heart and the gut.  I love Dr. Jill Biden.  I think her students are very lucky to have her as a teacher and I am only sorry that we don't get to see her more.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, I love Joe Biden.  Always have.  I think he is the real deal and not full of it at all.  His life story is rich with hardships and triumphs.  Every time I hear about his tragic loss of his first wife and child and what he did to come back, it brings a tear to my eye.  Then, Michelle Obama came out on stage to cheers and claps to introduce her husband.  President Barack Obama walked out on the stage, cool as always, and made an incredible speech.  Taking responsibility for what has gone well and what hasn't. How refreshing.  The President paid great homage to the military and their families.  They deserve it so. The Democratic National Convention gave us speeches that will be replayed for years to come.   The Republican Convention gave us Clint Eastwood.  Still no one from the Romney camp was fired....

Sidebars: It's Friday, the kids are back in school everywhere now.  The schedule is back.  The weather is still warm here but can feel Fall in the air sometimes.  The leaves are brown and falling already.  Enjoy your weekends.  Keep breathing. Keep reading. Keep listening.  

Don't forget to share this with your Facebook friends, your email friends, and definitely your friends in battleground States.  Thank you!  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Boy Bill

Bill Clinton is my political hero.  I love him unabashedly, from the first time I got to see him in person before he was the President of the United States through last night. He has that X Factor that can't be put into words.  When he looks at you, he really looks at you whether it's  face to face or through the television screen.  

Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention re-asserted his brilliance.  He masterfully pinpointed step by step the holes in the Romney/Ryan plan, such as it is.  He spoke about the comparisons of his time as President and Obama's time.  It's amazing that I forgot the incredible witch hunt during Clinton's Presidency.  How so much time was wasted.  How, again, the Republicans chose not to serve the country but their own agenda.  Amazing to forget all that rancor in only 12 years.  The words spoken last night were from the heart.  Clinton can speak without a teleprompter better than anyone ever has.  The DNC producers finally just turned off the teleprompter because he went off script, but there wasn't one word that was extraneous even clocking in at 48 minutes.  The delegates in the arena were just as enthralled as I. Clinton defended President Obama by going on the offensive.  Masterful, I will say it again.

If you weren't home or unable to watch, it is worth every second.  He breaks down ever falsehood from the Republican Convention step by step.  He is an orator of the highest order.  Methodical, impassioned, knowledgeable.  Nobody does it better.  If you don't believe me, even Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, raved on about Clinton.

Brilliant is brilliant no matter what party you are affiliated with, but thankfully, the Democrats have great speakers. Did you see Sandra Fluke speak last night?  She, too, was great.  A young woman that was thrust into the limelight because she testified in front of Congress on behalf of women's healthcare issues.  Not a politician.  She is getting her Law Degree in women's issues at Georgetown University. For some reason Rush Limbaugh spent 15 hours of radio time to tear her down.  She was too strong to be bullied and was given an unbelievable spotlight last night at the DNC.  She began the 10pm primetime hour and was so eloquent, so smart, and poised.  Made me proud for the next generation and for women.

Senatorial candidate, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, spoke after Sandra Fluke.  Elizabeth Warren is another brilliant woman.  She is fighting hard to win back the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy's death, if people vote on performances, she will continue to struggle.  She isn't a compelling podium speaker.  But, she is a woman with great ideas and won't be bought.  

Sidebars:  Major Crimes episode 4.  Hated it.  Felt like the actress portraying an Israeli woman did such an incredibly horrible dialect that it verged on anti-semitism. Didn't anybody listen?  Mary McDonnell's look on the show is odd.  It's a far cry from The Closer.  The only thing it's got going for competition. America's Got Talent has had some truly amazing talent this year.  Hard to see anyone get booted off, but they will. Covert Affairs is a really good spy show. I bet it will have a Netflix life. Michelle Obama on Tuesday night was stellar.  I don't need to go on because it's been said so much, but I want her on my team.  I will continue to push and rant but if you know people in battleground States, please send them my blog whenever you like it.  I want everyone to get out to vote.  I want everyone to make sure they are registered to vote.  I want to make sure that the Republican run States don't win on their voter suppression plan.  Help your neighbors to get their photo ID's.  Every election is important. This one feels imperative.  

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Please, sir, I want some more....

I have ruminated a lot about the incredible attack on a woman's right to choose.  What I never hear anyone talk about is who is going to care of all the unwanted babies?  If the Republicans are cutting services, who is going to pay?  The holier-than-thou that want to choose for us, haven't come up with a plan.  Do they think that if abortions are illegal in all cases that women will stop having sex?  That rapists will stop raping?  That sick relatives will all of a sudden stop bedding their daughters or their nieces?  Is that what they think?  It's such a short sighted plan. They see only one thing. They are myopic.

Has Mike Huckabee decided to be the Mr. Bumble of the future?  Will he run all the orphanages and work houses as  in Dicken's Oliver Twist?  Is Jan Brewer going to be Mrs. Sowerberry and feed gruel to all the children born and not wanted?  This isn't a musical. This isn't a book or a movie, so what are they going to do? The complete shortsightedness is beyond me.  There will be no happy endings if this is the path they are continuing and are successful.  In real life, these future cells, fetuses, children will be destined to a life of trials and tribulations.  What will the health of the nation look like then?  These legislators haven't thought of anything other than their self-absorbed, religious beliefs.  

So, again, I ask, who will take care of all the unwanted babies?  What is the plan?  Are the pro-lifers that ignorant to think that people will only have sex within a marriage?  I know they want to curb contraception, but again, who will take care of the babies?  Todd Akin will you?  Paul Ryan?  Michelle Bachman?  What is the longview, people???? Don't have one, do you?

Sidebars:  Here's to Madeleine Albright for speaking up for women!  The Democratic Convention begins tonight.  I am hoping for strong, direct speeches.  I am hoping that undecided voters are watching and hear what the country will look like if Romney/Ryan win.  I do not want to hear promises, unless it's promises to fight for women, the poor, the job market, education, and healthcare.  I don't want lies. I want the cold hard facts. I want the lies to be thoroughly debunked from Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's speeches. I don't want to hear Clint Eastwood's name at all. I want clarity for all that can hear and aren't shut off by narrow world views.  For those of you who think that I am just another bleeding heart liberal, fine, but I can't stand near a party that wants to take rights away from people that have fought valiantly and tirelessly over decades. We have already won the right to vote. We already won the right to choose. Back off!!!!

It's a new academic year. Love to get some new readers.  I can handle dissent.  Please feel free to re-post or forward to a friend.