Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Please, sir, I want some more....

I have ruminated a lot about the incredible attack on a woman's right to choose.  What I never hear anyone talk about is who is going to care of all the unwanted babies?  If the Republicans are cutting services, who is going to pay?  The holier-than-thou that want to choose for us, haven't come up with a plan.  Do they think that if abortions are illegal in all cases that women will stop having sex?  That rapists will stop raping?  That sick relatives will all of a sudden stop bedding their daughters or their nieces?  Is that what they think?  It's such a short sighted plan. They see only one thing. They are myopic.

Has Mike Huckabee decided to be the Mr. Bumble of the future?  Will he run all the orphanages and work houses as  in Dicken's Oliver Twist?  Is Jan Brewer going to be Mrs. Sowerberry and feed gruel to all the children born and not wanted?  This isn't a musical. This isn't a book or a movie, so what are they going to do? The complete shortsightedness is beyond me.  There will be no happy endings if this is the path they are continuing and are successful.  In real life, these future cells, fetuses, children will be destined to a life of trials and tribulations.  What will the health of the nation look like then?  These legislators haven't thought of anything other than their self-absorbed, religious beliefs.  

So, again, I ask, who will take care of all the unwanted babies?  What is the plan?  Are the pro-lifers that ignorant to think that people will only have sex within a marriage?  I know they want to curb contraception, but again, who will take care of the babies?  Todd Akin will you?  Paul Ryan?  Michelle Bachman?  What is the longview, people???? Don't have one, do you?

Sidebars:  Here's to Madeleine Albright for speaking up for women!  The Democratic Convention begins tonight.  I am hoping for strong, direct speeches.  I am hoping that undecided voters are watching and hear what the country will look like if Romney/Ryan win.  I do not want to hear promises, unless it's promises to fight for women, the poor, the job market, education, and healthcare.  I don't want lies. I want the cold hard facts. I want the lies to be thoroughly debunked from Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's speeches. I don't want to hear Clint Eastwood's name at all. I want clarity for all that can hear and aren't shut off by narrow world views.  For those of you who think that I am just another bleeding heart liberal, fine, but I can't stand near a party that wants to take rights away from people that have fought valiantly and tirelessly over decades. We have already won the right to vote. We already won the right to choose. Back off!!!!

It's a new academic year. Love to get some new readers.  I can handle dissent.  Please feel free to re-post or forward to a friend.  


  1. hear hear! But I'd doubt that the Dems are going to be any more up front with real, hard, ideas and policies than the Republicans. Let's hope they are at least more truthful. Please let them be that.

  2. I really don't understand the SUPER Conservative. They whine and moan about big gov't and don't want to help the poor, but they want unnecessary laws about marriage and abortion. If that makes me a liberal then so be it...