Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty, More Than Skin Deep

Ann Coulter just pisses me off.  For 15 years, she has pranced around as a non-apologetic, arrogant right wing Republican.  This week she has been on talk shows pushing her book called, Mugged, where she purports to know the black experience.  She spouts things with such bombastic clarity, that if you just landed here and listened to her, you'd believe her.  She is grousing about "civil rights."  Blabbing that "civil rights" is only for black people.  Gays, women, seniors, Asians, Hispanics, etc. can't attach the words civil rights to their causes or positions, but Ann, dear, you are wrong.  Here is the definition of "civil" straight from the dictionary:  Of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or eccleisastical matters. OR (of disorder or conflict) Occurring between citizens of the same country.  So where in that definition does it say only black people?  It doesn't.  She is a danger to ignorant people because she presents in such a fabulous package.  Clearly, she keeps writing books because they do well.  That's scary in and of itself.  Before you say anything, I know she has a right to say whatever the hell she wants to say and people have the right to read whatever they want to, but isn't there any responsibility left in the world?  I think not. Not when there is money to be made.

Speaking of responsibility, Mitt Romney needs to tread lightly. I know he is running for President, but his mouth keeps fanning the flames in the Middle East unrest.  He may not agree with what President Obama is doing, but he and his advisors must be cognizant that words do have power.  He needs to be responsible.  It shouldn't be win at all cost, and particularly when his chances are dimming.  I feel sorry for Mitt Romney.  He can't be the person that he really is because he has to kowtow to the far right.  It's an unwinnable and unenviable position.  Unless the Republican party takes itself back from the extremists, it's going to be hard for any Republican candidate to become President.  Forget taking the country back from the black man in the White House, that's not the Republicans real problem.  

Sidebars:  The Voice still soars.  The X Factor still struggles.  Dancing With the Stars All Stars got killed by The Voice. Lots of season premieres this week and next.  Modern Family last night and Law and Order: SVU.  Law and Order: SVU was a two hour season premiere which was without a doubt one hour too long.  Shark Tank on Friday nights is must see TV.  A great show for the whole family. A great show for the future entrepreneurs in our lives.  A great tool for teaching anyone how to present themselves in a business setting.  Harvard and other business schools are using segments to show what to do and what not to do.  It's in its third season and the ratings keep getting better and better.

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  1. Coulter is just doing what has become a right's game of don't like something change the words or their meaning. They have taken; religion, marriage, now civil rights. Things aren't true just because you can say them with a straight face. I have never misses Hunter S Thompson like I do in these dark and truly weird days. The fifty foot reptiles have us by the throats and are shaking. My mother called and was all revved up about how President Obama was going to stomp Mit in the debates. I don't think I can stand to watch, its a blood sport, but the Republican tactic of answering the question you wish was asked with trite party line turns my stomach. This comment has taken an ugly detour into a rand of my own. Sorry. Nice rant you got going here.

  2. And one more thing... there is our presidents views and actions taken on civil rights.