Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Round Up

Since I can't believe that it is already October and I see all the Halloween pop-up stores all over NYC, I started to think about where the hell did September go?!  September often flies by between the new school year, my birthday, the Jewish High Holidays, the new television season, the final weeks of the regular baseball season, and football begins.  It can give you whiplash. 

I am going to begin with September 30th.  The television season began with a bang and made viewers run from DVR machine to DVR machine.  Empire Boardwalk, Dexter, The Good Wife, Homeland, Call the Midwife, Amazing Race, Revenge, The New Jersey Housewives Reunion Show Part 1, and The Mentalist. I am sure that there are other shows that many other people watch, but this is just a sampling of what viewers had to go through.  Besides setting DVR's, the NFL and CBS intentionally ruin the scheduled tapings on Sunday nights so you have to adjust all the recordings accordingly.  Yes, there are worse things to be troubled by, but after waiting months for the new shows....The Good Wife disappointed and my fear is that it will continue on an annoying path.  I hope not because it has been a well-written series for the most part from the outset. Amazing Race never disappoints.  Best reality series and that's why it always wins the Emmy.  As long as it is in the running, it can't be beat. I have always had a push-me/pull-me relationship with Revenge.  If it weren't for its series star, Emily VanCamp, I probably would have bailed a long time ago, but I am always intrigued by her.  Loved her on Everwood. Homeland began airing its 2nd season after sweeping the Emmys and is not restful television.  It's great television but quite intense, between the acting and the plot lines....The Mentalist was moved to Sunday nights, which in my world is a bummer for the already stated reasons; too much on the same night.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show part one is shocking, torturous, and over the top.  I wish that they'd have Dr. Phil standing by to do a psychological profile.  It's astonishing that all these people choose television.  

Law and Order: SVU began with a two hour premiere.  It was one hour too long. I am going to keep touting Shark Tank and The Voice.  The Voice I find so interesting because four huge stars, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera,  sit in front of the contestants and have to sell themselves as the best coach. They subject themselves to rejection which is fascinating and very unusual.  It's great to see how they handle it and their repartee is fantastic.  It is a little bit the same on Shark Tank, though the experts are selling the best financial deal and their expertise to the entrepreneurs.  It feels more financially motivated than personal.

Sidebars:  I hope everyone watches the Presidential debate Wednesday night.  It may not be a game changer, but it might have some great moments.  Maybe the two people that are undecided will find clarity.  If you watch and have any thoughts, I'd love to hear no matter which side you are on.  It's a grey day here which is making me have narcolepsy.  Two more games in the regular season of MLB before the playoffs begin, and so far the National League will find the SF Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, and for the first time in a zillion years the Washington Nationals.  One team still waiting. The American League has The NY Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, and Oakland A's.  My three teams made it.  Stunning for me and will make this playoff season more fun than usual!  And finally, a great wise judge ruled against the voter ID law in the State of Pennsylvania!  Hooray to him and the people of Pennsylvania.

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