Friday, October 5, 2012

Can't Move On

I can't move on from the debate on Wednesday night.  I watched many pundits Wednesday night and Thursday.  I read blogs and newspapers.  Not one of them highlighted the one statement that disturbed me the very most.  Mitt Romney said nearing the end of the debate, "We're  a nation that believes that we're all children of the same god...." I find that to be upsetting and disconcerting.  Why did he have to bring God into it at all?  We do not all believe in the same God.  Many don't even believe in any God.  I felt, yet again, out of it, not a part of, less than.  In the United States of America, 74% of the population is Christian.  Isn't that enough?  Can't we keep religion and God out of government?  I feel that the separation of Church and State is more imperative than ever.  More incredible to me is that I didn't hear one talking head glom onto this throw away statement from Romney.  Not one.  Maybe you don't hear it if you are one of the 74%, but I am truly surprised.  I didn't even see that Bill Maher, self-proclaimed atheist, tweet about it.  Maybe he will bring it up on his show tonight, but I am feeling alone in this discomfort. I can't shake it.  
Let's discuss one of the fallacies that Romney spewed about his insurance plan.  Pre-existing conditions will not be covered by Romney's supposed plan unless you are already covered by an insurance plan and are switching.  Do you hear that?  As a person plagued with pre-existing conditions, this concerns me for all of us.  If you are uninsured, get diagnosed with something, anything, get a job, try to sign onto the companies insurance plan, you will not be covered!!!  Hear that?  This whole healthcare situation is impossible.  Obamacare or not.  As long as we have a for-profit system, we can never have universal healthcare.  And really, folks, what's more important than insurance companies making billions of dollars?  
Sidebars:  I am already disgusted with American Idol and the so-called in fighting between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  It's a disgrace.  This is supposed to be a family show, not wrestling. If it is true that Nicki Minaj really threatened Mariah Carey, she should be fired.  It shouldn't be tolerated in any workplace.  If they are doing it for ratings, shame on them. Shame on all of them.  It smells like a sinking ship. The new television season is underway and I am not on board with any new shows.  If you think anything is really good, let me know and I will try to play catch up.  Really excited for baseball playoffs!!  Go Yankees, Giants, and A's!!!!  In New York, we have a three day weekend to celebrate Columbus Day!  Always makes me laugh.  When I first came to New York, I couldn't believe what a big deal is made over Columbus Day.  In California, nothing.  Like Flag Day.  So enjoy your weekend, wherever you are. Have some pasta in honor of Christopher.

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