Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Mash Up

Television, for better or for worse, can have teachable moments and examples.  Last night on The Voice, one of the contestants, De'Borah, performed for the second time.  She is a young woman that dresses masculine, very unique, has a great voice, could be gay, maybe not, androgynous.  Growing up not fitting in must have been very painful.  Hard enough to get through adolescence, regardless.  She grew up the child of a minister and very involved in the church and gospel music.  Music was her safe and happy place, clearly.  Last night, after she sang and won the singing battle, Adam Levine went off how he admires her and is glad she's on the show, finding herself and her comfort zone, how much we have to learn from her, too.  Her parents were cheering Adam's words on vocally.  De'Borah's Dad and Mom were so proud.  Beaming.  It was incredibly moving and the true expression of christianity.  Complete acceptance and support from her parents.  The intolerant people in this country could learn volumes by their example.  I hope she goes far into this competition so we have not only the pleasure of her voice but also how she blossoms and grows.  It's a beautiful thing.

Not so beautiful is the new season of Homeland.  This latest episode is making me annoyed and pissy.  The first season of Homeland brought great twists and turns and plausible plot lines.  This week's episode was so annoying and I don't want the show to run out of steam.  Please, please creators, focus again and don't take the easy way out.  Grey's Anatomy is definitely on life support.  I want to love Scandal, but there are so many ridiculous scenes that it's hard to stick with it.  If you missed Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO this week, it's well worth trying to find a repeat.  The star of Scandal, Kerry Washington, was on the panel.  For those of you that think it's just a liberal free for all, this week there were three Republican's on and all had something to offer.  Check it out.  It's a good dose of conversation and political diversity. 

Sidebars:  Cold and rainy here in NYC.  How is it where you live?  Biden and Ryan debate Thursday night.  I am looking forward to that. As previously stated, I love Joe Biden.  Fashion victim alert:  long pointy nails are back in style.  Another test for women victimizing themselves. Sad about Rhea Perlman and Danny DiVito.  It's always good to have a few Hollywood marriages stand the test of time, and I would call their marriage a success. I just wish it would have made it "until death do us part." Still one of the only successful marriages in Hollywood was Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.  That's how far back I have to go. The Voice is on again tonight, it's not too late to jump in.  MLB playoffs have started.  It's already difficult.  A's are down two, Giants are down two, Yankees are 1 and 1, now they all come to their own fields. There are more teams, but that's all I can do now.  There are too many, so no slight intended.  If you know any young people over 18 years of age, tell them to get active in this election.  Encourage their friends all over to register and vote.  Do not sit back and be apathetic. This is too important.  

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