Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, Candy Can Can

People, the debate last night was somewhat unbearable for me.  I do think that President Obama rose to the occasion this time.  Maybe the format was better for him, but I found it so uncomfortable.  Obama and Romney circling each other.  Bobbing and weaving.  I think it feels aggressive just in terms of physicality. I was waiting for one of them to throw a punch, even though I knew it wouldn't happen The tension was there.  Romney was very aggressive verbally, interrupting, cutting the President and the moderator off.  If you are rating on that, Romney won.  He was more rude than Obama, by far.  Candy Crowley was commanding and on as the moderator.  I give it to her over the other moderators.

The questions that were asked, for the most part, were quality questions and pertinent to people's lives: immigration, energy costs, student loans, jobs, healthcare, etc.  The one question that stood out to me like a sore thumb was the gentleman who asked about the murders in Benghazi.  It seemed so planted.  He said the think tank at his office, which sounded like a hedge fund of some sort, wanted to know who was responsible for the lack of security in Libya?  I don't know why it seemed so stilted, but didn't feel like a natural question that he'd want to know the answer to.  It seemed like a question derived from listening to all the pundits. They all said someone would definitely bring up Benghazi.  Actually, I don't think most Americans are thinking about what happened.  It is a tragedy and the investigation is underway so as to never let it happen again, but I think Americans care about their own lives.  Romney was caught in a fib in his answer on Ben Ghazi. He tried to attack the President on not calling it a terror attack.  The highpoint to me was that Candy Crowley fact checked in real time and the President sat back and let Romney hang himself.  Seriously, Obama sat back and let the noose tighten.  

I was sorely disappointed that neither of them brought up abortion rights or were pushed to answer about their opinions on Roe v. Wade.  I wish that Obama had pushed this and made them state clearly their stance on abortion like Biden and Ryan. As far as women's equality in the workplace, Obama won that hands down.  Romney's rambling answer about when he was Governor and the binder of women was bizarre.  It made it sound like a sperm bank or a dating site.  He went through the binder of women to assist in hiring women in his office.  Odd way to phrase it, at best.  I also find it thoroughly annoying that he keeps touting his years as Governor.  He isn't the same man he was then, times have changed, and it's now years ago since he held office.  

There are so many topics, but in the end, the President showed up, took charge, and hit a lot of very important points. Mitt Romney is still short on details and I loved when Obama said Romney's plan is a bit sketchy.  That's a great word.  The American people are just supposed to go on trust.  Did you hear all the promises Romney made for his first day as President?  They never learn do they?  Don't make promises.  As I said the other day, if all things are equal (and they aren't), I could never vote for someone who wants to take away a woman's right to choose.  Never.  I also can't vote for someone who keeps cutting me out by his God talk.  I respect anyone's right to their beliefs, but do not bring it to government.  Do NOT.  At both debates Romney said, " And I believe we're all children of the same God. "  No Mr. Romney, we aren't.  Just 74% of this country. Now you are leaving out 26%.

Sidebars:  How much farther can Lance Armstrong fall?  Wonder if he was doing steroids before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Pedals of clay, clearly. The Bachelor franchise announced two break ups this week and it's only Wednesday.  First Ben and Courtney are over and now, Emily and Jef are done. No big surprise there.  On the other side, Ashley and J.P. will be marrying in December.  The Voice still soars.  Bristol Palin finally was kicked off Dancing With the Stars, after better people were kicked off before her. Homeland was stunning this week.  The Good Wife is still off track.  The Yankees are down 3-0 with the Tigers.  Crushing that Jeter broke his ankle during this series so he's out.   Come on San Francisco Giants!!!!!!!  Yankees are fading to black, not out but fuzzy.

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