Thursday, October 25, 2012

He, Whose Name Shall Never be Uttered Again

I don't even want to say his name anymore.  I think it should be unspoken or not written in full anymore.  I think we shouldn't have to hear from him anymore after yesterday's predictable not game changing announcement.  I think that we, the people, have the right to free speech, but we, the people, have the right not to have to listen or support blowhards and narcissistic a**holes.  I am speaking of the not to be spelled out again in full Donald Trump.  

What has happened to him?  Does he have an undiagnosed medical condition?  He has often been irritating, rude, and hateful, but his recent behavior????  Remember his battle with Rosie O'Donnell when she was on The View?  He was incredibly offensive and lacked any sense of humor.  Nasty. Insulting.  He had more public fights with others over the past 15 years.  All were ugly and pathetic, but this go round reaches new lows.  I don't think he can recover.  When he suddenly became a birther, it was a complete disgrace.  There is no part of me that believes that he believes the absurd charges he has made against the President of the United States. I am not sure that it stems from racism or not.  Maybe it's just a way to get attention at any cost to anyone.  

How can his children look him in the eyes with pride anymore?  Have they all slipped into the man's twilight zone?  These people all went to the finest schools. They are note only scholastically educated but also have travelled extensively through out the world.  How are they standing by this?  They have children too.  Marla Maples might have had the right idea to move far away and keep Tiffany from the glare of him.  Malania's son is smack dab being  raised in the middle of all his madness.  How will that affect him?  

Again, the absurdity that he can sit in his office, promote a big bombshell to change the election, get the attention of all media outlets, and drop a ridiculous bounty for the President's college transcript, passport, and application, can we shout "uncle?"  Can we finally be done with listening to him, handing him a microphone?  Can we stop watching him and giving him a platform for anything?  Crawl back into real estate developing. Leave the rest of us alone. 

Another incredibly hateful person that is only called out by the left or the sane people...Ann Coulter.  If you haven't read this letter by a young man, please do and pass it on to others.  It is far too beautifully written and more than she deserves:

Sidebars:  The San Francisco Giants took the first game, 8-3.  Great pitching. Incredible hitting.  Come on, Giants, let's take it.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art currently has two very good special exhibits. One is Andy Warhol and friends.  Well put together and very fun.  The other is a photo exhibit showing what photographers did before photoshop.  Really creative and fascinating.  If you are in New York, don't miss them. Law and Order:SVU aired their 300th episode last night. Hard to believe.  Can't remember a time without all the L&O's. Thursday's have a lot of shows that aren't drawing me in at all.  Thankfully, it's Game 2 of the World Series.  Enjoy your day.

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