Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weather Terrorists

Nobody goes on high alert better than NYC.  They have been warning us for days about Hurricane Sandy.  Programs have been interrupted all Sunday to get us anxious and prepared.  Although, for the most part Manhattan has been spared of all major catastrophic weather damage, nearby boroughs and townships have had major flooding, lost electricity, trapped in cars, homes, etc.  Subways and busses are shutting down tonight.  NYC public schools are already closed Monday. Private schools?  We usually follow the public schools, but call it at the last minute. 

The grocery stores are packed with people flipped out they may starve.  The water and soda shelves are empty. Two must haves if you can't get out of your house or apartment.  Batteries and generators are sold out everywhere.   Snack food is flying off the shelves.  I have personally made a few trips to the market.  Keep thinking we may be stuck inside for weeks so what more do I need?  I clearly buy into it.  Brought in all the furniture from the terrace.  Threw away the old watering can so it can't fly off and kill someone below.  Threw out the old tomato and basil stakes that I haven't used in two seasons.  That really could have stabbed someone in the heart. Still don't feel 
prepared, but here we are.  The calm before the storm.  

When Mayor Bloomberg stands in front of reporters at a press conference and then translates it into his Spanish, it is truly one of the highlights of all serious announcements.  As a friend said to me, "it's sweet, clumsy, and political all at once." That's a perfect assessment.  Whatever station is on today, there are reporters outside up and down the northern east coast warning all to get out, be prepared, and stay in doors.  I am always torn by these events.  Truthfully, I don't want anything bad to happen.  I don't want the power to go out. I don't want people's homes flooded.  Don't want anyone injured by flying debris. But, we get so prepared and so terrorized it's hard to believe any of it ever.  

Ever since Hurricane Gloria....That was my first.  We were warned and threatened to take it seriously and in Manhattan, nothing.  We were in the eye of the storm so it was very "disappointing." So here we go again with another hurricane coming right at us.   To all the people that are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I hope they are scaring us for nothing, but stay safe, be smart, and hope you have some good food and company to get through this.

Sidebars:  Only one today:  SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS IN FOUR!!!!!  COME ON GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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