Thursday, November 1, 2012

There's Got To Be A Morning After

It's been three days since Hurricane Sandy passed through the tri-state area.  It has been far more devastating than anyone could have predicted. In the light of day and the blue skies above, the shattered lives of so many is clear. The people of Breezy Point, Queens lost 111 homes in a catastrophic fire.  The half of Hoboken, New Jersey are under of water. The lower part of Manhattan is under water and has no electricity. And the Jersey Shore...destroyed. This is all news everyone knows by now.  The local newscasts can't get enough of the storytelling of heroics and tragedies. 

What I have to share is that though there is devastation all around us, we were untouched.  Inconvenienced, but untouched.  Just like 9/11, we live in two different Manhattans. A few short miles, lives are challenged, homes destroyed, businesses wrecked. Where we live, it's as if nothing happened.  Other than the grocery shelves are bare and the parks are closed, the impact on our lives has been minimal.  Do we feel the pain of our fellow New Yorkers? Our compassion is on overdrive. Our empathy knows no bounds.  But, gratefully and thankfully, no direct hit.  We are a community of resilience and brotherly love.  No city rises higher than New Yorkers. 

The children didn't have school this week until today. We shall see if our Headmaster made the correct decision.  We are one of the few schools open.  All public schools are closed until Monday, as are most private schools.  Our school had enough and wants everyone back.  The parents do too, but only if it's safe and the education is of value.  Can't imagine how many teachers will actually be there to teach.  Unlike public schools, private schools do not add days back for missed days of school.  That is something that should be changed if we are to continue to have city stopping weather.  

I feel this is a very disjointed rumination. We have been inundated by so much reporting and photos focussing is challenging. I am sorry because I'd like to be more eloquent during this incredible time.  Our first catastrophic storm last year was in October too and, like last year, I can only hope we are done for the winter. Be safe, be kind, and if you can help your neighbor from near or far, please do.

Sidebars:  After 24/7 "breaking news," television started to get back to normal slowly.  The Voice is still by far the best show for reality singing competition.  The X Factor is far too overproduced that I just tuned out.  I am relieved to get a break from politics.  That is the silver lining, but they are all revving up for the final few days.  Didn't get that Senator candidate Linda McMahon of Connecticut took a break at all.  Tasteful.  It has been heartwarming to see Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Governor Chris Christie put all politics aside and focus on the big picture.  Reminds me of how it used to be.  

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