Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Money, Money, Money, Mo-ney

I have been ruminating about the alleged 6 billion dollars spent on the combined campaigns around the country for election or re-election.  Seriously?  6 billion dollars?  Why isn't there an outcry to fix our campaign system?  Why can't we have election cycles more like France or England, short and sweet.  What we all went through was ridiculous, but when money was spent on "nothing," was even more ridiculous.  When we argue about taxes on the rich and yet Sheldon Adelson threw away $100 million on trying to force his opinions on us all, what are we arguing about?  It's a disgrace and he is just one of a multitude of stinking rich folk who through money at campaigns. Don't tell me that all that campaign money spent created jobs.  Don't care about that argument.  That money could be used for "good" not "evil." I can't stand how much money was spent. Why aren't there people outraged?  Are we just worn down? Did we all just need a break?  Doesn't it nauseate you that talking heads began talking about the next election in 2016?  The machinations never stop. Members of Congress are always campaigning.  The campaign system needs a complete overhaul.  Public financing must win out so that regular folk can participate in politics.  The Parties are too powerful.  Time to re-think, re-tool, and re-imagine.

Speaking of money. Isn't it ironic that the party that "promotes" family values is systematically ruining Thanksgiving?  Now that many of the giant stores are opening on Thanksgiving and making money, there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.  What expense is it to the family?  The workers have to leave the warmth of their family and friends to go to work. The aggressive, desperate, and sometimes violent bargain grabbers are leaving their families to spend money.  Maybe their whole families are dragged out to shop.  I find it so offensive.  Can't be stopped because there is money being made, but changing Thanksgiving so drastically will forever change the Norman Rockwell painting.

Sidebars: Did you see Lincoln yet?  I just saw it.  Well worth the time.  Very interesting. Great acting and of course, a very important time in our history. Good to see both the rancor and the success!  Saw a great play with my family during the holiday weekend, Golden Boy, written by Clifford Odets. A brilliantly written play, great cast, great direction, and love the sets and costumes.  If you are in the NYC area and are a play lover, go see it!  Tony Shalhoub leads a fantastic cast! The Good Wife just stop it!  Producers have got to sit down, take a breath, and get the show back on track.  I am sure that ratings are down. Homeland is really a breathless ride.  Not disappointing in season 2. The Voice still strong.  If you aren't watching yet, it's not too late.  I can't believe that Usher and Shakira can fill the great big giant shoes of Cee Lo Jones and Christina Aguilera in the next season.  Seeing the photo of Justin Bieber and the Prime Minister of Canada wreaks disrespect.  I don't care if he was backstage doing a show.  There must have been a better way.  And yes, I will say it again, Justin Bieber seems so inauthentic and needs a new stylist desperately. 

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