Thursday, November 15, 2012

By All Means

So, there is much rumbling about secession.  It seems to occur more often now than in past decades, but Texas keeps rumbling along with other Southern States.  I say go and don't let the door hit you on the way out, but before you go...stop taking money and support from the Federal government.  Try that on for size and see how you all do.  Many of the Southern States take more money from us than generate money to us.  They are the "takers" and they don't even know it.  Let them find out how things would be without outside help from the Federal government.  I think they'd cry Uncle and would probably shift their thought process.  Dare I say evolve?  They are petulant children.  Waaaaa, they didn't get their way.  They didn't win.  Waaaaaaa, the black man still live's in the White House.  Waaaaaa.  So really, put your money where your mouth should be and stop taking money from the Feds.  We up North might be flush without the drain of the "other" States. "They" grumble and mumble as if we'd care.  Take the baby steps. Stop taking the money.  We could use it for the people that are proud to be part of the United States of America!

John McCain is just annoying now.  Once so highly respected; now not so much.  He could have written his own ticket, now he just seems doddering. I do not know the answers about Susan Rice's role in Ben Ghazi, but I am willing to wait without flinging s**t around until the investigation is done.  My spine goes up every time he mentions the 4 great Americans that died.  It feels political and not heartfelt.  Do I think his heart is heavy for the 4 Americans, yes.  Do I think he's politicizing their deaths, yes. I wonder how the families feel?  I know during the campaign they didn't want their loss to be used in the campaigns to get votes. Now, that it's behind us, the drums are getting louder.  Can't we just get all the answers first before we start making accusations?  I find it uncomfortable and, surprise, surprise, inauthentic.

Sidebars: Mitt Romney needs to take the high road or disappear for a while. How unjust does it feel that you nearly die from a drug overdose and then get arrested?  That's what happened to Jon Bon Jovi's college age daughter.  Isn't that enough punishment?  Is arrest necessary?  She wasn't dealing.  She was using.  I am so sorry for the pain the child and family will have to deal with to get to the other side.  The Voice still doesn't disappoint.  So much talent, I can't believe America can support that many singers.  That the Rolling Stones are celebrating 50 years is a feat that will never occur again.  It is awe-inspiring.  There are no words to adequately express how incredible that is.  In this day and age of instant success and failure....I forgot to plug my favorite Canadian show on ION TV, Flashpoint. It began it's last new season two weeks ago. Covert Affairs has one more episode to go this season.  Between Homeland and Covert Affairs, my spy quotient has been high and happy!  Break a leg to Kathie Lee Gifford.  Her musical, Scandalous, opens tonight on Broadway.  I really wish her the best.  It would be such a great story if it's a hit.  The Lion King is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Broadway.  I will always remember that because it opened a few months after my babies were born and I was hoping that it would run long enough for them to see.  It has and they did.  

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