Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Can't Believe I Am Taking the Time

I can't believe that I am going to spend any time writing or thinking about Lindsey Lohan, but I am.  In her latest run in with the law, she has continued to display loud sobs for help and getting none. What has disturbed me is that all the people around her have become her pimps.  They are only interested in what she can do for them and if she can't there are other clients that can.  It's painful to watch the both physical and spiritual demise of a person.  It may happen everyday in some town all over America, but watching a celebrity crash is painful.  She lacks parents, family, siblings, agents, managers, PR people, accountants, and clearly, friends that will be painfully honest, hold interventions, make her go away for a long time to get healthy. The fact that she was hired to play Liz Taylor for a Lifetime MOW was ridiculous.  The people around her must have heard cha-ching.  Before you cry out to me, why do I care at all, it's because it is such a blatant display of all the worst in Hollywood.  Her parents are insane and have their own issues.  She probably never had a shot at a normal life, but she had me fooled in her early career.  She managed to portray the twins so brilliantly in The Parent Trap that it almost wiped out any memory of Hayley Mills original performance.  Mean Girls is now a cult classic for all tweens and teens.  Freaky Friday was another successful remake.  When she did Herbie Fully Loaded and changed her hair color, that was the beginning of the end.  And people, I do feel the end is coming.  I don't wish it, but nothing seems to make a difference to Lindsey and her entourage; not jail, community service in the L.A. morgue, threats from judges, outcries from fans.  We are witnessing a living and breathing suicide.  I don't understand how someone in her life can't take control and help her.  I was an agent, I do not lay this at her agent's feet, but I do lay the blame for pimping her out for employment when she is clearly not healthy enough. 

Really people, it bothers me so much.  I can hear all the late night talk show jokes and laugh, but it is painful.  We've been down this path before with other celebrities in recent memory (Anna Nicole Smith, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson) but this one truly gets to me because I think someone could help her, not Dr. Phil, gain her life back, get control, get healthy, and live a full and accomplished life.  She is young enough, but it doesn't look hopeful from here.  

Sidebars:  Dancing With the Stars is finished for this season.  Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovalani won.  Though I didn't watch this season, I watched the announcement and the pure joy that all the dancers felt for Tony was evident.  The Voice is down to six now.  I don't have any idea who will win.  I don't have any idea who will get voted out next.  This has been the best batch of talent on any show in any season. Again, not judging yet, but can't see Usher or Shakira raising the bar next season. I watched Survivor for the first time since the first episode.  I am intrigued by Lisa Welchel's participation.  Don't get the show but am interested in her path and staying power. I can't really start dealing with the idiots in Congress, but I am sure it will come soon enough.

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