Monday, November 12, 2012


There are so many things going on.  I was trying not to pile on last week about the great success the Democrats had on election day, but Republican pundits, really???  Really??? Way to go with sportsmanship.  The sour grapes that ran amok last week was pathetic.  Anyone who follows me knows how important good sportsmanship is to me and nowhere was it needed more than by the "leaders" of the Republican party. D***ld T**mp has gone over the edge.  He needs to check into the Mayo Clinic for an array of neurological testing.  Rush and Sean were unbelievable in their public outrage.  On election night itself, someone tweeted that Romney didn't have a concession speech written.  I thought it was a joke.  Really?  How is that possible?  Bill Maher may have nailed it about the "bubble" the Republicans live in.  How can Romney not have had a concession speech?  How could anyone not be prepared either way?  Enough of the absurdity.  Now, it's time to rejoice and come together.  

General Petraeus.  Had to mention but don't know what to say about that.  Seems like there will be many shoes to drop.  I just hope that we can forego all the political drama queens and get to the truth, wherever that leads.  Again, patience.

I am sick of football.  I know heresy, but this weekend within 30 minutes, two star quarterbacks were knocked out with concussions.  There were more injuries than that, too numerous to count. The NFL proudly airs a commercial about how they are working on better helmets for the safety of the players.  Kidding, right?  That's not good enough, Roger.  There are too many players suffering from far too many debilitating ailments to air a commercial.  Protecting their asses.  Isn't going to work.  They are always behind the 8 ball.  They can change things much faster with far reaching consequences if they weren't worried about getting every last inch on the field.  In college football on Saturday, a player went helmet to helmet received a 15 yard penalty for his team.  He should have been benched for the game.  Zero tolerance.  Money is still speaking louder than safety.  Will the class action suit against the NFL be their undoing?  

Sidebars:  Monday, Monday.  Homeland is stellar.  Amazing Race was far too intense, but love seeing them race all over Moscow. The Shark Tank Friday was the least fun it's been.  The Sharks were really rough on the entrepreneurs. Still think it is a show that all should be watching.  Very educational. The Good Wife was back; one of its best episodes.  Though I do hope I am wrong about future conflicts, I really do.  Late to the game, but finally saw Argo and loved it.  Ben Affleck has grown into a fine man, actor, and director.  Who would've thunk it? Alan Arkin and even John Goodman were great together. I hope the Lakers realize how lucky they are to have Mike D'Antoni!  And a big shout out to all the Veterans who have served and given their lives for our Country and our freedoms. Thank you!

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