Friday, July 27, 2012

Pre-Olympic Thoughts

I have very mixed feelings about the Olympics.  I love to see the athletes, the pomp and circumstance.  I don't love the complete American bias.  Eight years ago, we were in London for the Olympics for a few days.  Did you know that there are many sports and competitions that we don't know anything about here?  It was captivating to see and watch events that will never get play in America.  I can only presume it won't get any airplay because there are no Americans threatening to win a medal.  I don't know exactly when it changed or I changed, but having had that experience, I wish that I could watch the British feed.  I wish I had choice.  

The last summer Olympics there was far too much beach volleyball.  I didn't like it. I know why it was on all the time, but I could've cut it down to one segment.  I never saw the indoor team volleyball given airplay.  Maybe it was on in the middle of the night and I missed it.  There are so many sports in the Olympics.  Why exploit the beautiful women in bikinis.  Is that what the Olympics have become or is it just NBC's producer?  

I love the beauty of the competition. The thrill of the win. The tension of the races. The diversity in every respect.  I also wish that television viewing could progress so far that we could actually choose what events we wanted to watch, not what NBC wants us to watch. Don't make me pay for it or watch on my computer. I long for the day when everything we watch isn't so obviously "live on tape."  Will I be watching? Yes. Will I get caught up in the hoopla and hype? Yes.  If you have the chance to watch outside the US, should you?  Yes.  It will be eye opening. It will clarify why the Olympics were created and why they are so important internationally. Enjoy the next two weeks!  I hope all the participants do their best!  Go athletes!

Please take a moment to remember the tragic loss of life at the 1972 Munich Olympics. If you weren't alive, learn about it. If you were alive, share your memories. I will never forget the sensitivity and brilliance of ABC's Howard Cosell and Jim McKay.

Sidebars:  Two shows playing out on summer television: NYC 22 and Rookie Blue.  They are interchangeable. Both cop shows in NYC.  I know NYC 22 isn't back.  Don't know about Rookie Blue. No exciting movie openings for the weekend. Hot and humid after surviving a big lightning, thunder, wind, and rain storm last night.  Not much difference. Yankees play the Red Sox. Go Yankees!  Enjoy the weekend.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am back. After two fabulous weeks in California with my fab sister, family and friends, I am back,  though some of the trip was marred by incredibly tragic news.  I have been wondering what I could write about and as always, there are never enough words for my complete disrespect and abhorrence for the NRA.  I started to have a discussion about the NRA with someone who doesn't defend them, but has more understanding for them.  I don't.  I don't give a rats ass about the survival of the NRA.  They are the most all powerful and financially backed lobbying group in this country.  They represent everything that is wrong with lobbying groups and D.C.  After the horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it was suggested to me that it isn't the NRA's fault but the legislation of Colorado.  Who do you think runs the politicians in this country?  Most recently, the NRA didn't like a bill in Congress and made it clear that anyone who didn't vote their way, they will take them down in the next election.  Really?  Fair playing field?  We have an incredibly serious problem in this country and it all goes back to money and lobbyists.  We can't possibly have true democracy until D.C. disassembles and rebuilds itself from the ground up.  The Tea Partiers always like to throw around the US Constitution and especially the 2nd Amendment.  I respect the 2nd Amendment, always have, but I do not think that our incredibly brilliant forefathers could envision the world of guns that we live in today.  The intent of the 2nd Amendment is the right to protect oneself, family, and property.  We have come so far passed that intent.  The 2nd Amendment has been twisted and turned by the NRA that we the people are losing.  Even if James Holmes purchased all his guns legally, did he need all those guns?  Is it necessary for any gun to have the capability of shooting off 100 bullets in succession?  Should anyone be able to hoard 6000 rounds of ammunition without warning flags or consequences?  According to the NRA, yes.  Any reasonable compromise can never be found because the NRA has a gun to every politician's head.  This subject is not going away. Our leaders don't want to touch it.  Maybe if President Obama wins a second term, he will feel empowered to do something.  He certainly hasn't since he took office.  It's unbearable.  It's not right. It's truly un-American!

As far as my trip to California, you can go home again.  I went to Palo Alto with my sister, though it's not the same as when I grew up, it is still an incredible community.  I saw old friends and re-connected with people I hadn't seen in decades. It's far more ritzy and fashionable, but it's soul is still deeply seeded in my heart.  A drive to Los Angeles for the second week. I checked into the Shangri-La Hotel which we used to stay at with the kids before they did renovations.  Hate it now. Will not go back.  As a matter of fact, when my husband joined me, we moved to the fabulous and peaceful Shore Hotel down the street.  That changed the whole rest of the trip.  If you are going to Los Angeles and need a great hotel in Santa Monica, I can't say enough about it.

Sidebars:  The Bachelorette finale anti-climatic. Yawn. Very sad about two icons of my television youth passing: Sherman Hemsley and Chad Everett.  Sherman Hemsley was so damn funny.  Chad Everett and Medical Center.  He was so handsome.  Who could forget the two part Robert Reed sex change episodes?  Glad to be back.  Hope you will re-connect with my blog.  Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Too Darn Hot!

Okay, the 4th of July is over.  Fairly pleasant and non-eventful here.  Tried to see To Rome With Love and it was sold out.  Big surprise.  What to do when dinner is in two hours?  Go to drinks.  Dicey in this incredible heat.  

I am getting ahead of myself because my baby girl left Tuesday.  It went fairly smoothly after my having a complete meltdown, Mercedes McCambridge Monday.  Sent her off with lots of love, advice, and hugs.  So now we have empty nest for awhile.  It would be great, but it is unbearably hot so doing all the things we might have done have gotten clipped. 

In terms of the world,  I am tired of it all.  I am taking a break from it for a couple of weeks unless something monumental happens.  If Congress can take vacation when they have so many things to take care of, then so can I.  

Sidebars:  Wimbledon gearing towards the championship. The New York Knicks look even worse in their off season moves than I thought possible.  Rizzoli and Isles took a terrible turn.  Take the nun out of the show immediately. America's Got Talent needs to get more concise.  They are stretching it far too much. I still recommend Flashpoint on ION TV.  All the cable shows are starting up next week: The Closer, White Collar, Covert Affairs.  Big Brother is back next week, not sure I am.  It is the dog days of summer already and I need a nap.  Be well. Be in touch and I'll be back.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Not All Secrets Are Bad

I have to say that I am torn about knowing and not knowing.  Transparency vs. government secrets.  If there is something that I can do about an issue, then by all means let me know. When the news reporters are talking about terrorist chatter about hitting another plane, I don't want to know.  Really, I don't want to know.  With my children and many other children and friends flying in and out of Europe, I don't want to know.  How does it help me to know?  Answer me that!  We get tortured by terrorist alerts too often since 9/11, particularly here in New York City.  If I can't do anything about it, what good does it do me.  I know that if I "see something, say something."  I am well trained.  New Yorkers have had that drummed into our heads since 2001.  I can't stand it.  Stop it!  Tell me if I can do some good, but just adding to travel anxiety?????  Stop it, really.  I have to have faith that if people are trained and doing their job, then we all will be safe.  What more can I do?  Worry, spend sleepless nights? So, government people/leaks keep it to yourself.  I think they now tell us too much. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it.

Sidebars:  Thrilled that Anderson Cooper felt confident to come out.  Not that it was a surprise to anyone who loved him, liked him, or followed his career, but glad that he did.  Newsroom on HBO still not sure about.  Lots of controversy and opinions on this Aaron Sorkin created show. Episodes started again last night on Showtime.  If the second season is as enjoyable as the first, start watching.  Tonight is the best episode of The Bachelorette always.  Hometown dates.  Usually clarifies all the questions and doubts.  Thankfully, I will get to watch with my baby girl before she leaves tomorrow.  My emotions are all over the place so been difficult to focus on writing.  The heat has over taken the country.  Global climate change anybody?  Come on, it's not an opinion; it is a fact.

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