Monday, July 2, 2012

Not All Secrets Are Bad

I have to say that I am torn about knowing and not knowing.  Transparency vs. government secrets.  If there is something that I can do about an issue, then by all means let me know. When the news reporters are talking about terrorist chatter about hitting another plane, I don't want to know.  Really, I don't want to know.  With my children and many other children and friends flying in and out of Europe, I don't want to know.  How does it help me to know?  Answer me that!  We get tortured by terrorist alerts too often since 9/11, particularly here in New York City.  If I can't do anything about it, what good does it do me.  I know that if I "see something, say something."  I am well trained.  New Yorkers have had that drummed into our heads since 2001.  I can't stand it.  Stop it!  Tell me if I can do some good, but just adding to travel anxiety?????  Stop it, really.  I have to have faith that if people are trained and doing their job, then we all will be safe.  What more can I do?  Worry, spend sleepless nights? So, government people/leaks keep it to yourself.  I think they now tell us too much. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it.

Sidebars:  Thrilled that Anderson Cooper felt confident to come out.  Not that it was a surprise to anyone who loved him, liked him, or followed his career, but glad that he did.  Newsroom on HBO still not sure about.  Lots of controversy and opinions on this Aaron Sorkin created show. Episodes started again last night on Showtime.  If the second season is as enjoyable as the first, start watching.  Tonight is the best episode of The Bachelorette always.  Hometown dates.  Usually clarifies all the questions and doubts.  Thankfully, I will get to watch with my baby girl before she leaves tomorrow.  My emotions are all over the place so been difficult to focus on writing.  The heat has over taken the country.  Global climate change anybody?  Come on, it's not an opinion; it is a fact.

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