Thursday, January 31, 2013

So Sick of It!!!!!!!!

Okay, this is going to be a fragmented rant.  Sick of cheaters. Sick of Lance Armstrong. Sick of athletes speaking.  Athletes shouldn't speak unless it is about their performance or their team's performance.  Don't talk about moving out of California to escape the high State Income Tax cavalierly to reporters after a round of golf, Phil Mickelson.  That was a no win.  He had to pedal back immediately after he took the wrath of the people.  Chris Culliver, 49er, started speaking his homophobic opinions to media types in New Orleans. Ignorant, disgraceful, and another no win.  Happy that the 49ers organization got right on it to dispute his statements.  The coach and players for the 49ers had well put and thoughtful statements.  Maybe he'll be traded or forced to go to tolerance seminars. The funny thing about the NFL...there must be gay players, but they are so closeted that we don't know who they are.  There has to be the same percentage of gays in sports as there are in the world, but silence.  Too bad.  Too bad all around.

I am totally sick of Cialis, Viagra, and, now, Low T.  Who cares?  It's between you and your doctor, isn't it?  Why do we have to have the constant onslaught of commercials to think about a man's performance, virility, and manliness?  I remember when men/boys were horrified by tampon commercials, now we have to think about functioning penises all the time!  I have to hold on tight because there will be a slew of ads before, during, and after the Super Bowl on Sunday for men's performance drugs.  I am fairly certain that the first time I saw the Cialis bathtub ad was during football. I always felt uncomfortable with young men and teenagers in the room because they have hardly been able to enjoy a functioning penis and then they have to start worrying about when it's going to stop functioning.  The men in the commercials are not old men.  They look like their Dads or teachers.  Ugh!  I never knew that there were so many non-functioning men.  From where I sit, it would be the exception, but with the amount of money spent....

Wayne LaPierre needs to stop talking.  He sounds like an out of touch, crazy ass leader of a group of gun loving crazies.  His objections for gun reform are unyielding and ridiculous.  I have said it before.  Someone has to follow the money.  The NRA must make a lot of money off each and every gun sale.  It's the only reasonable answer and then it is a complete conflict of interest.  Everyday this week there has been a gun tragedy in a school, an office, or on the streets.  The members of the NRA must take back reason and control from Wayne LaPierre.  

Sunday is Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans between the San Francisco 49ers, coached by Jim Harbaugh, and the Baltimore Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh.  It should be a great game.  I, without any doubt, want the 49ers to win out right.  I hope that it is a great game with the Niners in the lead comfortably.  Don't want too much stress.  Beyonce at halftime.  Whether she lip syncs or not, it should be entertaining.  Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem.  I am expecting a great game.  Enjoy the weekend wherever you are and whatever you do!  

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madam Secretary

Did anyone else watch the Congressional hearings on Ben Ghazi yesterday in real time? I thought that Hilary Clinton was fantastic.  Smart, eloquent, direct, and to the point.  When did Congressional hearings become thoroughly partisan?  Wasn't the point of Congressional hearings to get to the truth?  To suss out any inconsistencies, lies, missteps?  To ultimately learn from mistakes made and come to a conclusion?  Hasn't been that way for years.  The absolute disrespect shown to Secretary of State Clinton was clearly cut down party lines.  Most every Republican, Rand Paul being the most notable, spoke so rudely to Hilary Clinton that it was embarrassing.  All so concerned about how they appear to their constituents and followers and not that interested in the reason they are all assembled.  Clearly, if they can lay down the ground work for four years down the road they can build themselves up while trying to tear down Hilary Rodham Clinton.  That has nothing to do with learning from the terrible tragedy in Ben Ghazi, Libya.  It's all about positioning.  The Republicans have been elbowing each other out of the way for weeks trying to see who can position themselves on top of the possible Presidential candidacy of Clinton.  When she got sick, fainted, and was hospitalized, so many voices from the Right mocked her and were incredibly disrespectful towards her.  Many said she got the Ben Ghazi flu so she wouldn't have to testify.  Really?  When did Hilary Clinton ever back down from a fight?  When did she ever slither away from difficulties?  These people look so little and petty.  

Today's New York Post front page headline was a very unattractive, angry photo of Secretary of State Clinton with the words "NO WONDER BILL'S AFRAID."  That's what keeps perpetuating the Right and partisanship. Even reading John Podhoretz' column inside the Post pages, he bashes her the entire time, but he did get this right:
"...Clinton or her Capitol Hill interlocutors, who once again proved that the terms 'fact-finding' and 'congressional hearing' are mutually exclusive." I agree with that, so what a waste of time.  All the Democrats who questioned Ms. Clinton thanked her for her service,etc. Only one Republican wished her well, that I heard, and joked that he hopes she's successful in her future except for one area.  That was the laugh of the day. 

Congressional hearings began in good faith and over time and bitterness have disintegrated into partisan BS.  Who will ever forget the disgraceful questioning to Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings?  Absolutely the first time I remember it being so disgusting and hateful and it's only continued.  Stop it!  If you aren't interested in fact-finding, don't waste our time and tax dollars.  Throw all of them out!

Sidebars:  Okay, people, I am trying to watch American Idol, but it is getting increasingly more difficult. After all the hoopla about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey not getting along, I think it's all hype.  No different than any other panel of high profile, egomaniacal, narcissists.  Surprisingly, I think Nicki Minaj comes off the best. She seems like the least full of it between Mariah, Randy (who has said the same crap for 12 seasons), and Nicki.  I am not mentioning Keith Urban because the producers aren't giving him much air time yet.  He seems solid and benign.  Hope we hear more from him in the future.  I am finding Randy Jackson more unbearable than ever.  Just keeping it real, dog.  Still experience the deep freeze in the East.  Will it break this weekend?  It's as if we slipped into Canada.  We are getting flurries with blue skies.  How weird is that?  Send warm thoughts.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Second Term

The 2nd Inauguration of President Barack Obama didn't disappoint.  The pomp and circumstance is fantastic.  It's America at its finest.  Thousands of people from all over arrive ready to witness the swearing in of the President and Vice President.  President Obama made a beautiful speech, short and sweet.  I listened and couldn't believe that anyone could take the other side of it, but, lo and behold, Fox News and the NY Post felt he slapped the Far Right in the face.  Are you kidding me?  The President is laying out his vision for the next four years.  He spoke of gays and lesbians for the first time in any Inaugural address being treated equal in all ways.  He addressed women making the same salary as men. He addressed immigration.  He addressed bipartisanship and compromise.  In a 19 minute speech he covered a lot of ground and I found it very moving.  I didn't find it objectionable in any way, shape, or form.  The Brooklyn Tabernacle sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It was stellar, though I never realized how religious it was.  James Taylor sang America the Beautiful, simply and beautifully.  Kelly Clarkson sang My Country Tis of Thee and was both adorable and sounded great.  Beyonce did a magnificent version of the Star Spangled Banner, though she lip-synched (I guess, that's why she took her ear bud out).  I was worried that she would give it far too many flourishes, but she kept it fairly simple and sounded amazing.  I love patriotic music.  It moves me and sung well, it really moves me. The First Family looked so happy and loving.  Michelle Obama looked fabulous and the girls have grown so much and are turning into beauties. 

The Inaugural Parade never disappoints.  The throngs of people waiting to get a glimpse of the President through the thick glass, dark windows.  Hoping that he may stop and get out and walk.  When he does finally get out with his wife, it is thrilling.  It is also a little bit sad to me, because the security is so tight, which is important, I am reminded that it all changed when President John Kennedy was shot and killed.  In that moment, life changed forever for the office of the Presidency and all Americans.  

All in all, it was a glorious day. A reminder how seamlessly our democracy works at times.  I hope that you spent some time watching part or all of the day.  If you didn't, take the time to listen to Obama's speech.  It's well worth the time.  

Sidebars: So much that I've wanted to respond about.  I've been ruminating for weeks about Lance Armstrong.  I've never really said a word, but now I just have to say...what a total scumbag.  He lied, cheated, and attacked.  He sued friends and colleagues and ruined the lives of so many.  I have zero pity for him and don't think that he should ever be able to compete.  He took the faith and courage of many and abused their trust.  I think he is one of the worst cheaters of all time.  Can American cycling bring back Greg LeMond to be the face of what the sport was and could be again??  The Harbowl!  Need I say more, really?  This is the greatest Super Bowl in years.  The hype will be real and I do think it will be a great game.  If you aren't a football fan, Jim Harbaugh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers, is playing opposite his brother, John Harbaugh, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. They both won their respective games impressively to get to the big game. If you are a White Collar fan, it begins tonight for another season of shows on USA at 10pm. If you have never watched, it's not too late to jump in.  I have been watching NCIS a lot.  I had to give it a go because it is always rated very high in the television ratings.  I love Mark Harmon so it was easy.  It is still scoring big in its new episodes on Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.  Freezing in NYC now. It's January.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Reasonable Actions

Having such a difficult time trying to formulate my feelings this week.  I am stupified by the unreasonable, uncompromising, voices on the Far Right.  It really is difficult for me to compute it because it is for foreign to me.  I hear the voices from the NRA speak and I can't believe what I am hearing.  Have you listened to the cloaked fear mongering?  Maybe it's not cloaked.  I think you can tell that I can't figure out what to make of it.  I can't understand the justification for no gun control. I can't understand what could be the justification for assault weapons and huge bullet clips/magazines.  I can't understand why anyone needs an assault weapon.  Does anyone go hunting with an assault weapon and shoot off 60 bullets to kill a deer? Does anyone know what the numbers of assault weapons sold in America was before George W.?  I have a feeling that that was the beginning.  The Bush administration post 9/11 fed the blind fear of the "other."  People unlike themselves.  Religion that wasn't Christian.  Dark skin.  Burkas.  Hair coverings.  Confusion between Sikhs and Muslims.  

Which all led up to the greatest terror threat of African-American President.  People went crazy. Ape-shit. I am sure that many Americans felt threatened that the hierarchy, the circle of life, the very reason to get up in the morning was tossed upside down. We know that the South hasn't really gotten over losing to the North even 200 years later. A Black President?  The past four years has elevated, as Chris Matthews says, the dog whistles.  The people that fear are plugged into code rhetoric.  They hear from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, members of Congress, D****d Tr**p, VP nominees, Presidential nominees, it's become bizarrely prevalent.  General Colin Powell said it better than I ever could the other morning on Meet the Press.  He was talking about words used to describe the President: lazy, shucking and jiving, uppity, etc. Code words.  He was so clear that the current Republican party is not a party he can be part of.  Too much intolerance accepted under the Republican umbrella, so the Republican party of their beloved Reagan would never fly in today's current atmosphere.  

That the former VP nominee, current Congressman Paul Ryan voted against the financial bill to help the people decimated from Hurricane Sandy is unconscionable.  It's been said, but I will say it again.  No one thought twice to send money to the people hurt by Hurricane Katrina.  Of course, we wills send money to the devastated Gulf Coast, but to the Northeast???  We have to beg, plead, get angry, threaten, call them out to get what has never been a political decision but has always been the historical role of government.  What the hell is happening to this government?  For a professed group of Christians in Congress, they are not acting very Christ-like at all.  I can tell that I will keep ruminating about this because Congress is going to keep going around and around on issues that 4 years ago, weren't issues.  Do I think that there is wasted spending in government?  Absolutely, but there always has been.  Can budgets and spending be improved?  Absolutely but not in the non-governing, non-compromising, non-yielding way the Far Right is leading.  

Let's see if I can sum up this multi-layered, multi-idea'd, multi-thought rant.  If fear is the method of a segment of the population, then it makes sense that the gun owners want to stockpile guns. To what end?  Do they want to shoot their way into government?  Take the country back from the Black President?  I have never heard that phrase more than I have in the past 4 years.  "They" want to "take the country back." It's unnerving.  I feel impotent.  I don't know what's going to happen.  Can the majority of the people in this country, Republicans and Democrats and Independents, stand up and come to the table?  

Sidebars:  American Idol premiered for Season 12 with Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and Randy Jackson. Much has been made about the women not getting along.  Not sure I can tell yet, exactly, but I can tell that the show feels tired.  They now run video pieces for people that don't go to Hollywood. The ultimate pay-off...don't care.  Maybe when they get to Hollywood?  I haven't written about Lance Armstrong yet.  I will. Tonight is part one of the Lance Armstrong/Oprah Winfrey interview.  Much has been said, not by me...yet. Downton Abbey was heartbreaking this week.  The Knicks are in London playing a regular season game against the Pistons.  So dumb.  David Stern wants to globalize the NBA.  Really?  How much more do they want to take over?  Hugely popular worldwide.  What a waste of energy, travel, and talent.  Not a fan of this gimmick.  It's an afternoon game here today so no one will be watching but barflies....

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Monday, January 14, 2013


I have to.  I love the Golden Globes.  I loved them way before people even knew what they were.  When I was a kid they would be on a some small independent local station and I'd watch them with awe and fascination.  Drunk celebrities.  Seeing the actors in a very relaxed setting.  Never knew what they'd do or say.  One year Bette Midler fell under the table. She was hilarious.  Since they have become more popular and mainstream, they are a little bit tamer because it's now national television, but it is still the most fun award show of the season. Last night didn't let me down.  It is full of stars looking fabulous.  Only best acting, best picture, best TV, and director awards.  No "below the line" awards which are valuable but make the Oscars deadly dull. Only familiar faces getting up on the stage.  A true Hollywood fashion show. 

This year NBC had the Today Show crew on the red carpet. I didn't think they were very good at it and made me realize it is a skill set.  Regis Philbin was the first person I ever saw do red carpet interviews and he made it look effortless, so I never realized it was difficult, but Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, and Al Roker brought little to light.  Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic did a better show on E.  Guiliana, though I have new respect for her, looks like E.T. She shouldn't ever wear her hair off her face.  I look forward to Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police on E tonight.

Now, as far as the awards themselves....Thrilled about Ben Affleck.  The Academy nominations snubbed him and I think Argo was one of the top films of the year.  I was a bit surprised by Quentin Tarantino receiving the best screenplay award.  Thrilled that Christoph Waltz won for Django Unchained.  I thought he was fantastic. So happy for Hugh Jackman always. Daniel Day Lewis won deservedly for Lincoln.  Homeland won big.  Girls did too, which I don't watch, but always thrilled when a new young, woman gets acknowledged. Adele was brilliant in her speech for Best Song for Skyfall. Great surprises...President Bill Clinton introducing the clip for Lincoln!  Standing ovation and thunderous applause.

Jodie Foster.  She received the Cecil B. Demille Award.  Introduced by Robert Downey Jr. with a fast paced clip segment. Her speech was long, rambling, moving, and confusing. She honored her mother with beautiful heartfelt words.  Clearly, her mother must suffer with alzheimer's or some form of dementia.  She alluded to retiring at the end, but she clarified backstage that she wasn't, so not sure what she was trying to convey.  No matter, she is beautiful, accomplished, and a much-respected star.  The only thing that ever confuses me is her blind loyalty for Mel Gibson. I don't get it, but we should all be so lucky to have that good of a friend.  

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as the first female co-hosts for the Golden Globes were exquisite.  They were funny, charming, and beautiful.  The only problem was there wasn't enough of them.  They are one of the best comedic duos.  They have a great and easy rhythm together.  So, all in all, it was another great Golden Globes.  It's downhill from here.  

Sidebars:  Hurray for the San Francisco 49ers! Now they have to go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons.  Baltimore needs to beat the Patriots in Boston.  Clearly, rooting for a Harbaugh Super Bowl!  Come on, Harbaugh brothers. It's your time.  Because of the Globes, totally behind on the Sunday line-up.  I can't leave without mentioning the humorless Tommy Lee Jones.  No big surprise, but to catch it in full view on the Globes....Tonight is night number two for The Bachelor.  Also, The Biggest Loser is on, too.  Almost 60 degrees today, but going back to seasonal temperatures tomorrow.  

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Audible Sighs

My head is full of mucus and thoughts at the beginning of 2013.  It's making it more difficult to write because I think I thought that with the election over, it would all be different.  Woops, was I wrong. Seriously, nothing has changed. Michelle Bachman proposed a bill to obliterate Obamacare and Paul Ryan proposed another Personhood bill!! WTF?  Didn't we just have an election?  Are the Congressional members so myopic that they can't listen to all the people?  I do understand that Congress people have to answer to their constituents, but they are also here to serve the country.  I guess they didn't get that memo.  That we have to even hear about repealing Obamacare anymore is so tiresome.  Am I saying I like Obamacare?  I really don't know what to think about it but know that as long as there is profit making in healthcare, there won't be Universal healthcare.  Unfortunately for the U.S., we tried to do Universal healthcare too late.  Can't put the capitalistic genie back in the bottle.  As far as Personhood, enough.  I don't understand how anyone can seriously consider it.  Paul Ryan must want to destroy any future Presidential hopes to continue on this path.  Do you understand Personhood?  Do you realize how incredibly out of line it is?  As far as Paul Ryan is concerned, from the moment of conception the fertilized egg has full legal rights. Rights to property!  It would take away many forms of contraception and fertility methods.  Unbelievable!  The Republicans have got to re-focus or implode. They can't possibly win a national election continuing on this path.  I don't root against Republicans.  I root against stupidity, ignorance, religiosity and money in politics. I'm thinking a Hilary Clinton/Chris Christie ticket in 2016.

Speaking of money in politics.  Can I say that the NRA is incredibly stubborn and immoveable?  They are against anything other than more guns.  Why doesn't someone do an expose and follow the NRA money?  Matt Taibbi can you?  Do to the NRA what you have done to Wall Street and the banks.  If all the money is from the manufacturing and sales of more guns, then isn't that a problem for the whole picture?  Compromise.  That isn't a bad word though the Republicans have made it one. This conversation will continue.

Sidebars:  Saw Django Unchained.  Kind of a ball; a little bit long.  It's to Blacks as Inglorious Bastards was to Jews, though I don't think it's as good a film.  Bitter that Ben Affleck wasn't nominated for Best Director by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.  I still think Argo was the best film this year.  It was among the shortest of the Best Picture nominations.  I still have a few more movies to see, but doing better than most recent years.  It's Friday.  Shark Tank is on tonight.  Still highly recommend it and a great family show.  Anyone see Justin Timberlake's short video about himself and how torturous it is to do albums?  Why Jason, why???  Can't you share your angst with your agent, manager, and wife?  Spare us?  It snowed in Jerusalem!  Climate change? I think so.  Golden Globes are Sunday night.  By far the best awards show!! Enjoy your weekend!  

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh, Brent....

So, you're at home watching the BCS Championship game on Monday night between Alabama and Notre Dame.  The game is in Miami.  Alabama took a 14-0 lead early in the first half.  It got worse from there so many people turned the station.  Even Kelly Ripa reported today that her husband, Mark Consuelos, a Notre Dame alum, said,"  okay you can turn to The Bachelor. " So, I have a little itty bit of empathy for the announcers trying to keep the audience awake and with them.  But, and this is a big but, Brent Musberger spotted the Alabama quarterback's girlfriend in the stands and made very creepy and uncomfortable comments about her beauty.  Did you see it?  Hear it?  It has blown up Twitter and the internet today.  

Brent Musberger is 73 years old.  He's been at this far too long and definitely longer than I ever expected.  He's from the dinosaur generation when objectifying a woman was an everyday mundane event.  Happily we have come far enough that what would have gone unnoticed years ago has legs and getting lots of attention.  It took Mr. Musberger almost 24 hours to apologize for his over zealous words towards the 'Bama quarterback's girlfriend.  I am sure he didn't think he did or said anything out of the ordinary until his handlers or network said, "Brent, you have to stop this. Apologize."  It's not that he spoke about how beautiful she is; it's that we could actually hear his salivary glands working overtime.

In case you missed it and don't know what I am talking about, here's one of the many links to listen:

Brent lives in the world of Mad Men but it is now 2013. Errant comments by people have taken down many men in sports.  Do I think this is going to take down Brent Musberger, no. Should it? No, but that hasn't stopped others from losing their careers over less publicized comments.  

Sidebars:  So many to choose from, really. Downton Abbey began it's 3rd season and again, a stellar beginning.  Can't get enough.  The Good Wife is still struggling in story lines.  They ended the Kalinda/criminal husband storyline, thankfully, but now they are focussing on another unbelievable plot with the character of Eli.  It needs to stop.  It's annoying and stupid. The Bachelor started Monday night with Sean Lowe as the bachelor.  Clearly, The Bachelor producers have a very difficult problem being inclusive and diverse.  This year they introduced 4 gorgeous African-American women and a woman born with one arm.  Have you seen Sean?  He is lily white.  Sean gave flowers to two of the African-American women and the one-armed woman.  It's dicey.  I don't know what they are to do but it doesn't seem practical or realistic. There were two inebriated women. One got a rose, the other didn't and we, the audience, didn't get to see her departure. She must have passed out.  The Biggest Loser began with a two night season premiere.  Gillian Michaels is already down to two team members.  Welcome back, Gillian. Have you seen the Showtime series by Oliver Stone about untold history?  Watched one last night.  Boy is it depressing. Interesting, but depressing.  Check it out if you happen to come across it on your dial. Seriously. Tonight Modern Family!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Les Miz

Okay, for those who know me,  I am a huge lover of Les Miserables.  Not only did I love the show, hook, line, and sinker, it has a significant place in my heart for all the incredible people I was honored to meet.  My memories as an audience member are vivid.  I saw the show 17 times.  Grant you, I didn't pay all those times and I was seeing clients go on in different roles, but I love the show.  Cried like a baby every single time. 

When the Broadway revival happened a few years ago, I was so excited to take my kids.  It was sorely disappointing.  The woman playing the role of Fantine couldn't sing.  That was a huge gaping hole.  So, you can only imagine my joy when one of my favorite actors was announced to play Jean Valjean in the movie version.  I couldn't think of anyone better in today's market than Hugh Jackman to helm such an epic musical.  When they announced Russell Crowe as Javert, it did give me pause, but still excited.  When Anne Hathaway was cast as Fantine, felt like things were going in the right direction. The movie studio announced that Les Miserables would be released Christmas Day.  I couldn't imagine a better Christmas present to me. Thought I'd be the first one on my block to see it, but as time got closer, more and more people saw screenings and gave their opinions everywhere.  I saw one person on Facebook who vehemently hated it and he wasn't even a friend of mine, but his opinions popped up on my newsfeed.  I started to lose my bearings. I felt wobbly.  

I started reading in the newspapers about the "changes."  I hate change.  I was feeling a bit more shaken and uncertain that this dream of this grand theatrical experience could be realized on the silver screen. I began to feel uncertain of the joys of going with my family or anyone else for that matter.  This show, so dear to my heart....I just wasn't sure anymore what was the best way to see it.  Christmas came and went.  I didn't go.  New Year's 2013 rang in and still hadn't made it to the theatre.  Finally, today, I woke up and walked to the last movie house in Manhattan, The Ziegfeld.  The Ziegfeld Theatre was a great movie theatre, struggling to survive in these days of multiplexes.  To see a movie on a huge screen is a great reminder of what movies are supposed to be like.  Anyway, I digress.

I sat down in a perfect seat in the balcony with no head or body blocking my vision.  I was thrilled to be there after so many years ( I think the last time was opening of the movie Chicago). Eighteen minutes of previews later, I heard the downbeat that I recognize so well.  I was fascinated by the choices of the director, Tom Hooper.  I couldn't even tell you if the prison scenes were accurate because on the stage it was just grueling work.  It never occurred to me what the work actually was. Hundreds of men and then the camera lands on Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean.  The camera pans to Russell Crowe as Javert.  If I am to be fair about the movie, the scenes that killed me on stage every time, destroyed me still.  Sobbed in parts. But, I didn't like the new songs.  I had flashes of Funny Girl devotees going to see the movie for the first time.  Don't mess with it.  The new songs didn't add and felt like cinematic manipulations that were unnecessary. I noted a few cuts.  One that really annoyed me.  It would only bother someone who really knows the show, but they cut "LeMarque is dead." Tom Hooper thankfully cut much of the wedding scene and song.  Never one of my favorites.  I did think that Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter (must have three names to play these parts, I guess) as Monsieur and Madame Thenadier were very enjoyable.  Anne Hathaway soared as Fantine. Russell Crowe was okay.  I think it may have been better to hire an unknown actor to play opposite Hugh Jackman.  Someone who vocally can hold their own. Russell couldn't. I love Hugh Jackman, so though I may not think it rose to the perfection of Colm Wilkinson's performance on Broadway, he was great.  How fitting that they gave Colm Wilkinson the role of "God."  

I could go on and on, really, but don't want to spoil it for anyone that still hasn't taken the time to see it.  Even with it's imperfections, I think it is well worth seeing.  

Sidebars:  Can I complain about Sunday nights again?  Why, oh why, do the programmers put all good things on the same night?  Tonight, the long awaited season 3 of Downton Abbey begins.  Also, there are new episodes of The Good Wife and The Mentalist after weeks of reruns tonight.  And The Biggest Loser with Jillian Michaels return also starts tonight.  I'm sure there are football games, too.  There's no doubt that Downton Abbey will get my initial attention and everything else will have to wait.  To all you fellow D.A. people, enjoy tonight's first episode!  Can't wait!  

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Finally 2013

After the longest last week of my entire life, I made it to 2013.  Not without a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.  Anyone who may know me knows my love for my dog, Chloe.  She's more than a dog and everyone who has met her loves her.  She's a very special baby, and yes, everyone feels that way about their own dog.  She's six years and 11 months.  When she was 4, she started acting off and we took her to the vet.  They said she needed an eye specialist, dog ophthalmologist.  She was diagnosed with glaucoma in her left eye. The doctors couldn't get her eye pressure down so after a little bit, she had surgery and got a prosthetic eye.  She looked amazing and I would tell you that not a day went by that I didn't think she was looking straight at me with both eyes with love and affection. 

So for 2 1/2 years she has been thriving and basically the same.  Last week, something changed.  Chloe was bumping into things and feeling tentative. We upped her drops that she'd been given since her surgery and there was no change.  Of course, the worst time to get sick is Christmas weekend for people and animals. It was getting exceedingly worse and we ran her to the Animal Medical Center.  Her "good" eye was having an acute glaucoma attack.  Her eye pressure was in the 50's (supposed to be below 15).  They recommended that she stay overnight and then we'd decide the next step.  The pain as a "parent" was unfathomable.  Of course, you only want the best for your children.  The next day, the pressure came down but was still too high.  We brought her home for Christmas Day with more drops and medicine and would return when her doctor was back. 

We went to see Dr. V and discussed our options.  One was a surgery that was a last ditch effort and cost a lot of money.  We talked about the pros and cons and decided that it was a surgery for the parents, not the dog. People must do it so they can say they did everything they could, but the result rate at this point was very poor. We decided that she has a tiny bit of sight left, but in people terms is legally blind.  I likened it to that figure skater's mother that had to sit with the television right up to her nose.  Anyway, we modified her medicine. Her eye pressure that day was around 20, which is still too high but much lower from where we began. We brought Chloe home.  

We are incredibly mindful of Chloe on walks, on the stairs, the bed, everywhere. We are now her eyes.  Her spirit is still as sweet as always.  There may be surgery in her future, but for now, we are giving each other love and comfort. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. She brings so much to us and only hope that we give her back at least half of what she gives us.  

Sidebars:  Tried to get away for a few days to Florida and began with two sick kids.  Not great weather. Many laughs though with my Mom.  How much it means to me to see my kids with her.  Returned with one sick kid, again. The initial tweet and reports about Hilary Clinton were so concerning.  She has become an important figure and whether or not she runs for President for 2013, all I want is her health and well-being.  The current reports are very good and her prognosis is for a full recovery!  I am starting the new year with an "eh" feeling.  The politics of this Nation is ludicrous and hard to take.  I give no kudos for doing their job.  Not even a full job.  And they give us nothing to look forward to because we all know that the debt ceiling discussion is coming in a few short weeks.  So, it's a new chronological year but most of the same garbage.  If I take politics out of my horizon, the year looks bright and hopeful.  I cling to that!  A healthy and happy 2013 to all!!

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