Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh, Brent....

So, you're at home watching the BCS Championship game on Monday night between Alabama and Notre Dame.  The game is in Miami.  Alabama took a 14-0 lead early in the first half.  It got worse from there so many people turned the station.  Even Kelly Ripa reported today that her husband, Mark Consuelos, a Notre Dame alum, said,"  okay you can turn to The Bachelor. " So, I have a little itty bit of empathy for the announcers trying to keep the audience awake and with them.  But, and this is a big but, Brent Musberger spotted the Alabama quarterback's girlfriend in the stands and made very creepy and uncomfortable comments about her beauty.  Did you see it?  Hear it?  It has blown up Twitter and the internet today.  

Brent Musberger is 73 years old.  He's been at this far too long and definitely longer than I ever expected.  He's from the dinosaur generation when objectifying a woman was an everyday mundane event.  Happily we have come far enough that what would have gone unnoticed years ago has legs and getting lots of attention.  It took Mr. Musberger almost 24 hours to apologize for his over zealous words towards the 'Bama quarterback's girlfriend.  I am sure he didn't think he did or said anything out of the ordinary until his handlers or network said, "Brent, you have to stop this. Apologize."  It's not that he spoke about how beautiful she is; it's that we could actually hear his salivary glands working overtime.

In case you missed it and don't know what I am talking about, here's one of the many links to listen:

Brent lives in the world of Mad Men but it is now 2013. Errant comments by people have taken down many men in sports.  Do I think this is going to take down Brent Musberger, no. Should it? No, but that hasn't stopped others from losing their careers over less publicized comments.  

Sidebars:  So many to choose from, really. Downton Abbey began it's 3rd season and again, a stellar beginning.  Can't get enough.  The Good Wife is still struggling in story lines.  They ended the Kalinda/criminal husband storyline, thankfully, but now they are focussing on another unbelievable plot with the character of Eli.  It needs to stop.  It's annoying and stupid. The Bachelor started Monday night with Sean Lowe as the bachelor.  Clearly, The Bachelor producers have a very difficult problem being inclusive and diverse.  This year they introduced 4 gorgeous African-American women and a woman born with one arm.  Have you seen Sean?  He is lily white.  Sean gave flowers to two of the African-American women and the one-armed woman.  It's dicey.  I don't know what they are to do but it doesn't seem practical or realistic. There were two inebriated women. One got a rose, the other didn't and we, the audience, didn't get to see her departure. She must have passed out.  The Biggest Loser began with a two night season premiere.  Gillian Michaels is already down to two team members.  Welcome back, Gillian. Have you seen the Showtime series by Oliver Stone about untold history?  Watched one last night.  Boy is it depressing. Interesting, but depressing.  Check it out if you happen to come across it on your dial. Seriously. Tonight Modern Family!

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