Friday, January 11, 2013

Audible Sighs

My head is full of mucus and thoughts at the beginning of 2013.  It's making it more difficult to write because I think I thought that with the election over, it would all be different.  Woops, was I wrong. Seriously, nothing has changed. Michelle Bachman proposed a bill to obliterate Obamacare and Paul Ryan proposed another Personhood bill!! WTF?  Didn't we just have an election?  Are the Congressional members so myopic that they can't listen to all the people?  I do understand that Congress people have to answer to their constituents, but they are also here to serve the country.  I guess they didn't get that memo.  That we have to even hear about repealing Obamacare anymore is so tiresome.  Am I saying I like Obamacare?  I really don't know what to think about it but know that as long as there is profit making in healthcare, there won't be Universal healthcare.  Unfortunately for the U.S., we tried to do Universal healthcare too late.  Can't put the capitalistic genie back in the bottle.  As far as Personhood, enough.  I don't understand how anyone can seriously consider it.  Paul Ryan must want to destroy any future Presidential hopes to continue on this path.  Do you understand Personhood?  Do you realize how incredibly out of line it is?  As far as Paul Ryan is concerned, from the moment of conception the fertilized egg has full legal rights. Rights to property!  It would take away many forms of contraception and fertility methods.  Unbelievable!  The Republicans have got to re-focus or implode. They can't possibly win a national election continuing on this path.  I don't root against Republicans.  I root against stupidity, ignorance, religiosity and money in politics. I'm thinking a Hilary Clinton/Chris Christie ticket in 2016.

Speaking of money in politics.  Can I say that the NRA is incredibly stubborn and immoveable?  They are against anything other than more guns.  Why doesn't someone do an expose and follow the NRA money?  Matt Taibbi can you?  Do to the NRA what you have done to Wall Street and the banks.  If all the money is from the manufacturing and sales of more guns, then isn't that a problem for the whole picture?  Compromise.  That isn't a bad word though the Republicans have made it one. This conversation will continue.

Sidebars:  Saw Django Unchained.  Kind of a ball; a little bit long.  It's to Blacks as Inglorious Bastards was to Jews, though I don't think it's as good a film.  Bitter that Ben Affleck wasn't nominated for Best Director by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.  I still think Argo was the best film this year.  It was among the shortest of the Best Picture nominations.  I still have a few more movies to see, but doing better than most recent years.  It's Friday.  Shark Tank is on tonight.  Still highly recommend it and a great family show.  Anyone see Justin Timberlake's short video about himself and how torturous it is to do albums?  Why Jason, why???  Can't you share your angst with your agent, manager, and wife?  Spare us?  It snowed in Jerusalem!  Climate change? I think so.  Golden Globes are Sunday night.  By far the best awards show!! Enjoy your weekend!  

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