Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madam Secretary

Did anyone else watch the Congressional hearings on Ben Ghazi yesterday in real time? I thought that Hilary Clinton was fantastic.  Smart, eloquent, direct, and to the point.  When did Congressional hearings become thoroughly partisan?  Wasn't the point of Congressional hearings to get to the truth?  To suss out any inconsistencies, lies, missteps?  To ultimately learn from mistakes made and come to a conclusion?  Hasn't been that way for years.  The absolute disrespect shown to Secretary of State Clinton was clearly cut down party lines.  Most every Republican, Rand Paul being the most notable, spoke so rudely to Hilary Clinton that it was embarrassing.  All so concerned about how they appear to their constituents and followers and not that interested in the reason they are all assembled.  Clearly, if they can lay down the ground work for four years down the road they can build themselves up while trying to tear down Hilary Rodham Clinton.  That has nothing to do with learning from the terrible tragedy in Ben Ghazi, Libya.  It's all about positioning.  The Republicans have been elbowing each other out of the way for weeks trying to see who can position themselves on top of the possible Presidential candidacy of Clinton.  When she got sick, fainted, and was hospitalized, so many voices from the Right mocked her and were incredibly disrespectful towards her.  Many said she got the Ben Ghazi flu so she wouldn't have to testify.  Really?  When did Hilary Clinton ever back down from a fight?  When did she ever slither away from difficulties?  These people look so little and petty.  

Today's New York Post front page headline was a very unattractive, angry photo of Secretary of State Clinton with the words "NO WONDER BILL'S AFRAID."  That's what keeps perpetuating the Right and partisanship. Even reading John Podhoretz' column inside the Post pages, he bashes her the entire time, but he did get this right:
"...Clinton or her Capitol Hill interlocutors, who once again proved that the terms 'fact-finding' and 'congressional hearing' are mutually exclusive." I agree with that, so what a waste of time.  All the Democrats who questioned Ms. Clinton thanked her for her service,etc. Only one Republican wished her well, that I heard, and joked that he hopes she's successful in her future except for one area.  That was the laugh of the day. 

Congressional hearings began in good faith and over time and bitterness have disintegrated into partisan BS.  Who will ever forget the disgraceful questioning to Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings?  Absolutely the first time I remember it being so disgusting and hateful and it's only continued.  Stop it!  If you aren't interested in fact-finding, don't waste our time and tax dollars.  Throw all of them out!

Sidebars:  Okay, people, I am trying to watch American Idol, but it is getting increasingly more difficult. After all the hoopla about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey not getting along, I think it's all hype.  No different than any other panel of high profile, egomaniacal, narcissists.  Surprisingly, I think Nicki Minaj comes off the best. She seems like the least full of it between Mariah, Randy (who has said the same crap for 12 seasons), and Nicki.  I am not mentioning Keith Urban because the producers aren't giving him much air time yet.  He seems solid and benign.  Hope we hear more from him in the future.  I am finding Randy Jackson more unbearable than ever.  Just keeping it real, dog.  Still experience the deep freeze in the East.  Will it break this weekend?  It's as if we slipped into Canada.  We are getting flurries with blue skies.  How weird is that?  Send warm thoughts.

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