Friday, June 29, 2012

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Honestly, the political news is another Space Mountain ride.  First, Chief Justice Roberts upheld the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate.  Second, the NRA wormed their way into the vote to find Eric Holder in contempt of court and the Republican Congress voted the NRA way.

This outcome, yet again, shows why money must get out of politics.  If the NRA didn't own so many politicians, their power would be cut down to size.  It's not just the NRA, they are just among the biggest bullies.  I don't like the leaders/mouthpieces of the NRA.  Hearing Ted Nugent say that if he endorses Mitt Romney he wants Mitt to promise to free up gun control laws.  Free up?  The gun lobby has fought for the rights of gun owners at a ridiculous cost.  I have said before and I will say it again,  I am not against hunters having rifles. I am not against a family owning a handgun for self protection.  I am against assault weapons.  I am against people being able to stockpile guns and ammunition.  In the state of Arizona, a person over 18 can buy 20 guns at a time.  They could be assault weapons.  They could be hunting rifles.  They are all treated the same.  That is appalling.  I hate all their outrage that we who aren't gun owners/lovers are always trying to take the guns away.  The Second Amendment gets thrown around more than any other Amendment.  Really?  What would happen if the USA passed laws that only handguns, hunting rifles, and sharpshooter guns could be bought and sold?  What hindrance would it cause any law abiding citizen?  The answer that we all know is none.  

The Left is not trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens. Common sense, which is clearly not common anymore, would say assault weapons are not necessary. They don't even need to manufacture them unless needed by law enforcement or military.  Why is that a problem?  

If we could take the money and lobbyists out of politics, we would actually have the democracy that our Founding Fathers created.  It's the most unbearable system that lobbying groups can threaten politicians with their power and money.  That is not democracy.  That is plain old bullying.  And we wonder where the kids get it from....

Sidebars:  Anne Curry's tearful goodbye was very moving.  It wasn't her fault that it didn't work out.  They hired her and they made her fall on the sword.  NBC execs have made some huge public blunders in the past few years. This is just the latest.  Kathy Griffin's Bravo show last night was a gem.  If you don't laugh out loud, I will be shocked.  Jane Fonda classic!  To be replayed over and over again. Hot, hot, hot here in NYC.  Oy vey!  Making time for Magic Mike this weekend.  Should be easy on such a hot weekend.  Let's make it hotter.  Women out there, leave your men at home, and make time for it.  Happy weekend everyone!

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