Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not So Tony

Okay, so I am doing some Wednesday morning quarterbacking.  Did you watch the Tony Awards on CBS?  First of all, I have watched the Tonys for over 40 years.  I have no real idea what has changed.  I've aged.  The Tonys have too, but is it the quality of shows that has changed or my life experience?  Remembering how years ago the broadcast seemed so classy and splendiferous.  Gorgeous production numbers.  Introducing me to new shows and actors.  It was always the first Sunday in June, until a few years ago.  They changed it to to the second Sunday in June and for New Yorkers Puerto Rican Day Parade, but I digress.  This year I had renewed interest because one of my oldest and dearest friends was wholly responsible for guiding and nurturing Newsies to Broadway and another dear friend is in it. Once was a show that I saw Off-Broadway and just loved so much.  Besides there were two ex-clients in it.  Always great to see people again in this crazy business.  

Again, I veer off course.  The show began at 8pm Sunday.  Opened with last years best musical, The Book of Mormon, performing.  Great number, but it was last year's winner and still difficult to get tickets to so doesn't need more exposure.  Then, Neil Patrick Harris performed his opening number, which was flawless.  He is a great host.  As the show ran on for three hours, it was hard to care.  The producers chose to take time for shows that have already closed.  Though, I understand the importance of entertaining, it is an awards show and many of the few awards given out do not get national airtime.  Ridiculous.  I think that CBS and the producers have lost sight of the point of the show.  The Tony Awards are never going to be the Oscars nor should they be.  Maybe it is too removed from most of America to matter. They do not get good ratings. Down again this year by a large margin, with little competition other than the season finale of Mad Men.  So why not do them with the utmost respect and honor all winners.  Can you believe that Bernadette Peters and Manny Azenberg didn't receive their lifetime humanitarian and achievement awards, respectively, on air?  That Chris Galletti, the choreographer of Newsies, didn't get to have his moment on national television?  None of the creative designers got air time. There aren't that many awards for theatre.  It's not like the Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys.  So, if they aren't getting the ratings and only I and four others  are watching, why not show all of the acceptance speeches, cut all the shows that have closed, even if nominated.  Maybe they shouldn't even nominate closed shows....

Sidebars:  Bunheads on ABC Family starring Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop, Tony Award winning actresses.  I think that it is worth a look see.  It is created by the Gilmore Girls gang.  First show, very promising.  Check it out. The Bachelorette is moving along fast.  They are off to Croatia next week.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Chicago and going to Napa. Oy vey! The Oklahoma City Thunder stormed back to beat the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA finals!!! Yay!! Keep going Thunder!  The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez tied Lou Gehrig's record for the most grand slams!!!  It's quiet here in NYC, cloudy and rainy.

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  1. a girl Evan went to school with is also on Bunheads - Julia Goldani-Telles. I'll have to check it out. xoxo