Monday, June 4, 2012

Merit Pay

Oh, where to begin?  My mind has just been swimming in thoughts about politics, music, sports, pop culture, etc.  So many things to mull over and hard to focus.  What I decided to focus on for the moment...Congress.  What a big waste of time they are!  Remember when Mitch McConnell stood up right after Obama became President and proclaimed that their raison d'etre was to make sure that Obama didn't get re-elected??  Remember that?  Is that why we sent the men and women to Congress and the Senate?  I thought we sent them there to make law and pass bills.  I never imagined that we elected people to Washington D.C. to obstruct for their own gain.  See?  I still have a bit of Pollyanna in me, even after all these years.

Wouldn't it have been better if Congress passed a bunch of bills that proved how incapable Obama is?  Wouldn't that be a better platform?  Proving him wrong?  No, not their way.  So to that, I say, let's change the salary structure of the men and women in Congress.  Let's pay them per passage of bills that help the country.  Let's pay them on a merit basis only.  There is no real consequence so let's make one.  Instead of a yearly salary, let's decide based on the importance and necessity to the country. Wouldn't that be something?  We might actually get things done then in D.C.  Instead of obstructing or fundraising at all times, we only give out payment for jobs done.  Oh, I love that idea.  Of course, no one would pass it, because they don't pass anything against themselves.  They only present bills about social issues to fire up the base.  It's a disgrace.  That would be considered a very unimportant bill, so few dollars would be paid if any for that.  

Did you know that a bill was presented in Congress last week to make it illegal to do gender abortions?  Really?  That's what they are spending their time doing?  What about jobs?  What about roads and bridges?  Thankfully, it didn't pass.  First of all, let me make it clear, I don't think that anyone should have gender abortions, but to make it against the law?  Who would go to jail?  And it isn't a rampant problem to be solved in this country, so why spend tax dollars on it at all?  It's a disgrace.  I want my country back from the wackos and the religious crazies.  It isn't right.  We are supposed to be a country for all and we are now a country for a sect.  So, let's shake things up!  Pay these ***holes per passed bill based on urgency, necessity, and all Americans!  A girl can dream, can't she?

Sidebars:  Big news that Bill Maher is now a minority owner of the NY Mets!  He was at the game last night and so was I!  If only I had seen him, it would have made it perfect.  Went to see my son's school chorus sing the National Anthem.  Nothing I love more than choral singing and they sounded gorgeous.  Hadn't been to Citi Field before and it was beautiful.  A very impressive park and hope that the Mets find their footing and success.  It was Hall of Fame night, too, so many of the old great players that I knew were there (John Franco, Darryl Strawberry, Al Leiter, David Cone, Dwight Gooden, Brett Saberhagen, Mookie Wilson, and more).  Stunning skies, venue, and singing!  

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Let's put them on incentive pay.