Thursday, May 31, 2012


One of my proudest moments in recent election history was when Senator John McCain stood up and did the right thing.  He was at a political rally and a woman talked about Obama being a Muslim and was starting to go on. McCain took the mike away and corrected her.  He had the strength and integrity to do the right thing, even while running for the Presidency.  Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, George Will, journalist and Republican, called Donald Trump a bloviating ignoramus.  How incredible!  So why are those moments so rare?  It's really difficult for me to write about politics, because I feel like I am saying the same things over and over again.  I don't understand why people don't stand up and correct errors or lies.  Donald Trump is without doubt perpetuating a lie about President Obama.  It's all about the Donald.  There is no way that he really believes what he is saying.  No way. If he does, than he has early onset dementia.  

Did anyone see Damn Yankees?  Mitt Romney is the Joe Hardy of this election cycle.  He has sold his soul to the devils of the Republican party so he can win at any cost.  The fact that Romney doesn't have the strength of character that John McCain had, shows how spineless and malleable he is.  This week, Trump held a fundraiser for him in Vegas.  At the same time that Trump is still trumpeting and perpetuating that Obama wasn't born in America, Romney is scooping up all the money. What kind of leadership skills is he showing?  It is a disgrace to all Americans. I hate to overdramatize the situation, but it feels that the Republicans are akin to the pre-WW2 Germans.  See nothing, say nothing.  I don't believe that all Republicans are bad or evil.  On the contrary,  I just want people to stand up and do what's right.  

I always hear that if you say something enough, it becomes the truth.  I don't want to live like that.  Do you?  Don't you wish the the Muslims stood against the Islamic terrorists?  Didn't it feel that saying nothing made them part of the problem?  I know how scary it must be to speak out.  I can be brazen in the comfort of my own living room, but really people, isn't it better to speak out against wrongs and injustices no matter what???  Did you see that Meghan McCain is being called fat and getting death threats because she is a more moderate Republican blogger.  Really people???  Is that how it is?  Shouldn't we be fighting for Freedom of Speech more than anything?  The fear is palpable in this country.  Most don't want to speak out for reason and truth.  There is opinion. There is also fact and truth.  If Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh are spewing venom and lies and keep repeating them over and over again, people "less smart" think it's all true.  How could these men (for example) be where they are today if they aren't telling the truth??  There is a lot of danger in speech, but no more danger than when there is silence from the majority.

Sidebars:  Do you think that TV execs know that it is finals time?  Television has come to a complete halt.  If you don't like baseball, basketball, or hockey, all there really is are Law and Orders and Criminal Minds.  Kind of dreary.  Though I do like sports.  Pains me to see the Heat beating the Celtics in OT.  Kills me.  Wish they were a more likable group of guys.  Did you hear the one about P Diddy's son getting a scholarship to UCLA?  Based on merit with a 3.75 GPA and playing football.  It's a little hard to swallow, but he isn't taking it away from someone who needs financial aid.  He earned it.  Maybe Diddy could set up a scholarship fund in return.  With California in such financial straights....On the Today Show they said the $54,000 scholarship won't cover his total tuition!  to UCLA???!!! Ridiculous.  He must be out of state but just ridiculous.  By now you have probably heard about the huge faux pas on yesterday's Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Martin Short. Don't believe the papers. Watch it yourself.  It was one of the most surreal conversations to witness. When Kathie Lee started to go on about Martin and Nancy's amazing marriage and how long they've been married, he didn't miss a beat. I felt a bit funny because somewhere in the recesses of my memory, I thought his wife died, but you'd never get that from their repartee.  
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  1. Romney's memory is very short. When his father ran for president birthplace became an issue because George Romney was born in Mexico. Yett Mitt takes the money Trump is funneling him and not saying a word about the ridiculous things Trump is saying. "Spineless" is a perfect description.