Monday, May 21, 2012

A Slight to Summer

Okay, now that I slept on it, I am still not over it.  None of the papers reported.  The TV critics skipped over it.  And I can't get passed it.  The Billboard Awards last night planned yet another tribute to Whitney Houston.  The untimely announcement of Robin Gibb's much too early death from cancer was met with murmurs and groans in the MGM Grand arena and a moment of silence.  Donna Summer.  Well, they brought Natasha Bedingfield out to pay homage.  Somewhat an odd choice, but said all the right things about her impact on music and female singers.  She then started to sing Last Dance.  Sounding good, one of the few live performances, messed up the lyrics, recovered, and then ABC started doing voice over promos within 90 seconds and then cut to commercial!  I was so shocked and outraged that I immediately posted to Facebook.  Thought that would do it, but it doesn't.  It was the rudest, tackiest, and disrespectful decision I have ever seen.  If the producers and ABC weren't going to give Donna Summer's passing her rightful homage, then don't do anything.  For those of us who mark her passing as a huge loss, they cheapened it and slighted us all.  I wish that we could have seen Natasha Bedingfield's face.  Maybe she didn't know.  

On the Today Show's 4th hour the pop culture talking head spoke about the Awards show and never mentioned the slight.  Mentioned that most people lipsynched, but not the complete appalling dismissal of Donna Summer.  You may want to slap me, but I am so over Whitney's self-induced tragic death.  Enough, enough, enough. I would have been much more impressed if the producers could have put together an homage to Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.  Two people that hugely transformed music and dance clubs.  I might even say without Donna Summer there may not have been a Whitney.  So, I am done with Whitney.  I have put her in her rightful place.  I am still processing the loss of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb.  The slap in the face that the Billboard Awards gave me last night, just riled me up more.  I want a national magazine, critic, talking head comment on it.  Someone that can reach many.  I wish it was I, but it isn't yet.  

I was in the car and brought my Donna Summer CD's to play.  It made me so happy.  The memories. The beat. The music.  The soaring voice.  In my next trip to the car, it will be the BeeGees.  I had no idea that Robin Gibb gets all the credit. I always thought it was Barry.  My heart goes out to Barry Gibb.  Burying three younger brothers.  It isn't right.  

Sidebars:  Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice.  Out shined Clay Aiken.  They became BFF's. The Jersey Housewives continue to keep me hooked.  Tonight the final dance for Dancing With the Stars finalists. Tomorrow, the mirror ball is given to the winner.  The Bachelorette begins dating tonight.  Oy vey and good luck.  Raining in NYC and chilly.  If anyone hears anything about Donna Summer and the Billboard Awards, please let me know.   Enjoy your day.

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  1. unbelievable. didn't know. didn't see it. so offensive. i am outraged even though i wasn't there to see the offense. thanks for being there.