Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sedentary Revolutionary

Okay, people, it's time.  We need to figure out how to inspire the young and get them to rally around the President again.  It's imperative that we back Obama and elect any or all Democratic Congressman and Senators. Until the Republicans return to sanity, we can't let them take over the asylum.  With the loss of Republican Senator Luger to another obstructionist Tea Party candidate, it more important than ever.  I am so sick of the extremists.  S-I-C-K!  How the hell did we get here and how do we get out?  Well, as far as I can tell, it's the young generation of voters. They have to stand up and be counted. Each and every one of them.  They need to get voters to the polling booths. They have to give their time. Escort the elderly and disenfranchised. They have to fight against marginalizing the voters with photo ID's. They have to donate a few bucks to every candidate that will be running against the crazies.  

Why shouldn't the youth rise up?  The Senate wouldn't even vote to help keep down the rate of interest on student loans.  Couldn't even get it to a vote!  Really?  The legislative bodies all over this country are getting far too involved in women's wombs, marriage equality, tearing down civil liberties all across the board.  I will repeatedly say, I don't get it.  I don't understand the thought process to obstruct change and advancement.  I don't.  The inabaility to compromise and be reasonable evades me completely.  

So people, how do we do it?  How do we reach out to the young people and get them fired up and help them realize that it is truly their future on the line.  I am not just speaking economic future. The social issues that keep getting thrown into battle need to be defended.  How do we get people at all campuses across the country to rally and do something?  I know one person in college.  Maybe I can start a fire under his butt and he can, in turn, light up others.  It's not that I am feeling gloomy about this, but I am feeling the urgency.  The religious right is ruling the Republican party right now.  Their mantra was stop Obama. Our mantra must be stop them.  They can't continue to rule politics in the country.  If they do, they must give up tax exemption and stop calling themselves preachers and relabel themselves what they are, lobbyists.  After President Obama's declaration in support of marriage equality, the Right raised $3million dollars in 90 minutes!!!!!  Do you hear that? 90 minutes!!!!!!!!

So people that read this, how do we do it?  How do we reach the young? How do we impart how important they are to the future of this country?  Thoughts people?  Come on, join me. We must figure this out.  There is no room for religion in public policy. We don't all believe in the same thing.  Do not let the RNC and the extremists steal our country!  Funny, they say the same thing about us, but we aren't trying to take away civil liberties. We are trying to do right by the majority.  Ideas, people!  

SIDEBARS:  Howard Stern on the Today Show.  Funny, that there are already calls for boycotting America's Got Talent from some parent watchdog group. Really?  How about watching him first before you judge him?  I am not a fan of his radio personality, but I do believe that that is a persona. He is a smart man and he knows that he is on at 8pm on NBC. He is not going to be the same Howard Stern that is on Sirrius radio.  So pre-judgers, can you wait?  Can you watch the show and then determine if Mr. Stern is offensive?  American Idol is so annoying.  I hope that they cancel the show before no one watches. When oh when are the fall schedules announced? Okay, everyone, enjoy Thursday.  

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