Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Apple By Any Other Name

I begin this with a deep sigh.  I can tell that my admiration for Apple is going to go through the ins and outs of any relationship.  The only problem for me here is that it is entirely one sided.  For those of you who have read my blog or spoken to me, you are keenly aware that I have a very bad feeling towards Nike and I am beginning to feel that those feelings may take over with Apple.  The difference is: there really isn't any other choice regarding Apple.  They have dominated the market in computers, iPads, iPhones, iTunes, iPods, etc. so I will not cut off my nose to spite my face, but it's definitely getting harder.  

The recent allegations of unfair and harmful labor conditions is hard to swallow.  It is even harder to swallow when Apple tells about the tons of cash that they are sitting on. Probably $1B would help alleviate all that ails the work force in Asia. That would still leave $99B in their coffers.  And then, last week's articles that Apple doesn't pay its fair share in taxes.  Really?  They, too, have gotten around the 8.25% in California and registered in Nevada for tax purposes.  I am sure that there are other tax tricks, but that one really stands out to me.  Apple is without question a California company and more precisely a Northern California company.  It is legendary and helped revolutionize the entire sect and area.  If they chose to pay or not pay taxes in Nevada, but donated the savings to California, that would work.  But Steve Jobs wasn't big on charity.  Apple has a new CEO, but doesn't seem to have changed that view.  So, as Apple stock keeps soaring and making many millions and Apple keeps introducing new and updated products, just keep in mind and at what cost.  

As I said, there are many brands of sneakers, better made, better quality, not as fashionable.  There are many choices other than Nike.  There aren't many choices under the Apple competitors umbrella.  I cannot boycott and it would be stupid, too, but I would like to start seeing Tim Cook, Apple CEO, introduce a large charitable foundation and start paying back to the people that made them so stinking rich.

Sidebars:  The Voice is down to the final four.  That show is so well produced. Dancing With the Stars dumped Jaleel White last night.  The Biggest Loser finally ended its season. Let's hope that the producers learn that one hour a week is more than enough for the entire next season.  Ultimately, the contestants dropped a lot of weight, attitude, and looked great, but it was an insufferable season. Glee tackled domestic violence in last night's episode. It's amazing how well they can do serious subjects and, alternatively, be so inane at times. Newt Gingrich finally bailed on the Presidential race. We are done with that crazy. It's another gray day here in the Big Apple. Enjoy your day wherever you are.

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  1. Always bugs me how much people admire Apple -- without taking the bigger picture into account. Yes they are innovative and yes they make beautifully designed and efficient products. But who do they hurt to make them? And who DON'T they help?

  2. So astute. It's such a conundrum and it seems so bloody simple to fix. WTF?