Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Where to begin? So many thoughts swirling in between my two ears.  Did you hear about the MLB player from the Detroit Tigers?  Early Friday morning, outside the Hilton Hotel, 2:40am, Delmon Young was drunk and began to verbally assault a group of men, one of them homeless wearing a yarmulke.  Surprise, surprise. Delmon Young was drunk and shouting anti-semitic slurs at this group and put his hands on one of the guys.  He was arrested by police and released hours later.  But really, people who get drunk and use anti-anything language are exactly what they say the aren't.  They are racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. etc. etc. It isn't an accident that these feelings spew out under the influence.  It is truth.  Delmon Young was benched for the rest of the games in NY by the Tigers.  MLB weighed in today and have suspended him for 7 games including the ones that he has missed so far.  And, Delmon Young has to enter a treatment program.  Seriously?  A treatment program for ignorance and hate.  I wonder how that works.  It sounds weak and laughable to me.  He is who he is.  Remember South Pacific?  "You Have to Be Carefully Taught." It's disgusting all the way around.

Speaking of disgusting, did you hear about Amare Stoudemire?  Star player for the Knicks, pissed off at how crappy the Knicks played against the Miami Heat for the second game in a row, he punch his hand into a glass fire extinguisher cover.  Guess what?  Blood, cuts, and will be out for at least one game it seems.  Seriously, Amare?  The Knicks already lost Shumpert due to a torn ACL, not self-inflicted.  Who gets screwed again in all of this?  The fans.  Knick fans who have spent hard earned money to watch the 3rd and 4th games at the Garden are not getting their money's worth.  The Knicks should give rebates to the ticket holders.  They can take it out of Amare's overinflated salary.  Paid way too much to act so stupid.  The Knicks didn't have a prayer to beat the Heat, ultimately, but thought that it might be competitive.  Not anymore.  

Sidebars:  Did you hear that the House of Commons came down hard on Rupert Murdoch?  I mean, the House of Commons? That's big.  They pronounced that he isn't competent to manage a huge corporation.  Ouch.  I can't remember ever hearing any proclamation from the House of Commons since Oliver Cromwell. The Good Wife concluded Sunday for the season.  Really sad that it's over the first Sunday of May sweeps.  They didn't milk that at all. Amazing Race (spoiler alert) lost the heart of the show on Sunday.  Mark and Bopper were eliminated. (You can read about them on my 4/23/12 rant). Saw Barry Manilow at Radio City Music Hall last night. He is one of the great entertainers and Radio City is the best place for a concert. Still feel that Christina Aguilera has it in for Tony Lucca on The Voice. Grateful that Cee Lo reminded audiences all over that the original singer of Killing Me Softly is Roberta Flack, though Lauryn Hill had a huge remake of the song.  The Biggest Loser season finale tonight. 

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  1. No so sure Knicks will be worse off without Amare, after watching him play defense in the second half last night. Whatever he got us on offense, he gave away double defensively.

  2. love this one. you're so right about all that stuff.
    as far as Christina, I have a theory that maybe she had a crush on him as a kid and he blew her off or something and she never got over it. Just my theory. And, yes, I was SO glad that CeeLo mentioned Roberta Flack - heavens to Betsey. SO sad about Mark and Bopper. Sucks.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, we, too, (Billy Bush and I) think that there is some old bad crush blood from The Mouseketeer days. Here's to the finals Monday.