Monday, May 7, 2012

Where Have All the Voices Gone?

WTF is going on with people these days?  It's as if when Barack Obama was inaugurated as President, the Pandora's Box was opened.  People have gone absolutely crackers and bats**t.  Really?  The continued assault on women's reproductive rights is so astonishing.  Again, I say, where are the young people?  Why aren't they screaming and marching?  The assault on gay men and women in this country is perplexing.  I don't get it.  Really, I don't.  I can understand struggling with one's own sexuality, but to be freaked out by others?  State after State is preparing or lobbying for legislation to promote discrimination.  State after State is lobbying against women's rights.  Really?  Where are the dissident voices?  I don't understand why people who have been lifelong Republican's are standing quietly by and letting crazy extremists hijack the party of Lincoln.  What's that about?  Everyday there is one more appalling story after another.

What about Mitt Romney's "deal with the devil?" He allowed Richard Grennell resign so that the religious right could be happy and have a win.  Richard Grennell is from all accounts a pitbull who happens to be openly gay.  He is a well respected Republican, political consultant. How is it possible that Mitt Romney let this happen?  Wasn't this a time for him to show his leadership skills?  If you want to be President of the United States, isn't it important to appear to lead independently?  Romney is in the religious rights pocket.  I heard a talking head this week say, Mitt Romney is a businessman who will do anything to close the deal.  That was an "a-ha" moment.  It makes sense that he has pivoted on every issue.  A great businessman doesn't make a great President.  And if this week is any indication of a Mitt Romney Presidency, we are all in trouble.  

I am sick to my stomach about all the social assaults. I am sick with the increasing religiosity of this election.  It is mind boggling that the extremists have just hijacked this country.  Where are the voices of disagreement?  Where are the Reagan Republicans?  If there are any readers that want to enlighten me, I would love to hear.  I can't understand it.  If the Democratic party was taken over by extremists that wanted to take away rights of others, I would stand up and be counted.  I am interested in answers and compromise not unyielding obstructionists.  Why is it okay for crazy people to be running the asylum?  It's not funny. It's terrifying.  We have been down this path of intolerance throughout history.  How did that work out?  Is it the fault of poor education throughout this country?  I don't think that's it because I know very educated people that are either in agreement or standing quietly by.  So what is it?  The terror of a black man in the White House has unleashed the ugliness in so many.  

When the Tea Party began a few years ago, it made such good sense, initially.  People were mad about taxes, Wall Street, and the economy.  Then, somehow it became a subset of the Republican Party. The Birthers took over. The extremists commandeered the movement. The impressive beginning of the Tea Party was turned into a despicable tearing down of the Obama Presidency.  It is painful to watch and hear.  The impotency that I feel for the political climate causes much anguish.  WTF?  Where are all the voices??  There should be voices on both sides of the aisle.  This shouldn't be a Democratic or Republican uprising. This is a human and civil rights issue.  Where are the voices????

Sidebars:  In Plain Sight ended forever on Friday night.  It was okay. I do think that it's hard to end any series to everyone's satisfaction.  Great and interesting cast so hope to see them all elsewhere soon. Amazing Race finished its season.  No real surprises. Without Mark and Bopper, a bit of a letdown.  The Real Housewives of NJ doesn't disappoint.  May need a shower after, but doesn't disappoint. Kudos to VP Joe Biden for his public statement about marriage equality.  That's big news! I am off to the Hamptons.  Be back in a few days.  If there are any dissenting voices, feel free to comment.  

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  1. brilliant and chilling, Di. you keep rocking these blogs - so much to think about and ruminate over. i'm glad you're here! xo