Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Same Breath

Can you believe it?  In the same breath, North Carolina banned same sex marriage and President Obama finally came out for marriage equality!!!!  When I thought about writing today, I was so incredibly disgusted at the voters in North Carolina.  Then I heard that the President stated that people who are willing to go into battle and die for their country, should definitely have equal rights.  That seems so simple and clear, so why is there trepidation that the RNC is going to come out swinging?  Why are the pundits worried about the preachers from the pulpit spewing fire and brimstone? 

 If the IRS had a set of balls on them, they would have and should have been penalizing tax exempt religious organizations for being political.  They aren't supposed to be and this is a perfect time to start making noise.  If the IRS started collecting from all the institutions that aren't supposed to share their political points of view or endorse a candidate, it would make up a lot of money that we are cheated out of.  It's disgraceful and shouldn't have been allowed ever, but now, it's time to re-insert the laws and regulations on tax exempt organizations.

My mind has been swirling today.  Angry, disgusted, proud, irritated. Did you know that the DNC's convention is in North Carolina this summer?  Time to pick up their tent and go elsewhere.  Why in the world should the DNC and all the people that flock to the convention be rewarding a bigoted State?  All that income to a State that voted to ban gay marriage????  Really??  How is that possible?  I don't want to hear that it's too late to change venues.  There has to be a way, if they really wanted to do so.  Was it North Carolina's plan to have this amendment on the ballot to embarrass the DNC?  

I am grateful to hear the President's response to the weeks events.  Do I wish that he would have gotten ahead of the issue instead of seemingly being nudged into it?  Yes, but he did evolve into supporting marriage equality and that is huge!  I don't think that I will ever forget hearing his words today. Now, young people everywhere that are of voting age, must vote this November.  I will stay on this until we squash out the bigots!!

SIDEBARS:  Tho Voice crowned their new winner.  It was a fantastic two night finale.  Of course, not without controversy.  That Christina Aguilera.  If you watch, no need to go on.  Congratulations to the winner, Jermaine Paul.  Well deserved and a truly beautiful crowning.  Fashion Stars are down to 3 designers. Dancing With the Stars down to 4 couples. I have know idea what's up on American Idol.  Maybe 4 left?  No idea. I guess that speaks volumes. Tonight, Law and Order: SVU seems timely from the commercials.  I was wondering a while back where Chris Meloni disappeared to and I think it's True Blood, so I still won't be seeing him. Had a couple of days with one of my dearest and longest friends in the Hamptons, what a ball.  Saw The Avengers and was quite surprised at how much fun it was and had a couple of hearty laughs.  

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  1. i just love you. first of all, i did NOT know that the DNC is having their shindig in NC and think that that is disgraceful and they should definitely move it elsewhere. second, I think that, as Bill Maher said, it is enough that religions get tax exempt status. Why should they? it's bullshit. It's bullshit that "they" say Romney gives to charity when all he gives to is the Mormon Church. The whole thing reeks.
    I love to agree to disagree with you about Xtina. I don't think she's any angel and I do think she has it in for tony Lucca for some odd reason. AND I think she has the worlds' worst taste and should fire her "stylist" (maybe its her son?). but I still find much of her quirkiness/bitchiness/truthiness refreshing. And I do believe that they all like each other. But I do love the Adam/Blake bromance more than almost anything. ah. . . till next year. Need a girl to win it! :)