Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

Did you hear about Chris Brown and Drake getting into a bottle throwing bar brawl in NYC?  Can you imagine the ridiculousness of it all?  Shouldn't they be above that as young, successful, rich singers?  No, I guess not.  No arrests so far but there will be, I'm sure.  Innocent people got minor injuries.  Now, NYC politicians want to bar bottles from bars.  Really???  I hate that.  Why can't people be responsible for their own actions?  Why does everything have to be regulated?  I know I sound like Tea Baggers, but it's just stupid to me in this case.  We haven't had a rash of bottle fights.  It's unnecessary.  Why not ban troublemakers from public venues.  That makes more sense.  Make the perps responsible for their actions, not the law abiding citizens.  

Remember, Congress was trying to make gender abortions illegal?  Same thing, really.  No rash of gender abortions, but let's make a law and then what?  It didn't pass.  Few things do.  D.C. has been fairly quiet this week.  Even the campaigns have been treading water a bit. Slinging the same mud over and over.  I still can't get passed the amounts of money being wasted on the Presidential election.  If Congress wants to pass laws, let them pass a comprehensive campaign finance bill!  Will Sheldon Adelson be a member of Romney's cabinet, God forbid he get elected?  Will Donald Trump be Secretary of Commerce?  What are all the back door deals for the money and endorsements?  Transparency, my ass!  When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizen's United, how could they not see that money would corrupt the political system?  How is that possible?  In their statements, they specifically said it didn't automatically cause corruption.  Really?  Read a book?  Seen a movie?  It doesn't take a mensa brain to figure that unlimited money corrupts everything.  It's always been true.  Remember history repeats itself, so why didn't the Justices see this coming.  It's a travesty  for democracy! Bad things are happening. I will keep repeating myself, the young people of this country, must rise up and take a stand.  The Super Pacs are messing with your futures!  Don't forget that.  

Sidebars:  Heat and Thunder in a 1-1 series, game 3 tonight.  Matt Cain threw a perfect game for the San Francisco Giants against the Astros!  Yay Matt Cain! US Open is heading into day three at Olympic Golf Club in San Francisco.  I am still not over there is a golf club in SF.  Just received the CD of Newsies; it's a great CD.  First Broadway show CD that I wanted in years.  Check it out.  Heard the prices for the Book of Mormon tour are outrageous.  I want to hear from you if that's true where you are.  To all the wonderful fathers out there, wishing you a happy Father's Day!

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