Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Head Cold and Then Some

So I sit here trying to think about what to write about.  My head is completely full, pounding, throbbing.  I sent my baby boy off to his French immersion trip.  A little quieter around the house.  My baby girl is celebrating her birthday with a few girlfriends at a water park.  Her social life is full and fabulous, as it should be. Nora Ephron died.  How incredibly shocking and sad.  My friend posted on Facebook that she was near death and then a few minutes later, it was announced.  So few knew she was so sick.  

Politics are getting me down, again.  I don't understand Obama's healthcare plan, fully. I suppose few really do. The Supreme Court is going to announce their decision on the constitutionality of the bill tomorrow.  What I do know is that healthcare costs are out of control and what will happen if the Supreme Court cuts it down to the quick?  Everyone should be covered by medical insurance.  Everyone.  It would definitely cut costs if fewer people went to the emergency room because they don't have coverage.  With the current plan, young people would be covered under their parents coverage up to 26 years old.  There would be no prejudice for pre-existing conditions, which in my world are plentiful.  So if the Supreme Court knocks this down, I ask, what's the plan then?  What will Congress propose?  I would love the Congressional body to lose their healthcare until they come up with a comprehensive plan.  Okay, let's see what happens....

The fires in Colorado are the worst in the State's history.  It may get to be the worst in history with the winds blowing over 60 mph.  Horrible.  What started this?  Shouldn't all forms of events/hobbies be suspended when conditions are so dry and parched?  No campfires, no cigarettes, no guns, nothing that could cause a spark.  Federal offense, if I were in charge, and throw away the key.  

Sidebars:  Magic Mike Friday!  Really can't wait and clearly from the response I have received on Facebook, many are very excited.  I wasn't sure if I should be embarrassed or not, but now I am proud and doesn't matter what the reviews will be.  It's all about eye candy.  Hope Ted is funny.  Definitely not for kids. I hear it's really raunchy.  The Bachelorette is down to four guys.  Hometown dates next week!  America's Got Talent is stretching it out too much and making it hard to be excited already. The head is cloudy and I am done for now.  

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