Monday, November 5, 2012


If President Obama doesn't win the election, I will definitely not be a good sport about the loss.  It may be the worst loss of my lifetime because it will give the wackos more power.  The crazies will be running the asylum.  Honestly, if I haven't made it clear, if the politicians would take the Jesus out of politics, I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable and fearful.  I find the current trend of extremely religious people pushing their beliefs onto me very threatening and disconcerting.  The lack of individuality in Congress is troubling.  Believe me, I don't think for one minute if everything stays the same, things will be different. That's far less scary than pushing an antiquated social agenda onto the American people.  

I had a dream that voters were able to throw the tea partiers out of office, even if it meant another Republican and not a Democrat.  That would mean that the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan would be over.  I still want to seriously overhaul Congress no matter what happens tomorrow. I think that members of Congress and the Senate  should be paid per day that they work and a bonus if they pass a bill in the best interests of all Americans.  I think that former members of Congress shouldn't get pension and welfare for life.  Maybe it should be equal to how long one served.  Honestly, I think they shouldn't get anything.  Where else do you still get paid benefits for life even after only two years of service?  It's ridiculous the cushy set up these politicians have.  Have you noticed that the Tea baggers never suggest to cut anything that would hurt their pockets?  

Politicians need to overhaul how many days they are working.  They have more time off than anyone and get lifetime benefits.  It's a joke.  They seem to spend more time doing nothing for the citizens of this country and more time campaigning to keep their jobs. 

Okay, my mind is going faster than I can put words together.  I am worried about the election tomorrow and hope that the polls are wrong and it won't be a tight race.  I want to know who won.  I want the electoral college( which should be abolished in the 21st century) and the popular vote to be the same.  I don't want there to be a long and drawn out counting of ballots and then recounting.  I want everyone who can vote and are registered to vote to be patient in the expected lines.  I want every registered voter to use their hard fought right and vote.  Do not be put off by intimidation. Remember if you are in line when the polls close, you still get to cast your vote. Do not let the day slip away from you.  Plan it in your day tomorrow.  This is important.  This is more important to our sons and daughters than ever before in my lifetime.  This is  an incredible time in our country's history. Have I been clear?  VOTE!!!!!!!

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  1. It really is hard to believe it's close. REALLY? I mean -- REALLY?????

  2. Diana this year could possibly be the year that the electoral college is our friend. Like 2000 reversed where Romney wins the popular and Obama wins the electoral! Karma is a bitch - But of course if that happens the Republicans will flip flop and use all the excuses used in 2000 that they dismissed - like voter fraud, etc

    I to have been having restless sleeps lately between the hurricane and the election. I was telling Randi my biggest fear is not that Romney will win, but that his win will validate all the hatred many of the Republican party have been spewing. I get it if he won based on the economy alone, but I personally believe if he wins it is because of bigotry and spread of lies!

    1. I understand what you are saying,but ultimately, the electoral college makes less sense to me. If that's how Obama wins, I'll take it, but....I totally agree about the hatred and racism. Thanks for reading.