Saturday, November 3, 2012

Don't Get It

Women voting for Republicans. I don't get it.  Truly I don't.  It's like black people or gay people being Republican.  I have never gotten it in all these years and in recent years instead of becoming more inclusive they have become less inclusive.  I just don't get it.  Republicans don't criticize their own.  They don't publicly dress down remarks by both candidates or surrogates that are so inflammatory, racist, or insulting.  There is no way, no chance, that talking heads on the left wouldn't rip someone apart if the shoe were on the other foot.  Wrong is wrong.  Hypocrisy abounds.  The Republican party reminds me of the opening ceremonies of the Chinese Olympics.  They march in goose step at all times.  They stand by each other no matter what.  

Women in the Republican party have been silent on all attacks against women and reproductive rights.  Silent.  In so many times throughout history, silence is interpreted as agreement and support.  Look at the racial terror of the South, Nazi Germany, Muslim terrorists.  How can a woman back the Republicans?  How can a gay man or woman back a party that is against same-sex marriage?  How can a low income person support candidates that are more concerned with rich people and companies than one's survival?  I know for decades that people vote against their interests, it's just that I get it if you are a rich Democrat voting for a party that supports social programs.  It may be assuaging guilt. It may be the christian way to vote.  Republican voters seem more interested in themselves.  

I know people are one issue voters,  whether it's taxes, Israel, women's issues, defense spending, etc.  This election seems far more distasteful than before.  I have probably felt that in every election, but each election cycle is getting more disgusting.  The fact that men keep throwing women's rights under the bus makes this election more desperate.  That there is any woman that could vote for Republican candidates that don't support an American's individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is beyond me.  That the Republican party's platform is against same sex marriage and a woman's right to choose is indicative of a party that has gone so off the rail that their credibility is in question.  The party has become so insidiously racist that it's as if we have turned the clocks back to the 1950's.  I find all of this painful on so many levels.  How could things go so wrong?  How can people support such a distorted view of the world and our future?  

Once again, we are not a Christian nation.  Those lines have gotten blurred.  I will never understand putting one's religious beliefs on others.  So ladies and gentlemen, snap out of it.  We need contraception. We need abortion rights. We need the right to marry the one we love.  And if you don't think that women's rights are also an economic issue, you are all kidding yourselves. Issues can't be compartmentalized; they are all intertwined. That argument may be making an impact, but again, listen up ladies, don't be duped. Think about it. 

Sidebars:  The concert fundraiser spear-headed by Matt Lauer on NBC was an incredibly moving and emotional hour with Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Danny DeVito, Brian Williams, Al Roker, Mary J. Blige, and Jon Bon Jovi.  It was celebrity at its best and I think they raised a ton of money because it was so difficult to get through. I finally donated through  If you haven't and you are able, please donate.  After watching that hour, the devastation is worse than I even imagined.  If you missed it, I am sure you can Google it. Well worth it.  If you missed the Lesley Gore video, Google that while you are at it.  For those of you without power, do your best to stay warm.  It's cold here now.  

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  1. Nixon talke about the "silent majority." he referred to all those who were afraid to lash out against the Vietnam War. He counted them all in his column because they said nothing to complain. Diana's right, if you don't stand up for what your rights you can't complain when you lose them. Don't be part of this "silent majority."