Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not in the Bag

The much anticipated debate ended up being one of the most depressing and disappointing debates in recent history.  Jim Lehrer as moderator had no control whatsoever.  The so-called two minute answers became as long as they wanted. Many of us thought Jim Lehrer would keep the debate both on track and call out any unanswered or dishonest statements.  That didn't happen at all.  Mitt Romney was on fire.  He made a very good showing and, again, if you just dropped into Earth he had complete control over President Obama.  President Obama was so laid back and seemingly disinterested.  He didn't call out Romney on many things that many thought he would.  Never talked about the 47%, abortion, women's rights, gay rights, an obstructionist Congress, etc. Did the President not want to come off as the angry black man?  Too bad, Barack.  It's time.  Be angry.  Pretend you are angry.  We need to see the fire in your belly.  Make Romney go on the defensive.   You allowed Romney complete freedom to say whatever he wanted, true or not.  You let Romney portray his time as Governor as both recent and hugely successful.  Just ask those that are taxpayers and residents of Massachusetts. They know the facts; education wasn't as rosy as Romney painted it to be.  He wasn't responsible with much of the great gains that Massachusetts has achieved.  That was other Governors and legislative groups.  

This debate was big.  It was supposed to show what a flip-flopping liar Romney is.  Instead,  it became Obama supporters huge disappointment.  All over Twitter and Facebook the immediate reaction was Romney controlled the entire debate.  Everyone didn't think Jim Lehrer did his job.  It was the President's 20th wedding anniversary.  Did he have too much afternoon delight or was he thinking about the after party.  His head wasn't in the game at all.  After all the ground the Democrats have fought for, given, and received, Obama sunk them, momentarily.  Do I think that the President won't be re-elected?  No, but it shouldn't be this hard.  It shouldn't come down to the wire.  We shouldn't be sweating it out.  

Do not take for granted any part of this election.  The disappointment is huge.  Mitt Romney shouldn't be feeling cocky today.  I am sure he does.  An opportunity missed.  Truth didn't win last night.  Preparation did.  I will be shaking my head for days on this one.

Sidebars:  Thankfully, a Pennsylvania judge shot down the voter ID law. The Yankees swept the lowly Red Sox and are the American League East winners!!!  The A's won the American League West! Could it be Moneyball 2?????  The wildcard game up first and then the World Series playoff games begin over the weekend.  Lindsey Lohan needs to go away for a long time.  She needs to be locked up and throw away the key for at least a year.  She is not a recovered alcoholic.  She is a walking disaster.  If she wants to see 30, she needs to get away from all the "yes" people in her life.  Probably first and foremost, her parents.  It's disturbing to watch a person sink lower and lower. 

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