Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A National Disgrace

When I heard about the events in Egypt yesterday, I thought...hmmmm, unsettling, but the events in Libya??? I am sickened by the tragic loss and senselessness.  I am disgusted that Mitt Romney spoke out at all, and so precipitously.  It's not the time to try to get political brownie points.  It's the time to stand together and stand tall.  It's time to experience the loss and the grief of the families of the murdered American diplomats.  Mitt Romney doesn't have all the facts.  He should keep his mouth shut.  It isn't about him or a chance to show his foreign affairs strengths or in this case his weaknesses.  Our diplomats are on the front lines everyday in unsettled countries.  They deserve not to be politicized.  Mitt Romney, you should be ashamed.

Now, for those of you who aren't following or don't know about what set the violence off, it a an anti-muslim film funded by the pastor in Florida that burned the Koran.  Can't he be charged with something?  He has now not only caused violence from his first anti-muslim attack, but now a great loss of American lives.  Isn't he culpable at all even if he didn't "pull the trigger?"  If it is proven that his movie or youtube trailer against Islam incited violence, can't he be charged?  Couldn't it be just as if you are robbing a bank and someone gets killed during the crime, you can be tried for murder?  Can't he be stopped?  It's more than Freedom of Speech.  AND he calls himself Christian???  Jesus Christ again is turning in his grave.  

Politics have no place here.  Lives of brave Americans were lost by terrorists.  That's a time to come together.  How quickly the lessons of the past are forgotten and dishonored.

Sidebars:  On a lighter note, I love The Voice.  If you aren't on board, give it a go.  It's the best talent competition on TV.  The New Normal...not sure.  Second episode was far better than the pilot.  The cringe factor was reduced.  I want Go On to be a hit, but still not sure.  The X Factor begins tonight. Might have to see how Britney does.  She is such a wild card. Demi Lovato is a blank slate. America's Got Talent is wrapping things up this week. The weather in NYC has been stellar.  Enjoying it more than you can imagine.  


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