Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Boy Bill

Bill Clinton is my political hero.  I love him unabashedly, from the first time I got to see him in person before he was the President of the United States through last night. He has that X Factor that can't be put into words.  When he looks at you, he really looks at you whether it's  face to face or through the television screen.  

Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention re-asserted his brilliance.  He masterfully pinpointed step by step the holes in the Romney/Ryan plan, such as it is.  He spoke about the comparisons of his time as President and Obama's time.  It's amazing that I forgot the incredible witch hunt during Clinton's Presidency.  How so much time was wasted.  How, again, the Republicans chose not to serve the country but their own agenda.  Amazing to forget all that rancor in only 12 years.  The words spoken last night were from the heart.  Clinton can speak without a teleprompter better than anyone ever has.  The DNC producers finally just turned off the teleprompter because he went off script, but there wasn't one word that was extraneous even clocking in at 48 minutes.  The delegates in the arena were just as enthralled as I. Clinton defended President Obama by going on the offensive.  Masterful, I will say it again.

If you weren't home or unable to watch, it is worth every second.  He breaks down ever falsehood from the Republican Convention step by step.  He is an orator of the highest order.  Methodical, impassioned, knowledgeable.  Nobody does it better.  If you don't believe me, even Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, raved on about Clinton.

Brilliant is brilliant no matter what party you are affiliated with, but thankfully, the Democrats have great speakers. Did you see Sandra Fluke speak last night?  She, too, was great.  A young woman that was thrust into the limelight because she testified in front of Congress on behalf of women's healthcare issues.  Not a politician.  She is getting her Law Degree in women's issues at Georgetown University. For some reason Rush Limbaugh spent 15 hours of radio time to tear her down.  She was too strong to be bullied and was given an unbelievable spotlight last night at the DNC.  She began the 10pm primetime hour and was so eloquent, so smart, and poised.  Made me proud for the next generation and for women.

Senatorial candidate, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, spoke after Sandra Fluke.  Elizabeth Warren is another brilliant woman.  She is fighting hard to win back the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy's death, if people vote on performances, she will continue to struggle.  She isn't a compelling podium speaker.  But, she is a woman with great ideas and won't be bought.  

Sidebars:  Major Crimes episode 4.  Hated it.  Felt like the actress portraying an Israeli woman did such an incredibly horrible dialect that it verged on anti-semitism. Didn't anybody listen?  Mary McDonnell's look on the show is odd.  It's a far cry from The Closer.  The only thing it's got going for competition. America's Got Talent has had some truly amazing talent this year.  Hard to see anyone get booted off, but they will. Covert Affairs is a really good spy show. I bet it will have a Netflix life. Michelle Obama on Tuesday night was stellar.  I don't need to go on because it's been said so much, but I want her on my team.  I will continue to push and rant but if you know people in battleground States, please send them my blog whenever you like it.  I want everyone to get out to vote.  I want everyone to make sure they are registered to vote.  I want to make sure that the Republican run States don't win on their voter suppression plan.  Help your neighbors to get their photo ID's.  Every election is important. This one feels imperative.  

Keep spreading the word. Feel free to re-post or forward to friends.  

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  1. Loved, Loved, LOVED Clinton's remark about Ryan's brass (balls) regarding Medicare. We (the Dems) tend to play too nice so it was great that Bill rolled his sleeves up and just had at it. Two great nights in a row of speeches!